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The Trump Blacklash Has Finally Begun

Posted by tinselkitty on May 4, 2011

I thought this day would never come, but sometimes dreams do come true. The tide is finally turning against Donald Trump and people are pointing out his racist tendencies left and right. According to Popeater, Orangy McWhiterson has even offended one Celebrity Apprentice to the point of wanting to boycott. Now if we can just get the fire burning about his rampant misogyny, too, I’d be quite the happy cat.

From Popeater

Over the course of a month, Donald Trump has upset a lot of celebrities with his bombastic and eager criticism of President Obama, so much so that one ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ cast member tells me that they would boycott the season finale show if they could.”If it wasn’t for my contract I would boycott the finale when he decides who will be hired,” one cast member who asked not to be revealed tells me. “Whoever is offered the job should tell him there is no way I would ever work for him.”

Trump, who has managed to offend Jerry SeinfeldRobert De Niro and Rosie O’Donnell with his ill-conceived focus on Obama’s birth certificate and schooling, can now add ‘Late Show’ host David Letterman to his ever-growing list. Last Thursday, Dave accused the potential GOP candidate for President of being a racist.

“My point is it’s all fun, it’s all circus, it’s all a rodeo, until it starts to smack of racism,” Dave said. “And then it’s no longer fun … I have heard enough really smart people to convince me that yes, that is very, very insulting … How can you say things like that if you’re not a racist?”

The Donald’s visit to racially-tinged territory — to be fair, he said he “always had a great relationship with the blacks” — has my source speculating if the remaining women of color on the show will pipe up to say anything.

“What’s going to be really crazy is if Star Jones or NeNe Leakes wins,” the insider tells me. “Will both women of color accept his check for their charities or have the courage to stand up to the bully like Jerry, Robert and now Dave have?”

We will find out on May 15th.

In case you missed it, here’s the backstory on the Big Boss Bankruptem’s “the blacks” meme –

From Politico

Donald Trump was asked just now on Fred Dicker’s radio show about African-American support for President Obama.

“I have a great relationship with the blacks,” he said, continuing to call the overwhelming black support for President Obama “frightening.”

He also demonstrated a classic New York real estate view of the press: He claims to have “saved” the New York Daily News financially at some point, and called it “disloyal” of the paper to mock him.

When asked about his use of the term “the blacks”, Captain Carrot dismissed it faster than an Apprentice that pulls low ratings numbers –

From CNN

An unapologetic Donald Trump insisted Sunday that he is “the least racist” when pressed as to whether racism motivated his recent focus on President Obama’s birth certificate and academic qualifications.

The millionaire-turned-television host spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon about the White House Correspondents Dinner and whether a presidential bid was in the offing, before the conversation turned to matters of race and comments made earlier in the day by CBS’ “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer.

Schieffer’s comments were in response to Trump’s public questions about Obama’s academic degree.

“The word is, he wasn’t a good student and he ended up getting into Columbia and Harvard,” Trump said recently. “I’d like to know: How does he get into Harvard, how does he get into Columbia if he isn’t a good student?”

Referencing those comments, Schieffer said on his Sunday program, “that’s just code for saying ‘he got into law school because he’s black.’ This is an ugly strain of racism that’s running through this whole thing.”

Schieffer’s statement referenced an internet meme that has grown rapidly in recent weeks, fueled by comments from public personalities, like “The View’s” Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, other media personalities and academics.

“Racism by inference” is how African-American professor Michael Eric Dyson, also on “Face the Nation,” described it.

“Skepticism about black intelligence and suspicion about black humanity have gone hand in hand throughout the history of this country in feeding the perception that black people don’t quite measure up,” he said.

“He is standing in for the rest of us as African-Americans,” Dyson added. “We are constantly questioned as to our legitimacy – whether we belong or not.”

But when Lemon questioned Trump Sunday night about race stereotypes, he insisted, “I am a wonderful person as far as you would be concerned as to race. And I think everybody that knows me knows that.”

Trump said repeatedly that people who know him “would laugh” at the suggestion that he is racist.

Lemon also asked Trump about his recent use of the term “the blacks” to refer to black people. But Trump said the issue was a diversion.

