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Is Life Unexpected Unexpectedly Cancelled?

Posted by tvtime101 on November 10, 2010

The CW has passed on another 9 episodes for this in limbo series.  This will make this season have only 13 episodes.  I guess viewers found Lux’s relationship with her teacher (ex Melrose star) who is just as tall as her not worth tuning into.

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Life Unexpected: Love Unexpected Recap – Never too late.. or is it?

Posted by tvtime101 on April 13, 2010

Ok.  This may possibly be the last recap we write for Life Unexpected.  It has still yet to get the official renewal nod from the CW.

I have to say though, the episodes (the last 3 or 4) have really gotten much better.  In terms of plot and acting, they have come a long way.
Here we started with Cate and Lux getting ready for what you assume to be Cate’s wedding.  Baze is standing on the steps of what looks to be city hall and you start to wonder what is going on.  They officially have Lutz back into her life, she’s adopted!  They truly do look like a cute family in the picture above and when Fern (social worker) went to take their picture, Cate and Baze immediately held hand and it’s obvious how much Baze is in love with her.  The picture says it all.

Lux is still trying to get Baze to be honest about his feelings for Cate.  This is the ultimate kid fantasy.  Just when things start going awry for Cate and Ryan (Abby got food poisening & their rehearsal dinner had to be moved), Lux offers up Baze to help.  He okays the bar usage for the rehearsal dinner.  Contract talks (with work) come up right before the wedding and Cate is using Ryans hesitance to analyze her feelings for Ryan/Baze.  During the rehearsal dinner, the family of Cate and Ryan literally mimic the family of my spouse and myself.  A crazy bunch of people who DO NOT need any more alcohol to embarrass the hell out of you with awful stories.  So, she goes running and hiding in Baze’s apartment.

Baze finds her and actually starts to tell her his feelings, but starts off with Lux doesn’t want you to marry Ryan.  This was all that was said before Ryan comes and finds her complaining about there families and saying how awesome it is that him and Baze are cool (like a frat boy.)

So, Kate gets home and asks Lux about what Baze said.  Lux spilled.  Told Cate everything about Baze’s feelings for her when she freaks out and goes to bed… t 3 am she takes a ride over to Baze’s to talk….  Unbeknown to her, Baze has some real issues that he’s trying to work through and follows advice of if you love her, let her be happy.  He’s trying to be noble and bad boy at the same time.  So as Cate is professing that she has some part of her that loves him, he tells her that he doesn’t.

So now we are at the wedding.  Ryan confronts Lux about why she’s acting weird around him and she said its her.  We see a great side of Ryan in this episode as he talks to Lux.  He says look, you had a big day yesterday with you, Cate and Baze and I understand that.  He asks if maybe she felt the wedding had overshadowed her big moment?  I lover her honesty as she tells him yes.  Then Ryan puts together this amazing speech about a lot of things have been happening, with you, Cate and Baze and gets right to the root.  I understand that you want the ultimate fantasy and have them as your parents.  This is a good thing, he encourages.  It means that your finally getting to act like a kid and not the parent all the time.  You see him getting choked up at this point, and he’s so hurt by having this conversation and but he’s still doing it.  That’s the mark of a great guy.  He then tells Lux that if she wants, they should post pone the wedding but tells her that she has to tell Cate.

Meanwhile, Baze goes to his father’s golf club to talk to him.   Earlier, he had just found out that Baze was awarded Lux and he was never invited.  So, now his father just dismisses him telling him this is not the time or the place.  Baze makes a scene telling him its his fault and how he was able to give Lux something she always wanted, a dad.  Meanwhile, Baze is still waiting for his dad.  The boy just wants an I love you and this is seriously what’s messing up Baze.  He confesses that he doesn’t feel good enough or worthy enough to even tell Cate that he loves her because what does he have to offer.   It was just a defining moment in the father son relationship that has screwed Baze up for years.

Back at the wedding, Lux goes to the bridal get ready room, and sees that Cate is freaking out about her feelings.  Lux talks her off the ledge and says (after finding out htat Baze said he didn’t love her) and tells her that Baze is just the fantasy, not the reality.  Ryan is the reality and he’s a great man.

Just as Cate is now ready to walk down the aisle, we go back to Baze who is in the bar and his father storms in with tears in his eyes telling his son to not make the same mistakes, and that he does love Baze.  I have to admit.. I cried here (just a little).  And Baze runs to tell Cate how much he loves her.

So Cate is saying their vows (which were about who you want to be and the choices you make… see the clip link below) as Baze is in the car racing to the church, and they were pronounced husband and wife as Baze rushes in.  Cate takes one look at Baze and realizes what her reality in life is, and maybe the easier or better choice for her.  Who knows.  But, she turns back to Ryan and kisses him.  Baze was too late.

So, where do they go now if a second season is entitled?  Will Ryan and Baze be ok?  They could have drawn out the father son thing over a few episodes, let’s see where they take it.  What will Lux do?  Now that she is worthy of love, will she be a good girl?

Click here for the link to watch Cate say her vows and Baze’s crash in on the wedding.

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Life Unexpected Review “Father Unfigured”

Posted by tvtime101 on April 5, 2010

Ok, so the previews from last week showed Cate on a search for her dad.  So, somehow, Lux convinces Cate and Baze to go on this road trip to find her dad.   Hmmmm, I can’t get my divorced parents to sit in the same room, but she got Cate and Baze, who slept together, on a road trip….

Now, Cate is still unaware of Baze’s love for her… even after he sniffed her hair…   Ok, clueless much? My husband hasn’t sniffed my hair in years.

Meanwhile, Bug’s ex roommate has searched him down in the alley behind the bar to get money from what I can only assume to be drugs sold for rent.  They beat him up and vandalize the bar (hence the reason why Lux wants Baze to go on the road trip.)

After finding her father it was clear to the audience and thick headed Baze that he’s not the father material she’s looking for, and Cate has to learn the hard way…   wait for him not to show up the next day to go back to Portland and go to her wedding.   She ultimately realizes that she blames Baze for his shortcomings because he too abandoned her at her most vulnerable moment.  He was always just there for her to blame, and hell… a girls’ gotta blame someone and get it out.   After confronting her father, she walks around the corner and unbeknown to her, Baze is there to save her.   She runs into his arms and he comforts her and they look like a couple.  Just as he comforts her and pats her head, they look so comfortable together, like they mesh.

So they go back home, and oddly have a sing along event in the car ride home that is just weird giving the timing of what happened in the episode and not in the right place.

Lux is not a stupid 16 year old and noticed all the staring and hair smelling things Baze has done in regards to Cate, so she asks how long has he had feelings for her and he has finally admitted that he has feelings for her.

All of this is the build up for next weeks’ episode and season (possible series) finale.  Its the wedding of Cate and Ryan and they show Baze opening up the doors to find Cate and Ryan at the alter and Cate looks at Baze and that is where the sneak preview was cut off.

All in all this was a rather ehh episode.  I mean, the writing could be much better and so could the story lines.  This just seems to have potential but we will see what next week brings.

So… are you team Ryan or team Baze????   Do you think Baze should tell her he loves her and poof into the sunset they go on a shiny white horse????   What are your thoughts, and honestly… do you want it to come back for another season???   TELL ME

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