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Charity, Schmarity

Posted by tinselkitty on May 25, 2011

Many of y’all have voiced…ahem…concerns…ahem…about the nature of the so-called Zarin Family Trust. And, as y’all know very well by now, Tinselkitty is loathe to let questions go unanswered. Loathe, I say! Wanna know my conclusions? Huh, huh, do ya, huh?

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap – And Then There Were Two

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 16, 2011

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: Past winners return and the final task begins

Published: Monday, May 16, 2011, 1:10 PM    
By Mark Maurer/The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger
 On last week’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” Meat Loaf demonstrated that in spite of his mood swings, he desperately wants to win, and his earnestness won over Donald Trump in the boardroom when he fired teammate Star Jones. The rocker also shows that puns about his name have inserted themselves into the more serious moments of his life.

(After Meat Loaf returns from the boardroom)
John Rich: I thought they were having a Meat Loaf sandwich in there.
Meat Loaf: They were trying.


Voters, on the whole, were sure of themselves when predicting the winner, to be revealed on next Sunday’s finale. Roughly two-thirds of the vote went to John, trailed by Marlee Matlin (17.5%), Lil Jon (11.45%) and Meat Loaf (4.55%). Marlee, who had proven herself as a savvy competitor, was lazy in letting Meat Loaf dominate last week’s OnStar task, and I think it disappointed folks. Not only does John bring in piles of money for his charity, he crafts a heck of a jingle.

The “Apprentice” quartet is lounging when Trump barges into the suite to tell them the show’s past winners – Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels – will interview them for the title. They recommend two people be fired, and the other two advance to the final task, its airing divided into this week’s show and next.

With Backbone and ASAP dissolved, each of the contestants sit down with the trio and are hit with stock questions from Bret, jokes from Joan and obnoxious “killer questions” from Piers.

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News, Rumors and Just Plain Ol Gossip

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 11, 2011

Bethenny Frankel is featured in ‘Time’ entailing her past years parlaying her reality show stints into a financial success rising above all reality stars.  Excerpt below and Click here to read full article.

Why there was ever a doubting question mark on Bethenny Getting Married? is up for debate, though one might blame those pesky, undermining Real Housewives castmates. One of the great hilarities of the show was watching Frankel — youngest, skinniest, arguably prettiest, her career advancing by the minute — bullied mercilessly by women who were forced to renew vows, restock closets and redecorate to garner equal camera time. Informed breezily by Ramona Singer that best friend Jill Zarin only liked her because she liked to root for the “underdog,” Frankel incredulously told the cameras, “I hadn’t realized I was this deformed, undateable human being.” When Frankel was chosen for the cover of Social Life magazine, former model Countess LuAnn de Lesseps’ well-placed dart — “Are they going to airbrush you?” — hit home. Visibly rattled, Frankel tried vainly to pry an apology out of this blithe Cruella over an excruciating lunch. The ingenue couldn’t see garden-variety jealousy when it smacked her with her own rising star. But viewers (and savvy producers) could.

Consumer Reports on how “The Real Housewives of New York City” are really irresponsible.  Something some of us had discussed already and confirmed by the experts.  Click here to read more.

Less than two weeks ago on Bravo television, The Real Housewives of New York City took a risky ride on a couple of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). In a scene that lasted for less than 45 seconds, the characters managed to misuse the vehicles in numerous ways. They—and worse, their children—were at a greater risk of injury and potentially death because they lacked helmets, rode tandem and allowed children to drive and ride two abreast as passengers behind the driver.

From 2004 through 2008, there was an estimated annual average of 864 ATV-related deaths in the United States and 141,080 emergency-room-treated injuries. This five-year period consisted of an annual average of 142 reported deaths of children under the age of sixteen. Of those injured in that time period, 40,420 were under the age of sixteen. For this reason, we recommend against the use of ATVs by children as either drivers or passengers.

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Celebrity Apprentice NeNe Leakes is Barking Her Explanations via Jethro

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 9, 2011

‘Celebrity Apprentice’: NeNe Leakes explains herself, ‘I call my own shots’

    By Jethro Nededog

May 9, 2011 8:33 PM ET

celebrity-apprentice-nene-leakes-quits-getty-320.jpgIt was a huge surprise to us on “The Celebrity Apprentice” when No. 1, Donald Trump moved NeNe Leakes from ASAP at the apparent request of Star Jones and No. 2, NeNe quit the show.

“I call my own shots in life, I do whatever I feel, and when my gut tells me to do something, I follow my gut feeling,” NeNe says on Monday’s (May 9) Access Hollywood Live.

We can see all sides when it comes to what went down. If we were NeNe and sensitive about the way our teammates were portraying us, then we may have left too. We’d also be annoyed that Trump folded to pressure from Star. Of course, some would say that Star has the right to feel safe in the workplace – even if that work place is on TV. Hands down, we feel bad for Backbone, because they could have used Miss NeNe.