“I have many, many black friends who said to me, ‘absolutely not a problem.’ … The fact is, I wanna focus on jobs, the economy … that nations are laughing at us and taking our money and taking our jobs and ripping us off.”

But anti-racism activist Tim Wise said Trump’s tactic is the latest move in an old game.

“This is part of a long-standing, white conservative narrative that people of color are getting things they don’t deserve because of affirmative action or racial handouts,” Wise told Lemon after Trump’s interview. “So either Donald Trump is either the most uninformed individual in the western world because he doesn’t know how his comments fit that narrative; or he knows full well what he’s doing and he is deliberately pushing these buttons of racial resentment.”

So, do you pay these black people, Donald? ‘Cause if you do, that makes them your employees, not your friends, and they are just agreeing with whatever you say to keep their paychecks a’ comin’. If you are unclear as to this distinction, please give Camille Grammer a ringy-dingy. It’s okay, she’s white.

The real question is, what’s Nene going to be doing about all this? We all saw her freak the hell out on Kim and then try to blame it on Kim being a bigot. If she lets this slide then she’s going to look quite the fool. Or the mega bitch. Or both.


52 Responses to “The Trump Blacklash Has Finally Begun”

  1. cali said

    I am disappointed by your write-up here,
    If you do howeverm may I suggest, that you at least research Obamas eligibility-because he is NOT a natural born american. In fact, his recent ‘fake’ release of records indicate his father being ‘Kenyan-british’. He was also adopted by the indonesian father Lolo Soetero-Obam school records in Indonesisa state that his name was ‘Barray Soetero and Soeberkah”, and being muslim.
    I know everyone want to pile up against Donald Trump, and yes-Hollywood is far-left, and their man made it into the white house by fraud against Hillary.

    Please, if you can when writing about politics in your blog, research the material first, before jumping on the bandwagon of the rest of the lamestream media, who does everything to protect this fraud.

  2. GingerTee said

    A much as I love to get off topic because this will become ugly. While I am more offended by Cali’s response than the thread, I respect the right to make it, so can we just leaave politics to CNN….please

  3. G-sus said

    @ Cali Wow, talk about the uninformed. That is all I will say about your comment.

    @ GingerTee. A while back IJS started posting some politically based threads, and I for one, loved it. I like a little political discourse, breaks up the minutia of the housewives. It never got too heated. Cali’s statement above is similar to the drive by comments we get here on other threads. They simply want to stir the pot.

  4. GingerTee said

    Okay G-Sus, I’ll go with that. I was just thinking let’s avoid a war on words. I don’t always agree with what people say but I do respect their right to do so. Thanks, you made me feel better, much appreciated

  5. Twinkle toes.. TOUCHE!!! I FLOVE this post!!

    Cali as much as I respect you opinions.. what say you on your proof he is not a natural born citizen!??!? Should I even throw my BC in the realm for scruntiny? Who and I guess all is subject to this. I guess we can even scrutinize OBL is not even dead? All is up for it and now I will put my own documents on line.. who wants to vet me??

  6. Although I can imagine only a few blog hata’s wants to see my documents.. but I cant imagine how many wants to see Baracks? Will there be any document that splains his american accent or is he too white to have one? Will all his documents be suspect because he is black? what will suffice for the americans.. I gotta know..

  7. I guess if I had a comb over I would be vetted if I just kept trading in my spouse for younger ones while I got my orange spray tan on. That would make me an american.. let me wave the flag.. while dissing women as disgusting and pigs. yep that makes me an american..

  8. sorry.. good morning.. does everyone have morning libation like coffee and tea?

  9. Cali, you are certainly welcome to whatever opinions you choose, but accusing me, of all people, of not fact checking is just patently absurd.

    If anyone is jumping on the bandwagon it would be those who question Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States without also questioning John McCain’s, especially as it is much more clear that McCain would not have technically been eligible. I don’t see anyone whooping and hollering about how they were given a candidate that could have been unseated fairly quickly at the slightest challenge. McCain’s situation is indeed so dicey that the US Senate adopted a non-binding resolution declaring him to be eligible to be president.

    Why are none of the birthers upset about the fact that the Senate was drafting special legislation to grandfather in McCain? How does that not smack of croneyism, the direct opposite to the principles and practices of meritocracy (an idea perpetuated by those in power to keep those without power out of their hair)? Oh, that’s right, it’s because McCain is Not Black. Which is what this post is about – Donald Trump’s bigoted world view.

