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Twinkly Tweets With Tamra BARNEY!! She Claims her First Ex Cheated On Her For Another Man But Now Sued

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 19, 2013

Tamara speaking of firstr ex

Well now RadarOnline has new documents that has proved you wrong.  You gave your kid up legally via radaronline.  ALLEGEDLY

Sure.. all your crazy mothering made the kid strong..

Why diss the men you brought into Ryans life and make it like it was not worthy of making him a man?

Sorry the jury was out in season one when you joined..

SO are you now saying that your ex was more of a lover of a man and not the whole woman ?  UGH

So Now you are going to drag you son into this?  WHO DOES THIS!!

Who brings the son in to fight your own battles?  THis is NUTZ!!!

Tamra is going to use any kid she can outside the protective order to prove a point that she can say what she wants.  Why bring up a trouble child again and force him into the limelight when he appears to be doing well?  I have no idea how well he is doing.  But I am pretty sure that Ryan does not need this attention or needs to fight his mothers battles.

Tamra has burned bridges and made some accusations at others.. but is no longer comfortable with her own which she enlists the actions of her own son.

What a crock..


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