“I felt like it was a toxic situation for me and for my own sanity and health reasons and everything else, I decided to leave the show,” NeNe continues to explain her departure. “Star was absolutely being manipulative and backstabbing and all those things, but the final straw for me was when Mr. Trump decided to switch me, take me out of my comfort zone to accommodate Star.”

Hm, we guess NeNe isn’t voting for Trump if he runs for president? Huh?

NeNe says she’ll be back for the finale episode and despite telling Zap2it first that she didn’t feel like going back to Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Leakes says she’s currently three weeks into shooting the reality show’s fourth season.

How do you feel about NeNe’s reasons for quitting?

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap: “Laugh On”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 9, 2011

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: Don’t call Star Jones ‘sweetie’

Published: Monday, May 09, 2011, 12:00 PM     Updated: Monday, May 09, 2011, 2:45 PM

NBC The competing "Celebrity Apprentice" teams laugh it up as comedians audition for their stand-up shows during a fundraising task.

Last week’s “Celebrity Apprentice”dumped its quiet player and dodged the key disruptive factors plaguing the two teams, well, namely team ASAP.

This week’s does the opposite. Over the course of three hours, three celebrities go home and four advance, in an episode that runs longer than commercial-free “Apocalypse Now Redux.” (Note: Scroll down a bit to predict the season winner in our poll.)

Coming off Hope Dworaczyk’s departure, tension among ASAP’s ladies goes unresolved. Star Jones says NeNe Leakes’ aggressiveness to resolve their disagreements turned her off, and she refuses to speak with the volatile Atlanta housewife in private after the boardroom meeting.

“I did not want to place myself in physical proximity with someone who, quite frankly, had behaved in such a deplorable manner,” says Star, addressing the camera. “I was not afraid that I would ever sink to NeNe’s level. That’s not my style. But, what I was afraid of is she’d attempt to bring me there.”

Donald Trump jumbles up the teams, with La Toya “Second Chance” Jackson dispatched to Backbone after being reinstated and NeNe and Meat Loaf switching sides.

The gang of seven learns their task is to produce a stand-up show at Gotham Comedy Club. The winning team raises the most money from selling a batch of 50 tickets. The project managers are La Toya for Backbone and Meat Loaf for ASAP.

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Sure, Nene, Because Bullies Always Cop to It when Accused of Bullying

Posted by tinselkitty on May 7, 2011

That’s why we’ve been able to put the kibosh on bullying in no time flat, ensuring that it never became an epidemic. Right after I publish this I’m going to call Dan Savage and tell him he can cool it with the It Gets Better series. Nene says she’s not a bully, therefore, it must be so. The hippies have finally won.

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“Celebrity Apprentice” Star Jones on NeNe Leakes – She is an Uncaged Animal!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 5, 2011


Star Jones appeared on “The Ellen Show” the other day and had her chance to strike back at NeNe’s comments on the same show previously calling Star “A disaster”.

Well, Star approaches this whole matter with much more clever words and words of wisdom from her grandmother.

“I was thinking my grandmother is going to watch this,” Jones says. “I was thinking I need to keep calm.”

Well Star did stay calm but did proceed to shmack down NeNe with words of an animal zoo keeper.. lol

Watch the video.

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The Trump Blacklash Has Finally Begun

Posted by tinselkitty on May 4, 2011

I thought this day would never come, but sometimes dreams do come true. The tide is finally turning against Donald Trump and people are pointing out his racist tendencies left and right. According to Popeater, Orangy McWhiterson has even offended one Celebrity Apprentice to the point of wanting to boycott. Now if we can just get the fire burning about his rampant misogyny, too, I’d be quite the happy cat.

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Celebrity Apprentice Episode “Bitter Suites” Jethro’s take!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 25, 2011

‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Was La Toya Jackson’s quiet style misunderstood for weakness?

By Jethro Nededog

    April 25, 2011 3:28 AM ET

celebrity-apprentice-latoya-jackson-320.jpgLike NeNe Leakes, we won’t mince words. The women’s team has finally gotten what they’ve wanted all this time on “The Celebrity Apprentice”: La Toya Jackson is out.

We’ve seen it for weeks. Marlee Matlin tried to get La Toya booted on the auction challenge, and then she came up with Michael’s rare t-shirt. The women have been calling her ineffective and the weakest link for several boardrooms. Yet, as Donald Trump said in Sunday’s (April 25) boardroom, she has won the highest compliments from a couple of the challenges’ executives and surpassed his expectations. They even thought that she would be eliminated when she was project manager, yet the Australian Gold execs loved what she did around the glass box. Sure, her process was quite nonlinear and unconventional in comparison to other project managers, but aren’t the results what really matters?

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap “Raising The Steaks” and Kite Flying?

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 18, 2011


In the aftermath of Mark McGraths firing,  the Celebrity Apprentices are anxiously awaiting who will walk back in the door and most of them want Mark to come back and if Gary does, they are gonna quit this one horse trick pony show and get all medieval on Trumps ass.

