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My Big Friggin’ Wedding Recap – Episode 6 – To Have And To Gyrate

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 7, 2010


As I am catching up on my DVR recordings this morning, I realized I havent yet watched the new episode of My Big Friggin Wedding and  knew instantly I have not had my weekly fill of Johnny Meatballs and became very hungry. 

Once I started the show I had to pause to go in the fridge to grab some cereal or yogurt and then I saw it…  Angels sang..  A tin of meataballa’s from my favorite Italian takeout!!  OMG!!  Lets commemorate the highly anticipated episode with a meataballa parmesan sangawhich!!!   I figured since it has been said to have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, I am good to go.  (wiping sauce off my chin)

The best quote’s of the episode:

Johnny – “I can make one phone call and get a house full of broads tonight..”

Meghan – “I can make one phone call and screw a guy with a Lexus…”  (two shakes and a snap)

Meghan girlfriends ask her..  “Do you have cold feet?”

Meghan –  “More like cold nipples”

If you think I am making up this douchery, please view Johnny Meatballs  website here and business song video below..

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VH1 My Big Friggin’ Wedding

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 10, 2010

Just in case Reality TV viewers are not yet tired of MTV’s Jersey Shore, we have a new show in town on VH1, My Big Friggin’ Wedding.

I had it on my DVR for over a week for the first episode and decided  to watch it as background noise and see if it peeks my interest, but I found myself glued to the tv mostly observing the different characters behavior’s, accents and trying to identify on my own where they grew up.

The premise is, cameras will follow the stress and drama of five couples and their families as they prepare to tie the knot…or not. Throughout the weeks leading up to their nuptials, these couples will battle their families, friends and each other to work out all the details of their “big day.” Whether the drama is about smoke machines and lasers at the reception or signing a last minute prenuptial agreement, these couples will stop at nothing to throw the most friggin’ over-the-top party of their lives — but at what cost to their relationships?

I have found myself completely fixated on one character.  What is his name you ask??  Johnny Meatballs.  Yes you heard me right.  This guy is so fixated on meatballs.  He wants to make them, package them, market them with his Johnny Meatball logo additionally selling tee shirts and other meataballa stuff.

Johnny Meatballs is such a character that he belongs on tv and not just a reality show.  He belongs in movies where they need a meathead to play a clueless fortune seeker who has an idea book jotting down his idea’s every minute,  because for him, it wont be acting.

[Dailymotion id=xfho43]

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