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Celebrity Apprentrice Recap: Australian Gold

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 11, 2011

Again, we start off with the winner from the previous week entering the suite and Marlee it is. 1 million dollars to Marlee’s charity and I really am so happy for her. I can’t imagine what this means to her and her life’s struggles.

Right out of the gates we have the disgruntled apprentice via a talking head interview – Latoya- and she is not happy for Marlee as I am. She is agitated that people think of her as ‘the weakest link’ where Marlee gets all the congratulatory pats on the back while ignoring Latoya’s efforts of providing the team with a valuable item for donation. Me thinks Latoya should have held out that little item for when she was PM, but lets see.

Marlee’s charity is the Starkey Hearing Foundation and she presented her check for 1 million dollars which actually was the biggest donation the foundation have ever received and the largest raised in the history of “The Apprentice“.  

Gary is still acting crazy and they guys are concerned for their safety and want to vote him off skeary island STAT! WE NEED MORE SECURITY!!

Marlee’s charity is the Starkey Hearing Foundation and she presented her check for 1 million dollars which actually was the biggest donation the foundation have ever received and the largest received in the history of “The Apprentice“.

  The New Task:  To create and environment that embodies the brand personality for ‘The Australian Gold’ and Body Products within a 10×10 foot glass box. Will be judged by creative, originality and marketing theme.
                                                  The ApprenticeProject Managers:
ASAP:  Latoya Jackson – Charity Aids Project Los Angeles’ (APLA)
Backbone:   Mark McGrath – Charity   ‘Save the Music’
Winner is awarded $20,000 from Donald Chump and $20,000 from the company they are promoting.. = 40K


The guys hunker down and begin to brain storm and all I hear is wenches, wenches and more wenches!   Here we go John Rich already the voice of reason. I want to lick wench mead off his body..

The guys are worried the girls have the super model on their team and have an advantage.. Tsk tsk tsk.. Have they not learned anything? So now it’s a pirate theme. Pirate – Gold.. GENIUS!!!

The gals have a go at it now and its up to Latoya to manage the situation and most importantly manage Star, or is it Nene?  Latoya and Marlee are creative and Star is the graphic appointee and according to Nene, Latoya assigns herself no task. The girls are frustrated with no direction and Star with her Dynasty head of hair talking interview with her fur and be dazzling get up looks like she is gonna cut a bitch! Alexis Carrington style circa 1980’s.   And dang that’s a good style!

When the teams meet with the executives, it is stressed that Sydney the koala bear, who is the mascot and branding of the ‘Gold Products’, must be included in the presentation. Lets hope that’s duly noted.

Lil John is in charge of Props, costumes and Gary. Lil John is annoyed with babysitting and duly noted.. again.

Latoya wants to have a glass box containing a man and woman with palm trees having fun. Unless they are tickling each others funny bone, it may captivate my attention.  Latoya’s theme is not very original but who doesn’t want to be on the beach staring at palm tree’s.  I hope they add drinks with umbrella’s in them since that is my recurring dream vacation while having nekkid cabana boys at my full attention!

Latoya does not understand any concept of budget. She wants what she wants.. Well because she is Latoya Jackson.   No wonder the Jackson are all broke ass!! Honey you have 5 dollars for breakfast.. BUT I WANT THE EGGS BENEDICT FOR 11 BUCKS!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!! WAVE THE MICHAEL JACKSON WAND AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Oy vey

Now Latoya thinks people are against her because they can’t pull money out of their arse. WTH?

The guys are designing a pirate ship like box as much as you can from a 10 x 10 foot glass box. Not sure if this will work “within the box” or even qualify for the terms. We will see..

Latoya on the other hand meets with the architects and already this is a fail fail. She has no idea what her theme really means except for palm trees and koala bears and from there.. She is blank. Girls are NOT “WINNING!!” I would rather hang with Gary at this point and sing pirate songs.  If Latoya pulls this off it will due to the imagination of the architects and not any creative input from Latoya.

Does anyone else notice that little weird thing that goes on with Latoya’s chin? For years this drove me mad since I have never seen this before.. What is that? And how much bling can Latoya wear over black tight clothes? She got a blinged hat, belt and jacket enclosure’s!! She is the queen of bling!   She must have her own personal bedazzeler.  Now that reminds me of the 1980’s bedazzeler device where you can personally bedazzle all your own shirts and jeans.  I am realizing this episode is making me throw back a few decades into fashion that should never emerge again.

Holy Bejesus!! Laytoya is so worried about the authenticity of her theme, now decides to add winter? To the beach? I am thinking I like this and lets see where this goes but this adds stress to the team and scatter to gather items for vision.

The effort to unload the props for both teams is daunting to say the least and now they wish they were both sipping cocktails with umbrella straw instead of exerting energy and beading sweat.

It’s time to reveal people!! NEXT PHASE OF THE GAME!!  The sets do look pretty creative.

NeNe Leakes dressed in a koala bear costume spilling all the deets to Don Jr. having no appearance of team loyalty or even any motivation to win. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to win. (in case they lose)   

NeNe put that dumbbell hat back on and do your job. Throwing team mates under the bus is too soon and makes you look like the fool you are.  BAM!

 Now they guys are appearing to be totally unified in their experience and wants to market a theme that is believed and embraced. “WINNER!!”

Or maybe not. Gary Busey snagged the executives before Mark could and is trying to mind control them with his wordy ways and elbowing the other guys not to distract him.. I think Gary should walk the plank!!  ARGH!!!!