    And, honestly, I loves me a good conspiracy theory. If you don’t believe me, you can ask G-sus. She’ll vouch. But if there was really any tooth to these claims it would already have been settled, especially with the amount of money that would have been thrown at this in a heartbeat if there was even the slightest chance that the Big Scary Black Man could have been yanked out of office. The fact that Obama is still our prez two years later should be enough.

    Obama’s citizenship is a distraction from a lot of things that are much more consequential to your every day life. If they can keep you questioning this, they can keep you from questioning the more important things like health care, the increasingly obscene income gap, military spending and the steady, unrelenting march to control every uterus while simultaneously arming the penises of the world.

  10. PS to all – I haven’t even touched upon how marriage is used to manipulate social norms and encourage conformity by the government, but if you’d like to trot out the argument that Obama’s parents weren’t married when he was born, I’d be happy to jump feet first into that discussion. It’s a doozy for sure, and that’s without even addressing that whole evil, nasty notion of allowing teh geys to put a ring on it. Which, again, I would be more than thrilled to chat about at length. But for now, I give you Donald Trump and his sexist, racist ways. Enjoy.

  11. Tinsel dear.. how can you tout out McCain for having birther issues when he has white skin and white hair!?!?! ITS A NO BRAINER!!

  12. Tinsel.. patently absurd?? I want to see the patent on that one.. lmaooooooo I am going to take that one to the Shark Tanks and see if we can market that!! lmaooo

    • Uh, duh, IJS, I said it was patentLY absurd, not patentED absurd. It hasn’t been patented yet. And now you are asking for my papers from the patent office? As if I’m not qualified to hold a US Patent? You Trumper. That’s right, I said it.

  13. Sorry Tinsel.. I dont mock you but just love your way with words.. you are truly a wordsmith.. shmooches

  14. carrot said


    There was a blog last week that likened Obama’s release of his birth certificate to “driving while black” and getting pulled over. I thought it was a great analogy. Trump may actually think he’s not racist, it’s just ideology that is so set into his head it just seems normal. No excuses, he’s a punk b!tch.

    I wanna say this and not have it bite me in the ass, but I have a feeling Star wouldn’t accept the check, if she wins, without AT LEAST a defense. It’s difficult because money for charity should always be a good thing, but when it comes from someone with wrong intentions things get complicated. Anyway, I’m not in a position to criticize an African American woman about what she chooses to do with some racist’s money.

    This is such a shame too because I was really enjoying Celebrity Apprentice. And also, I like these posts, they aren’t hateful or misguided. Good job T.

    • Carrot, I’m torn on the accepting the prize money thing. On the one hand, Trump’s a douchebag and it’d be so nice to see someone tell him no for once. On the other, charitable donations at this time are down across the board and money is money and desperately needed. I suppose if it was someone that could afford to make the winning donation on their own to their charity, that would be a compromise, but, then again, if the winner is someone that can afford it, it sure would be nice if they take Trump’s money and throw in their own amount as well. Of course, it’s probably not Trump’s money, anyway. I’m sure all the prize moolah is coming from NBC.

  15. Oh lord have mercy.. on ‘The View’ Barbara Walters had referred to Obama as Osama like 3 times now.. GO TO SLEEP!!!!

  16. BobLHead said

    Politics aside…that picture is hysterical!!!

  17. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! TINSEL.. deary.. now I am patended aburdsly pantendly.. for reals!! lmaooooooooo!! I FLOVE YA WOMAN!!!!!

    • Nice, IJS, first you want to see my paperwork and now you are trying to take my phrase, which I worked so hard to create. You might as well go roll around in a vat of Cheetoh dust and tell me I’m fired, Trumper.

  18. You is truly a wordshmith.. mazel!

  19. @tweatcyn said

    Well for those of you who like a political post, I am starting a Death-er scandal over at I provide details of how GI Jane took down Osama Bum Licken.

    Tinsel Kitty, FLOVE this post also. Especially the puppy comb-over photo.


