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I Hate Jill Zarin (Just Visiting) Rocco’s Dinner Party / Big Brother

Posted by LynnNChicago on July 14, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin  Blog Update / Rocco’s Dinner Party / Big Brother

Yes, folks those pesky housewives are at it again, they really don’t like us enjoying a blog!  I wonder if they do this to the other Housewives blogs?  Somehow I don’t think so.

Yesterday I got the all too familiar “Error Message” from WordPress telling me that it us URGENT that I contact them immediately so that I can resume posting.  Of course I contact them immediately and 12 hours later I’ve still heard nothing back from them and so we wait and we tresspass over at TVTime101.  Thank you to the host of TVTime101 for allowing us to hang out over here for a while.  For the record, I am working on a resolution to this problem – a place where I can post what I think in this free world without any threat of being shut down by a $10 an hour cyber-assistant to a D-list realty cast member.  (do you suppose they make that much?)

I feel like we’re playing Monopoly and we’re in the “Just Visiting” section of the jail over here but march on and Pass go and collect $200!

On to the great blogs for today, first our very own VAGirl has recapped Rocco’s Dinner Party…enjoy!

Rocco’s Dinner Party by VAgirl

The three chefs in this episode are Ayinde Howell , a Vegan chef  who does not

cook meat; Nicole Straight, who owns a cooking school;  and Corey Roberts an

Australian airline caterer.  Corey thinks Rocco may look down on an airline

chef, but he’s there to prove him wrong.

In their signature dish challenge, Ayinde makes Texas BBQ rubbed Seitan, Nicole makes Pan Roasted Salmon and Corey makes Mummy Fried Shrimp. For us non-vegetarians, seitan is made from wheat, but has little in common with flour or bread. Also called “wheat meat”, “wheat

gluten” or simply “gluten”, seitan becomes surprisingly similar to the look and

texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute. Seitan is also

high in protein, making it a popular protein source for vegetarians.

Rocco thinks Ayinde’s Seitan is over-seasoned;  Nicole’s Salmon is good, but the

truffle butter is misused and her seasonings are inconsistent; and Corey’s

shrimp is not really fried.  He sends Ayinde home and names Corey the winner.

Corey will get to choose the dining room and whether he serves first or second.

The theme of the dinner party is Town and Country.  Corey gets to choose from

two domes on the table and he chooses Country.  Nicole will present the Town

dinner party.  Corey seems happy about it, Nicole not so much.

Corey picks the Terrace dining room and meets with Jes Gordon to discuss décor.

He wants a rustic and country charm feel with a farm table.  He tells Jes he

will make homemade jam in small jars as a take home gift.  She says Corey pulled

this vision out of his heart.  Nicole picks the formal dining room and wants

Spring in the city décor.  While Jes says hers are not the most original ideas,

she is impressed  with Nicole.

Corey and Nicole plan their menus and go shopping.  When they get back to the

kitchen and start preparing their dinners, Rocco brings in Chef  Terrance

Brennan and tells the chefs to make a cheese course with cheese from Chef

Brennan’s cheese shop.  Corey says he will be making deep fried cheese while

Nicole is not sure what she is going to do.

Jes takes each chef to look at their dining rooms.  Both are very happy.

Corey’s is a little too country for my taste, and while Nicole’s looks more

sophisticated, I don’t like the fake grass mat they put under the table.  It

looks pretty tacky.  I’m not really impressed with either room.

The other dinner guests besides Chef Brennan are Melissa Joan Hart, Actress,

Melissa and Joey; Deborah Cox, Singer and Actress; Christian Campbell, Actor,

Big Love; Mo Rocca, Food(ography), Cooking Channel; and Tiler Peck, Principal

Ballerina,  New York City Ballet.

