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Celebrity Apprentice Recap “Raising The Steaks” and Kite Flying?

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 18, 2011


In the aftermath of Mark McGraths firing,  the Celebrity Apprentices are anxiously awaiting who will walk back in the door and most of them want Mark to come back and if Gary does, they are gonna quit this one horse trick pony show and get all medieval on Trumps ass.

As we already know, Gary walks in the door and who is excited? NeNe Leakes that’s who for reasons that are devious and outlandish to say the least. NeNe.. Girl.. You in DANGER!!

The girls scream with all the hootin and hollering efforts and they guys are devastated. NeNe loves it!

Backbone is “Not Happy” and Gary addresses the group with words of self-awareness and apologies in order to gain the respect of his team members while the gals drink more champagne and are counting the money.

Gary confronts John Rich on his thoughts on his performance and John admits that he thinks Gary is a saboteur. Gary is astounded by this comment and John sticks to his guns and says..

 “You are either really stupid or really smart, and I thinks you is smart.. So you a saboteur”

Something like that but I like my version better. Gary agrees to prove John wrong and somehow I think it will be a stretch for Gary to act normal.

Latoya is visiting her charity foundation “Aids Project LA” and kicking in some elbow grease to help out and present her donation. She presents 20k from the Apprentice and 20K from “Australian Gold” PLUS for the best designed cap from Latoya another check for 25K. Very admirable for Latoya and a great cause.

The New Task:

Omaha Steaks,  I have to say has my phone number on speed dial.  If you have friends in need with a tight meal budget, the customer support team is always helpful to find the best deals and provide you with discounts. Just tell the story and they are so eager to help. Omaha Steaks are great in customer service terms.

Ok Teams must write, produce and star in a live cooking demonstration. Each team will create 3 occasion specific meals with the product and rename a variety pack that must be featured in the demonstration. Presentation is KEY!!

Project Managers:


Hope Dworaczyk (the Playmate of the Year) (why couldn’t she change her name for bloggin purposes?) Hope doesn’t eat meat or cooks for that matter. This is a recipe for a disaster! She is PM since she is the only one who has not been PM.  Her charity is Best Buddies.   An organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities


Gary Busey who Trump thinks he is either a genius or a moron. What a great way to enter a project! Nice Chump!  Garys  charity is the Westport-based Center for Head Injury Services.   The Center helps people who have suffered brain injuries live independently and get back to work.

Does anyone else think that Busey’s teef are skeary?


The winner gets 20k again. I imagine the sponsor will match as well.

Gary made “The Meat” the chef and The Meat does not know how to cook and Lil John is pissed.. He cooks his ass off on the Sunday BBQ and I want to sample it!

John Rich asks the great questions about origin of meat and Gary prolongs the convo with inane questions and I have just realized Gary is just stupid.

The woman get down to brain storming and it appears Star is taking over and Hope is just floundering. Nene is just being a diva as expected.  I don’t think I would be able to recognize NeNe if she wasn’t spatting venom.

Execs are up and front and Star asks the healthy questions. GOOD IDEA!!

Garey thinks a scene between two lovely people would be a kid bringing his dad a kite. GENIUS! Someone splain that one too me.

The Variety Pack is key here and the woman get down to a poker theme and NeNe wants to add condoms. HA HA HA HA HA HA NeNe.. Not a good joke or even appropriate.

At this point I kind of feel sorry for Gary. He was unable to communicate properly on the phone to customer service and he takes leave to the balcony to beat him self up. I really think Gary has issues and I no longer want to make fun of him since it seems he has challenges that is not disclosed to us or by his lack of sharing. I think Gary’s head injury has made him suspect for dialogue issues that are not his fault and he needs to come clean. Even he is getting frustrated with himself.

NeNe wants to do a burger and thinks it’s a BIIIG mistake not to do one. Two steaks and a lobster is not Nene’s choice and NeNe is making herself heard!  Hope is worried about changing up the protein where the preparations where already completed with ingredients is not a big deal and already imagines her exit interview speech.

Gary is trying to come up with flavored meats/steaks and meat doesn’t agree. Omaha does not package meats to your flavor!! They sell the flavor with gravies and sauces!! Believe me I have tasted them all! And P.S. they are fabulous..

It appears they guys are really stepping on eggshells with Gary and its becoming painful to watch Gary’s wonderment in the happenings of the decisions..

Poor Latoya confesses to having personal chefs and has no experience in the kitchen. Of course NeNe finds issue with this since she has obviously has cooked bacon on the family living/family/all space fire in her hut. Cause she is a Neanderthal and all. Hey send all hate mails to @tinsel!!

Star has an interesting way to promote the cause.. Or their menu? Not sure but I want to see more!!

Ivanka spies on the Backbone team and has a first look at crazy.. She supports him..