  20. Bobl.. the pic is of my ex and Tinsel is gonna get sued for outting my personal bidness.. I sent it to the wordsmith Tinsel who is schooling me on my vocab. I am now highly patently overly exaggerated in a patent to coin this girls arse.. She needs a raise for sho! Tinsle I am sending you the 50 cents I made on ads!! lmaooo girl i flove you more then my luggage.. I will always worship the quicksand you walk on..

    • Okay, I don’t know if y’all have heard the rumor yet, but apparently IJS was, at one time, married to a dog. No wonder all those preachers are running around saying if we allow teh gehys to get hitched, the next thing you know there’d be people wanting to marry animals and cars and stuff. Don’t tell her I told you, though. It’s a secret and y’all don’t want to be a Kelly-talks-a-lot.

  21. Tinsel deary.. whether or not I roll around cheetoh dust is me and mr mans bidness.. What we fetish over is OUR BIDNESS!! he likes me orange 1 night a week while he licks me limbs!

    • Wait, this was your bidness? You made money on this? Where are your tax returns? Show us the receipts. Did you buy the Cheetos at Costco on a wholesale account so you could cheat the tax man there, too? It feels like there might be some laws you are breaking here. I’m calling Eliot Spitzer. BRB.

  22. TINSEL!!!!!! dont give out my most precious ruff ruff secrets!! lord there are so many comments i can make but PETA will troll my arse!!! Yes its true.. I was kicked outta me congregation for a sacriligious affair!! I have been excommunicated and devoid of all my idol worshipping necklaces and the baptismal water has been sucked off me head! I did love that comb over dog.. he barked at me like mad.. what a dog..

  23. Tinsel!! I am not required to show you all my shields of the orange umpa lumpa sexcapades and origin of my birth cheetoh land!! Until its required.. its mine and mine only for the cheese puff mr man to gander over..

  24. Tinsel. you have me craving cheetos right now and I have nothing of the kind.. Will buffalo boneless chicken do you tink?

  25. GingerTee said

    Wow, I just noticed that the pooch has a comb over. That is too crazy

  26. GingerTee said

    I never thought that The Donald would actually run, but I was saddened that people were for a minute joining him in his rants. If he truly wanted to run for President then run a good race. I just think he was doing it for the attention and took it too far. After all that he is said, it makes no sense that he is so quick to get offended when someone responds. It seems like this time he bit off more than he could chew. He should fire himself

    • Agreed, GingerTee, I don’t think he ever had any intention of running for realz. He’s just using it to get ratings and it’s working. The sad part is that so many people are taking him seriously.

  27. lmaoo Ginger!! you didnt have your coffee yet!

  28. TInsle.. the sad part is that the Chump is losing big points and how apropo was CA interuppted for who got fiyad for the announcement of Osama been killed? LMFAOOO

  29. Say WHAT ! said

    I have a real problem with your post…. I don’t agree nor support any demonstration of puppy porn. It’s abuse I say!!! Leave the puppies alone!

  30. MONA!!! No puppies were molested or harmed in this post!! just applied hair gel and spray to get the appropriate look! It all comes out in the wash 😉

  31. Olive the other Reindeer said

    I read where the Senate at one time were going to pass a law that a person not born on AMerican soil could run for Prez,,,but of course that was when Arnold was popular….hmmm,,,makes u think…

    Love the puppy..but my God,,the bururau that is equal to taking kids out of a home should take that pup out of his home,,,that is cruel!,,,lol Dumald did it for ratings,,,OMG,,I thought I’d die when he said it was because of him that the long BC form was released,,and then dissing the president for making jokes at the correspondent dinner,,,all the while Obama had this Osama thing on the line,,I told my boyfriend,,I sure would not want to play poker with him,,,Trump saying I get qlong good with the blacks and the basketball court thing,,,he just doesn’t get it does he? I heard Orange men will get birthered too,,,yep..well actually I’m starting the rumor here,,like Obama said at the correspondent dinner,,Michelle Bachman are u here? yes,,,Michelle Bachman was born in Canada,,that’s how it starts Michelle..people put that stuff out there with no actual facts to back it,,,it’s been like that,,but more so since Obama took office..