Corey is up first.  The diners don’t really ooh or ahh that much over the dining

room, but they do like the take home gifts.  They love all his courses,

especially the fried cheese and the shrimp.  Corey has so much going on, the

waiters cannot  keep up and it is frustrating to Corey.  Rocco goes to see what

the hold-up is and Corey tells Rocco he needs to go back to his guests.  Rocco

makes a comment that he was kind of hoping he would not like Corey’s food so

much because he’s so cocky (take a look in the mirror, Rocco).   Rocco thinks

Corey’s entrees may have suffered because he tried to do too much.

Now it’s Nicole’s turn.  She says she is very organized and tells the waiters

that presentation is very important.  The diners love the chandeliers and flower

arrangements.   Mo Rocca keeps the party banter going by telling Rocco if they

were same-sex married, his name would be Rocco Rocca.  The diners don’t really

have anything terrible to say about Nicole’s food.  The only real problem she

had was with her lobster flaring up and causing smoke to come out of the kitchen

into the dining room.  She also served Deborah the most rare piece of filet

mignon and Rocco took it back to be cooked more because Deborah likes her steak

well done.  Nicole’s dessert looked great and everyone was impressed with her

sugar domes over chocolate cake.  Nicole even impressed herself with the sugar

domes.  It inspired the diners to break into the Tina Turner Thunderdome song.

At the end Rocco asks Christopher, Melissa and Chef Brennan which dining

experience they liked best.  Christopher liked the Town experience, Melissa

liked the Country experience, and Chef Brennan liked the Country food and the

Town ambiance.  Rocco tells them they didn’t make his decision any easier.

The winner is …  Corey.

I have to say this group of diners really seemed to have a lot of fun.  Mo

provided a lot of comic relief with his trivia knowledge like the longest

recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.  I’m starting to look forward to

this show each week when I didn’t even want to watch it at the beginning of the


Thanks VAGirl, great blog!  xoxo  Lynn~

Big Brother expert Shannon has recapped Big Brother for us…she’s added a SPOILER so be sure to avoid it if you don’t want to know…

Big Brother 13 Episode 3

Veto show by Shannon

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 13 we find out who won the veto and if it was used. But first let’s get to the good stuff. The game play. First we learn that it was Evil Dick’s idea to put up Keith and Porsche. He had several conversations with her about her joining their side, which she agreed to, but apparently her second personality forgot to tell her first one, because she seemed shocked by being put up. After it was explained to her, yet again, that she was going to get the golden key she was back on board. Keith, thinking he has “The Regulators” to support him, was jumping for joy because he figured this is a great time to get rid of Porsche and for him to get the golden key. (Did I tell you yet that I think the golden key this season was genius?)

We see interviews with both Keith and Porsche saying how they are going to each throw the veto competition so that the other one will go home. It was funny the way BB would cut from one to the other and they were pretty much saying the same thing. One of them are going to be shocked tomorrow night.

So now everyone knows that Dick went home. We still don’t have an explanation other than Dick saying it was a personal matter concerning a friend. Rumor has it that a CBS crew was sent to Dick’s home to shoot a video that will hopefully explain more, that will be shown on Thursday’s show. As a result of Dick leaving, Dani gets the first golden key. She will automatically be safe until the top 10.

Losing Dick sent the veteran’s into a frenzy. Dani was crying, Rachel was pissed and Brendon was ready to go confront Keith, when he heard that he was laughing about Dick leaving. The other veterans had to do a play ground “hold me back” to get him to stay up in the HOH room. Jordan was saying how screwed they all were and Jeff comes in and gives a inspirational speech about them not letting this hold them down. By the end of the night they had regrouped, cut their loses and came up with another plan.

Keith decided that he was going to be the “hero” of the newbies group and was going to call everyone out on what games they were playing. He calls all the newbies together and calls out Kalia & Porsche, saying how they are with the other side. That isn’t a good game plan when you are on the block. The only one who looked like a fool after that meeting was Keith.

