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Celebrity Apprentice Episode “Bitter Suites” Jethro’s take!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 25, 2011

‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Was La Toya Jackson’s quiet style misunderstood for weakness?

By Jethro Nededog

    April 25, 2011 3:28 AM ET

celebrity-apprentice-latoya-jackson-320.jpgLike NeNe Leakes, we won’t mince words. The women’s team has finally gotten what they’ve wanted all this time on “The Celebrity Apprentice”: La Toya Jackson is out.

We’ve seen it for weeks. Marlee Matlin tried to get La Toya booted on the auction challenge, and then she came up with Michael’s rare t-shirt. The women have been calling her ineffective and the weakest link for several boardrooms. Yet, as Donald Trump said in Sunday’s (April 25) boardroom, she has won the highest compliments from a couple of the challenges’ executives and surpassed his expectations. They even thought that she would be eliminated when she was project manager, yet the Australian Gold execs loved what she did around the glass box. Sure, her process was quite nonlinear and unconventional in comparison to other project managers, but aren’t the results what really matters?

On this task, she was the only one that recognized Star Jones, who was the project manager, was on the wrong path in delivering a whole new conceptual advertising idea for Trump Hotel Collection. She even soothed the savage beast when NeNe was dead-set on not working with her. And she’s one of the only people since Lisa Rinna with the ability to stand up to Star. Star came up with the concept. Star dictated the photos. And star wrote the pitch. These were all things that the executives hated. Shouldn’t Star have taken the responsibility for the loss? Is it possible that Star saw La Toya as a possible threat?

La Toya’s style is quieter than the other women. She’s more off the beaten path when it comes to ideas than the other women. And we think that may have been misinterpreted as weak. We think Trump may have seen that, but he can also see that the women didn’t want her going forward. So, he fired her.

Do you think La Toya’s style was misunderstood as weakness? Do you think she should’ve gotten fired?


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