    IJS,,I loved it that CA was interupted to bring that news…now what does everyone think of releasing the pictures? I think it will bring closure to the people who lost loved ones,,if they want to see it, they can,,BUT unlike Rumsfeld who did not take Muslim traditions in consideration,,,I pray they handled the remains in Muslim fasion,,,,we saw what that idiot caused who burned the Koran. When we INVADED Iraq and yes i did say invaded,,Rumsfeld had a file on what the procedure would be,,he used an acronym that equaled to the “F” word in Arabic and insulted the whole ARAB nations. So taking consideration of that was a huge point and kudos to the president and all his people involved…

    IJS,,,,i hope u find closure and peace….TK,,keep your wit ,,you wordsmith,,,I surely appreciate a giggle while at work,,,,Carrot,,Gingertee BobL,,just keep being you….


    Back to work for me,,,,my boss is a b@tch,,lol….and I am so freakin’ adorable,,how can she be?

  32. Awe Olive.. I am gonna seek you out at work and give you a huge shmooch!

    In regards to being respectful to the remains is spot on. Not like I really care about the turd but mostly for others who observe the ritual. I really dont want to bump heads with anything that would take away from the importance of the recent events.

    I on one hand dont need to see any photos or video’s. But I am not people who need to see it. Its macabre for me. (did you get that tinsel? 😉 )

    In todays day.. proof needs to be exposed for the naysayers but proof is never enough now since proof is no longer proof for the naysayers. Maybe blood is.. we will see..

    P.S. Rumsfeld is an ass who needs to take a serious wiff of his past actions.

  33. GingerTee said

    Okay, I’m a Black woman, should I refer to myself as GingerTee The Black, like Henry The 8th or Friday The 13th or Jack The Ripper or Mack The Knife. ???????????

  34. Ginger..what post are you responding to or just in general?

  35. Dani said

    The dog pic is pretty funny. Gotta admit it made me laugh.

    As far as Trump, his ego knows no boundries. Wonder how it feels to go through life with that level of confidence. I do have to admit it has served him well, financially that is anyway.

    The birth certificate is a nonissue to me. Don’t care where Obama was born. Fact is, he is our President now and deserves some respect. If your politics do not mesh with him, then people can choose to exercise their right to vote in the next election.

  36. BimboKay said

    I’m responding to Cali’s unfortunate comments (which I’ve cut/pasted below). Cali, (1) Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. (2) Hawaii is a state…one of the United States. (3) Anyone born in the United States is “born in the United States” and eligible to run for president. (4) It doesn’t matter what one’s parentage is. (5) This means you also don’t understand the “anchor baby” effect…where people from another country “visit” the U.S. just in time to have a baby…so that baby is a U.S. citizen. Here’s what….

    Cali said
    May 4, 2011 at 7:32 am
    I am disappointed by your write-up here,
    If you do howeverm may I suggest, that you at least research Obamas eligibility-because he is NOT a natural born american. In fact, his recent ‘fake’ release of records indicate his father being ‘Kenyan-british’. He was also adopted by the indonesian father Lolo Soetero-Obam school records in Indonesisa state that his name was ‘Barray Soetero and Soeberkah”, and being muslim.

  37. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    no Gingertee..u are always Gingertee to us,,or so some of us Ginger…lol…..

    Dani,,,when people start their Obama bashing,,I just tell them he is my president and I support him,,,,there is so much bashing that could have gone on with other administrations,,but the office of the presidency is to be respected..even if u don’t agree with the policies,,,

    awww ty IJS,,I needed a hug and a smooch today,,

    I know,,,I really don’t care how about Osama’s remains..but I don’t want others to be incited and then more hatred….just wonders ..when will this all end. sad

  38. Dani said

    Hi Olive, how are you doing? Hope all is well.

    The middle east situation has never been stable, back to biblical times. I want to think that eventually it will get better but I don’t think it is realistic. The mix of religion, politics, and power mongering, are just so volatile. I want to share a little something w/you all. I got the shock of my life recently, when my daughter who is in her late 20’s, college educated and successful in buisiness has decided to enlist in the army. She wants a new challenge and more education with her goal of being a physician’s assistant. It is freakin me out as most likely the route she is taking will put her in the middle east. You know, you think about all the servicemen who have sacrificed for this country and you respect their courage and ideals. Boy when it is your own kid, it puts a whole different spin on things and I am still trying to come to terms with her decision.

    I do so agree that our President deserves our respect, regardless if he was your choice or not. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned but we seem to have lost that aspect to our culture.