The Veto Competition

Adam hosted the veto competition where the teams, HOH Rachel & Brendon, nominees Keith & Porsche, and the couple chosen at random Jeff & Jordan had to complete a puzzle. The contestants were connected to a pulley so when a teammate went to get a puzzle piece, the other one would go up in the air and could install the puzzle piece. The first team finished wins the veto.

Jeff & Jordan again show us that they are not good at puzzles. Keith and Porsche did better and they were both trying to throw it. In the end Rachel and Brendon won. Since they had the power to replace the nominees, they decided to call each team up to the HOH, and in return for not replacing them as the nominees, they wanted them to agree not to put up Rachel & Brendon and Jeff & Jordan if they won HOH next week. Of course, they are all going to agree. Well, all but Cassie, who questioned about going to the end with them because she felt like they would choose Jeff & Jordan over her team. She did have a point, but it wasn’t the smartest thing to bring it up just then.

In the end they decide not the use the power of veto. Either Keith or Porsche will be voted out on Thursday’s live show. Keith is expecting to be saved by “The Regulators” and the newbies, and Porsche is expecting to be saved by the veterans. One of them is going to be shocked.


Please do not read if you don’t want to know what is happening on the live feeds.

What this episode didn’t show you is that Keith didn’t just call out Porsche and Kalia, he has at one time or another, called out every member of his so called alliance. I’ve watched a lot of seasons of Big Brother and I don’t think I have ever seen a player play as bad as Keith. But all that aside, he still thinks he has the votes to stay. The problem is that now Shelly and Kalia have joined up with the veterans (for this week at least) and is going to vote Keith out. They are both going to the veterans and telling them everything the newbies are doing. Neither has been telling the newbies anything so I believe that they are sincere and are going to stick with the veterans. The other newbies are going to be shocked after tomorrows vote and will fall apart, pointing the fingers at each other. But I could be all wrong. That is the great thing about Big Brother. It should be a fun night for the feeds.

******END OF SPOILER ALERT********

Thanks Shannon, great job! What do you all think of Dick going home so early in the season? Some people have speculated that he wanted to help futher his daughter’s game but I don’t think that’s the case, he couldn’t have known what would happen to Danielle if he quit the game. Luckily she was given a golden key but what if Big Brother decided to just make her play on her own or gave her a different partner?

Danielle was upset but it was pretty strange, I know the two of them don’t have a great relationship but she seemed upset at first because she was worried about what could have happened to make him leave the game, she explained that he LOVES Big Brother and that it is his life so it had to be something pretty serious to make him leave, then the concern for his well being seemed to disappear and she was just upset about how this will affect her game.

Here’s what Reality Tea had to say:

Here is Evel Dick’s video explaining..well, nothing…

The interview with Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was not deleted by me and there were no issues from Melissa or her camp, I spoke with her PR person and they’re just as confused as we are, Bravo didn’t complain as some speculated, they approved Melissa’s interview with me.  And so we wait to hear from WordPress what the problem is all about.  Please know that I am working on a solution to this problem, hang in there with me!

In the meantime you sneaky Housewife blogger who tried to steal my interview with Melissa and post it on YOUR blog, shame on you!  Melissa and her publicist are never going to approve that!  It’s unethical, underhanded and most of us bloggers don’t roll like that but now I know that YOU do….I’ll keep my eye out.  Yes, Melissa’s camp told me that you contacted them requesting that they send you MY interview with Melissa so you could post it on YOUR Blog….shame shame shame on you!  Your reputation proceeds you and gets worse everyday.  Sad!

Thank you again to TVTime101 for allowing us to hang out here for today, hopefully we’ll be out of your way and back home tomorrow…but for now I see a comfy seat right over there —–>  Come join me everyone!

Until Next Time….


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Site Under Construction!!! New Stuff Coming!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 6, 2011

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UPDATE!! Happy July 4’th Bloggers!!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 4, 2011


Everyone take the day off and eat some Americana food and get some heartburn!   Me, I am headed to the beach to walk the boards, eat some beach food and watch some fireworks.   I actually have the 2 boys in tow with my grandson so this will be specially nice.