As we already know, Gary walks in the door and who is excited? NeNe Leakes that’s who for reasons that are devious and outlandish to say the least. NeNe.. Girl.. You in DANGER!!

The girls scream with all the hootin and hollering efforts and they guys are devastated. NeNe loves it!

Backbone is “Not Happy” and Gary addresses the group with words of self-awareness and apologies in order to gain the respect of his team members while the gals drink more champagne and are counting the money.

Gary confronts John Rich on his thoughts on his performance and John admits that he thinks Gary is a saboteur. Gary is astounded by this comment and John sticks to his guns and says..

 “You are either really stupid or really smart, and I thinks you is smart.. So you a saboteur”

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‘Celebrity Apprentice’ meets ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel via Jethro da dog!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 13, 2011

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ meets ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel

By Jethro Nededog

April 12, 2011 10:32 PM ET


Well, it’s clear from our earlier post that NeNe Leakes’ blow out on “The Celebrity Apprentice” is still something we all want to talk about. And while it seems many of you are angry at NeNe for going off on La Toya Jackson, isn’t if better to laugh about it?
Jimmy Kimmel knows that’s true, so he set the soundtrack of NeNe’s verbal hit on La Toya to actual scenes from the “Casper the Friendly Ghost” cartoon. And we think it’s one of the funniest things we’ve seen in a while.
Watch the video below:
Now, didn’t we all need that laugh?

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Celebrity Apprentrice Recap: Australian Gold

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 11, 2011

Again, we start off with the winner from the previous week entering the suite and Marlee it is. 1 million dollars to Marlee’s charity and I really am so happy for her. I can’t imagine what this means to her and her life’s struggles.

Right out of the gates we have the disgruntled apprentice via a talking head interview – Latoya- and she is not happy for Marlee as I am. She is agitated that people think of her as ‘the weakest link’ where Marlee gets all the congratulatory pats on the back while ignoring Latoya’s efforts of providing the team with a valuable item for donation. Me thinks Latoya should have held out that little item for when she was PM, but lets see.

Marlee’s charity is the Starkey Hearing Foundation and she presented her check for 1 million dollars which actually was the biggest donation the foundation have ever received and the largest raised in the history of “The Apprentice“.  

Gary is still acting crazy and they guys are concerned for their safety and want to vote him off skeary island STAT! WE NEED MORE SECURITY!!

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Tinselkitty’s Celebrity Apprentice Favorite

Posted by tinselkitty on April 4, 2011

Damn, I was already set to write about how impressed I am with this guy and then he goes and tears up at the win. Dude, pace yourself! I’m already on board!

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Celebrity Apprentice: “The Art Of The Deal” Recap for 4/3/2011

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 4, 2011

At the beginning of the show we see Dionne Warwick fired again from last week and Dionne calls NeNe a coward!! The girls go back to the room and NeNe is visibly upset and who comes to comfort NeNe?? Star Jones that’s who. Of all this talk that Star is so competitive and mean, she tells NeNe her performance was great and it doesn’t matter what Dionne said, but Dionne is gone and NeNe is still standing at the end of the day. It’s clear that NeNe was truly affected by Dionne’s comments and I can only imagine its an issue of looking up to a woman who made a name and career for herself which her time was a challenge and reminds me what Bethenny Frankel has once said in regards to her appearance on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice show..

“Sometimes when you meet your idol, it doesn’t live up to your expectations”

The entire remaining apprentices are called back to the boardroom and Donald has a few questions about NeNe’s reaction to Dionne and again, Star chimes in that if she knows anything about NeNe and one thing NeNe is not, NeNe is not a ‘coward’ and the Don agrees.  So far I don’t see a spat on the horizon but we will see..  Latoya?  She thinks the world is against her since she lived a life of celebrity and truly I get what she says.  But in this case.. I don’t think so.


 The Don calls everyone back in the boardroom and the Chump wants to see them again.. “what the hell can this mean” ?

This is a new calling.. 

NeNe is pissed because Dionne called her a “Coward” and Star came to her side and tried to help NeNe with words of wisdom.  “She aint here”  You are.. period.. its good words of wisdom for me…

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap.. Yep Bitches.. I Am Doing It Myself For A Change

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 28, 2011

Waddup Bitches!!! I am project manager!!!

Truth be told, I prefer to snag a recap then write one.  It’s easy to write a recap that you have passion for and lordy have mercy I have passion for “Celebrity Apprentice” for this season but recap a 2 hour show??  I need a halo which would sizzle on my scalp and I don’t need to lose hair yall.  yep I said yall and I aint even southern.  I am a Yankee living in eastern time who gets all the shows early which is the reason for  Hey!! don’t sue me!! p.s.  I have a non-penchant for peeps who use the word aint, louse and nasty.  If you don’t understand the meaning of ‘nasty’ for me.. just look up the word ‘louse’.

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