NeNe is doing the cooking and she wants heat in the room. She thinks Star does nuttin and thinks she is totally safe in her task.. What do you think?  She is always appointed in this role so how is this her fault?  You use the talent but then call her out for her talents?? What say you??

Gary is asking for sheets of paper to be cut up and 24 seven and do a decalotage?

Seriously? Cut this chit up and make a hand basket for you to be fi-yad. Just saying..

Meat and Rich are off in a car and interact. John is not “happy”!! He is no ones boy!!  Seriously, I don’t think Gary meant anything by it and I think Rich is over reacting.   Now if Gary called Lil John boy, that would be a different thing altogether. 

The girls arrive at the “Culinary Institute of Culinary Education” . The girls don’t have much to offer in culinary aspects, but they plan of bringing it somehow. Say a prayer and three hail mary’s for the girls.

Hope is not diggin the Latoya baby speak and she can’t help herself! She is a Jackson!!  How is it that Latoya is more annoying that NeNe?

The guys appeared to be at odds and John Rich is not happy. Gary Busey seems to know this and is worried and apologizing.  John wont even accept an apology and Gary seems to be worried knowing that Rich is key!


The girls appoint Latoya to present and Latoya is doing a great job!

Star is up and she does healthy heart conscience food.

NeNe displays how easy it is to cook lobster tails with ease.  But wait.. Nene is blaming anyone for her performance regardless..  NeNe always thinks they are going to lose.   She is a half glass empty kind of gal. 

The men’s presentation is a two-man show.  Meat Loaf cooks and does a great job explaining what he is doing and Gary Busey narrates.   He talks about flying kites and feeling lustful and crying and all kinds of bizarre stuff. 

Gary did a presentation that I think is the demise of the guy’s team.

Hey I am just saying!!

The kite flew and just landed flat..period..

Trump met with the executives and they had their say. Men’s team was enthusiastic and knowledgeable to say the least! and Meat was awesome.. The women’s teams was well-organized and gelled.. NeNe was poor in her representation in her message and both teams did well but. The women were organized in their teams!!   They loved Gary but…………

PRE Boardroom:

Trump asks Gary if he was a good PM and it is not going anywhere fast…   Meat is worried that he was the chef who didn’t cook. It was a “catastrophic time collapse” per Chump.. Was it?

Before the guys win or lose they are throwing Gary under the bus regardless. And I want to jump on that bus for all the right reasons but somehow I feel bad.

The women are amused with the Gary random musings..  Who wouldn’t be?

The girls git their own backlash from the Don..

Don Jr: 

 The woman had a great presentation.. . Loved the healthy meal and loved the red meat thing and the branding… Loved the Marleys Poker Night theme but didn’t like the reference to just Omaha. In lieu of steaks..

The guys.. The Meat did a solid job.  I am confused to the entertainer/meat product AND loved the choice of meals and didn’t like Gary’s commentary.   They criticized the variety pack to be too much. Having a studio audience member come on stage was too much.

Who Wins:

The gals wins cause they are pretty and just cause!!!!   Hey I am Just Saying….

Hope’s charity get 20k plus Omaha Steaks is gonna sell her variety pack with proceeds going to “Best Buddies” charity and I am glad for her contribution.. Well done woman!!

Trump is just pointing out NeNe for being an antagonist and NeNe is offended.. You are what you are woman!!  OWN IT!! BE REAL!! 

The woman are celebrating except for NeNe who thinks she is least negative.. Um hello Nene. You are the most negative in this bunch of women.  Every time your team wins, you act like there is a death. 

Star does her best to calm NeNe and we know how that turns out..

Who Gets Fired:

The guys now do their thing discussing who needs to go home!

Chump asks the guys.. Why they lost??  Meat, is speechless.   The usually articulate musician can’t even form words in his frustration at Gary, and stutters about inaccurate menus, shoddy management and the lack of rehearsal time.

Lil John was called out for not doing much and was angry that he was not appointed to cook.. He loves to cook and who doesn’t know this?

Gary Busey was fired from 'Celebrity Apprentice' after losing the Omaha Steaks task.


Lil Jon and John Rich speak up and back up the Meat, and call Gary out on his use of the word “boy.”

“I didn’t say ‘boy,'” Gary argues. “I said ‘c’boy.’ As in ‘cowboy.'”

The man’s delusion gets to be too much for The Donald, and he fires Gary, noticeably releasing tension from Meat Loaf’s sullen shoulders.

Gary is asked who to bring back to the boardroom and he suggests no one.. Its Gary and Gary alone….

YOU FIYAD!!! Night Gary!!!!!

“I can turn a thunderstorm and a rainstorm into a rainbow,” he says in the final car confessional. “I’m flying over a rainbow tonight. It could be true.”

gary busey rainbow


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