Everyone please be safe and enjoy yourselves!  Now a little special diddy to make you all smile.  😉


The 4th of July is a special holiday weekend for all Americans, but perhaps more so for the NYPD bomb squad. That’s because each year they get to blow up all the fireworks the department has confiscated in a grand, fiery spectacle.

This year they gathered 5,000 pounds of confiscated fireworks and detonated it.

It is illegal to buy or sell fireworks in New York without a permit, so those who are caught can get fined or arrested. From the Staten Island Advance:




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What’s New On TV Tonight?? Nuttin Much.. Check The Few Shows Here!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 3, 2011


What’s New Tonight: Sunday, July 3, 2011  Eastern – National Listings (change location/provider)

8 pm Eastern

Jerseylicious | Style Single Moms Gone Wild

Gatsby To Go holds its first on-site event.  Anthony searches for ways to ways to expand the business.

Food Network Challenge | FOOD Star Wars Cakes

“Star Wars” cakes are created at Walt Disney World to celebrate the reopening of the Star Tours ride.

Funniest Women on TV | TVGN A countdown of TV’s funniest females, including Lucille Ball and Tina Fey. Also: insight from sitcom vets such as Megan Mullally, Doris Roberts and Amy Poehler.


9 pm Eastern

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew | VH1 Detox

Detox begins. Dwight Gooden checks in; Amy Fisher’s traumatic relationship with the media causes her to lash out at the camera crews; and Bai Ling refuses to take psychiatric medicine that is prescribed for her and hides from the staff.

Christopher Titus: Neverlution | COMEDY Comedian Christopher Titus performs at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, Cal. Topics include politics, prescription drugs, parenting and childhood.

Food Network Star | FOOD Diners, Drive-Ins and 4th of July

Guy Fieri shows up and films a segment of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” with the hopefuls. Then they’re tasked with re-creating classic American dishes for a Fourth of July bash, and they’ll also perform their first cooking demo on stage in front of an audience.

Leverage | TNT The 10 Li’l Grifters Job

The dream team of scheme get stung during a sting when their mark is suddenly killed. They must race to find the killer before Nate is put away for good for murder.

Masterpiece Mystery! | PBS Poirot: Hallowe’en Party

In “Hallowe’en Party,” Poirot and Ariadne Oliver (Zoë Wanamaker) investigate the drowning death of a girl at a Halloween party who had claimed to have witnessed a murder years earlier.

True Blood | HBOe Editors’ PickYou Smell Like Dinner

Sookie reunites with Tara and seeks a solution to a vexing real-estate problem. Meanwhile, Bill flashes back to his past and informs Eric of a local coven whose recent experiments could become a problem for the vampire community; Jason receives some unorthodox medical attention; Sam learns more about Luna’s demons; and Jessica struggles with her cravings for human blood.

10 pm Eastern

Marriage Ref | NBC Tracy Morgan, Susie Essman, Regis Philbin

Tracy Morgan, Susie Essman and Regis Philbin weigh in on couples’ marital tiffs. Topics include an in-home tavern, sexy attire and a ponytail collection.

The Real L Word | SHOe It’s About to Get Juicy

Now that Whitney is over Sara, she dives back into the dating pool, or more specifically, a pool party overflowing with attractive women, but things don’t go as swimmingly as she’d like. Meanwhile, hopeful mothers-to-be Kacy and Cori make their first visit to the OB-GYN; Romi scores a job in the fashion industry, but Kelsey’s drinking has her nerves frayed; on-again-off-again Saj and Chanel find things are slightly off in the bedroom; and Whitney’s friend sparks a brawl at the nightclub.

Treme | HBOe Do Watcha Wanna

The second season ends with Jazz Fest 2007.