    In regards to UBL and his remains. I don’t need to see them. The argument that there are some people who will never believe he is dead probably would remain even if photos of remains were released. Example, there are still people who deny the Hollocaust with all the evidence. One way or the other, you will never be able to please all people.

  39. Olive the Other Reindeer said


    I’m good,,back at work,,how are you?

    You are so right,,a picture will never change the minds of people,,and people denying the Holocaust,,,I don’t get it,,,,how could anyone ever ,,ever ,,,say that did not happen?
    You know what? My Aunt said almost the same thing when my cousin enlisted…please keep me abreast if your daughter does enlist..what branch? …my Dad and Uncles were in Nam,,,and they didn’t want any of the kids in the military,,but,, brother and cousin had other ideas…

    Hope all is well with you,,and will keep u and your family in my prayers…

    All this going back and forth..who is taking credit is getting to me as well….they got him,,end of story.

  40. Dani said

    Oh Olive, I am so glad you are back to work. I hope that means you are well and on the mend. Sometimes the everyday routine is the best thing we got going for us. Even those days you want to throw the alarm clock out the window when it goes off. LOL.

    My daughter will be Army. Leaves in August. Totally out of left field. She told her brother way ahead of me and he kept calling throwing little hints, basically trying to pave the road so I would be eased into the news. As a mother, your natural instinct is always to think about your child’s safety. I am not quite there yet, meaning comfortable with her decision but I want to be supportive. Love her more than life. Thanks so much for the prayers. I really do believe in the power of prayer.

    When I think about people who suffered through the Holocaust along w/their relatives, I can’t imagine having the pain of that and then having people deny if ever existed. The night UBL news was anounced and they were showing the people at ground zero, it was so evident how much pain the families and others have suffered over the years since 9/11. Obviously, still so raw for many and my heart just goes out to them. It is just a no win situation. Whether the pics surface or not, some people will just put their own spin on it. I hope healing can take place.

  41. GingerTee said

    Thanks Olive, I thought that I would have to get new ID cards

  42. G-sus said

    Wow, I went to work and missed all the fun.

    @ 9 TK I will absolutely will vouch for your all-encompassing love for a conspiracy theory. But common sense keeps you grounded, something Cali could use some of, I think

    @ GingerTee. See, you had nothing to worry about. We tend to take our politics a little more lightly than some people (cough****Cali****cough).
    And I have a couple theories why Donald is running. First, obviously, the man is an egomaniac. Second, if you have heard of any of these PAC organizations, you would find they have massive loopholes that allow them to receive donations and spend the money on things like jets, hotels, dining, etc. Or if your Christine Odonnell, you pay your rent with it, lol.
    And was your comment @41 about the Dumpster using the term “the blacks”? Completely ignorant, but then again he asked his black friends about it and they didn’t mind, what a douche. Next thing you know, he is going to gather all his non-white friends for a press conference. Dipshidiot.

    And lastly Dear Olive @ 39 Not only would I flove it if Michelle Bachmann was born in Canada, I would love it if you could make her live there permanantly, or maybe some place more remote, like Siberia. She is way too close for comfort for me.

  43. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    @50..Dani,,u know my mom passed away and I have a little brother who is almost 10 years younger than me,,,I feel like a surrogate mother,,,and he was talking about enlisting,,,my heart just did a double loop,,,, I do believe so much in the power of prayer,,,without that,,I couldn’t make it,,,I know you want to jump in and tell your daughter no,,u can’t,,I don’t want to hear this,,but she’s made her mind up now all prayers will be going to her…my heart goes out to you.

    Nope Ginger,,as hard as they are trying to make it for the registration of voters,,you don’t need anew ID,,just tell them to call us,,we would be like,,yep,,,that’s our Ginger!

    G-Sus..we couldn’t be that lucky to be able to say Bachman,,Beck,,Palin,,Trump..Limbaugh (list goes on ) comes from another country,,,so we have to live with it and just roll our eyes and shake our heads,,,

    Have a great day everyone I’m off to work..hugsssssssssss

  44. […] “Mr. Donald Trump handpicked me himself” given the recent unsavory business with “the blacks“. I mean, one would have to wonder, given Mr. Trump’s proclivities towards the […]

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