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An Open Letter to Jill Zarin and Her Plan To Get Alex and Simon Kicked Off Bravo Show is Just Plain Slanderous!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 3, 2011

Not everyone can change! I can't stop lying!!!! Is there a rehab for that?

 Jill Zarin is a BIG FAT LIAR and it’s getting worse!!  I really didn’t think she could stoop any lower in trying to make a cast mate look bad but even Jill has hit new lows and I bet Bethenny Frankel is grateful she has left the show.   No amount of money is worth engaging with Jill Zarin’s attempts to ruin one’s lively hood and reputation. 

Remember last season Jill tried to sell all the viewers and friends that Bethenny has done something so horrible, and painful to her that it had shattered her to the core?  Didn’t we hear that stored message on her telephone where Bethenny telling Jill to get a hobby but stops the call in mid message so we didn’t hear the remainder of the message?  Didn’t Bethenny repeatedly try to mend the friendship while she was busy with family issues, an engagement, business dealings while also trying to film the season with her cast mates?

Didn’t we also see Jill exposed at the reunion where she denied all this then in the end finally admit to creating drama and trying to sabotage Bethenny’s new show?  Didn’t she also claim that she would change and wanted the chance to show the viewers the best side of her?   Well, well, well Jill.  You have only showed us who you really are and it mirrors your behavior in last season.  An evil, conniving, lying reality perp who uses the camera’s to try to destroy someone or anyone who will call her out for her bullshit.  Unlike LuAnn and Kelly who will swear to Jill’s claims that her chit smells like flowers.

Ok, at this point you may be asking yourself, “why is Imajustsaying panties are in a wad?” .  This is why.. has anyone read Jill’s secretive exclusive blog that only subscribers can have access to?  You know the blog that Bravo wont publish due to her slanderous content?   Well I guess it’s no secret after all since you can just go to this link to read her newest claims.

Read the rest of this entry »

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News, Rumors and Just Plain Ol Gossip

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 3, 2011


Countess LuAnn de Lesseps (l. March, r. Tuesday) underwent a major makeover this week.    Well folks, Money can buy you some new hair and LuAnn has done just that!  I have been looking at the polls and the majority of the pollsters are not digging LuAnn’s new look.  Well a girl can always try right?  Lets try a few polls to see how you all think about some of LuAnn’s latest endeavors..   




Kim Zolciak Shows off  baby boy!

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak gives Life & Style an exclusive first look at her new son! “It’s unimaginable — I’m so blessed, so lucky,” the star gushes to Life & Style about her first son, Kroy Jagger, or K.J., as the family affectionately call him. “I’m just so crazy in love with K.J. – I’m always kissing his big old lips.”

Kim and her partner, Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann, welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on May 31. “The actual delivery itself was very private, very personal,” Kim reveals to Life & Style. “To be in such a happy place with Kroy there, it was definitely very emotional. It couldn’t have been more perfect.”

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Real Housewives of New York Gossip: Carly Hall Radio 6/30 & LuMann’s New Video

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 1, 2011

Clink Me to listen!

Follow on twitter  Carly here:  @prettyplusmore Follow Lynn here!  , as well and follow me @Imajustsaying here!

Follow Carly on twitter to get updates for the call in number and location.  You can view her profile here as she post’s upcoming live podcast’s for Thursday late nights after WWHL airs.

Ok now that all done,  Carly has a Thursday night show after “Watch What Happens Live” and its a Radio call in show and tonight it was once again hosted by Lynn Hudson because Carly loves her blog 

The discussion was the crazy chit Jill Zarin created and got the other girls to go along with to establish Simon as a creepy cyber bully.  We certainly know Jill has ‘mean tweeted’ but tries really hard to convince everyone last night that she is so hurt by Simon’s allegations and Kelly jumps on the bandwagon.  Funny how Jill nor Kelly can provide one example of a ‘mean tweet’ that they are both so damaged by.   One would think you have atleast one screen capture your paid assistants could provide in a pinch right? 

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