Back to the boardroom to debate or cover your arse..

NeNe started right out of the gate to save her donkey booty. She stated that Latoya was not so great, blah blah blah blah and if we lose, I am not responsible. NeNe would never survive on “Survivor”. She never knows when to fold em..

NeNe close your mouth to open-ended circumstances and be a “Grown ass Woman”!!!  Wait.. I just paused the program and noticed that in the boardroom, Star Jones needs a good bra.  When your upper portion melds into your middle portion, a good bra is needed to lift and separate.  Hey!  I’m Just Saying!!

All the discussion is about Latoya and her lack of ability but Trump doesn’t agree. Nene is disagreeing and wants to solicit advice from others. Marlee chimes in with safe words in sort of support Nene but expresses a style in Latoya that is foreign to her.  Being sweet and kind is foreign to most people.   Hope, who was a playmate not being used as a model is now a HUGE issue.. Not looking good for Latoya.

The focus is on the guys and Meatloaf sells the guys on the pirate theme and they all band around the theme regardless of Gary. Mark is willing to take full responsibility regardless how batchit Gary is..

The Decision:

ASAP:  Messaging was great. Really like the Winter and Summer to my aghast.. But public interaction was not great.

Backbone:  The interaction with the crowd was great but no koala.   Even as the product was represented with banners and gold,  there was a huge flaw in the theme although they did have messaging but no presentation.  Gary pitching to the executives didn’t go over well but why am I not surprised?

Who Won:  


Latoya surprised me with this. I really like it!


ASAP!!! Latoya won as PM and suck it Nene!!! The girls go back to the suite to bitch slap each other and watch the hoe down with the guys.

Boardroom:  Lord have mercy who wants to do this? Wait there is no time to watch the hoe down since NeNe is already pissed and not happy for the win.  She has egg on her face and goes off on wee Latoya to vent her anger and slam her down for being passive but not aggressive and WTF?  NeNe you are being a bully right now. You should be celebrating and not hating on your PM who eventually did a great job!! STFU NeNe you cow!!!! 

Latoya just walks around like a lady trying to avoid the confrontation while NeNe hurls the personal insults and NeNe just acts likes a barbarian.  You are what you look like and Nene.. girl.. you in danger of getting more haters.  Don’t need no hateration, holleration In this Dancery…..

Ooooh it’s only gonna be about a matter of time
Before you get loose and start to loose your mind
Cop you a drink go ahead and rock your ice
Cause we’re celebrating “no more drama” in our lives
With the Trump track pumpin’ everybody’s jumpin’
Go ahead, and twist your back and get your body’s bumpin’
I told you “leave your situations at the door”
So grab somebody and get your ass on the dance floor

Who to fire:   Mark who wanted to have complete accountability for the whole project hook line and sinker!!  He backs up the theme with his own ass on the chopping block.  But now we have all the men wanting to expunge and sigh a form of relief.. Night Gary..

Meat is quickly trying to point all blame at Gary and his aggressive style while in character,   But Gary is refuting all claims that he hails from planet Looney Tunes.  Gary is a liability. Period.    Gary has his own reality and no ability to recount the events but it appears it doesn’t really matter to the Trumps. 

As the men find out that they indeed lost, Mark’s story changed: He would take all the responsibility if the theme was the reason he lost. Regardless, the first rule of “Apprentice” is to never admit that you’re at fault especially if you’re the project manager. It’s a given that the first finger will be pointed at the leader, so it’s their job to get it pointing to someone else.

Mark just wants one person to come back to the boardroom. It’s not rocket scientist stuff..  I had to look up how to spell that cause I aint a rocket or a scientist..  But I think If you bring back Gary to the boardroom, you really have 4 people to debate with since Gary has like 4 personalities?


Holy chit!! MARK WAS FIRED!!! His theme did him in mateys!!! The moral to the story… NEVER OFFER  YOURSELF UP AS A SACRAFICIAL LAMB when acting over-confident on your task!  Hey.. I’m Just Saying!!!





17 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentrice Recap: Australian Gold”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    *Stamps feet,,,I’m boycotting CA,,,so what right? Ok Olive..go back to where u were hiding

  2. Dy said the recap!

    Olive why are you boycotting? Because of the Donald and bither shit?

  3. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    yeah Dy,,plus he’s talking conspiracy,,I yell foul,,hius ratings were down and the best ratings were Piers vs Omorosa,,so I think this may be a con,,one ofthe greatest cons ever pulled off,,lol..kidding..but seriously if Dumbald can say con,,I can too,

  4. Wildheart said

    Good recap, IJS! I couldn’t believe how truly nasty Nene was in her remarks to LaToya. Talk about hitting below the belt! Wow!

  5. Dy said

    @3 I thought so Olive..Me, I could give a shit about what the Donald says, He’s a POMP-ASS, Jack-ASS ..I pay him no never mind 😉

    @4 Wildheart..Wasn’t NeNe an Ass? No class JackAss, she is so far out of her league with these ladies, she did well when she was PM,and truly I thought the ladies were robbed. But when she gets upset, her no class ways come out.

  6. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    that’s why I loves ya’

  7. Wildheart said

    @Dy, it takes a lot to make my jaw drop but NeNe seriously went waaaayyy over the line! Not only was she a complete ass, but truly a piece of trash!

  8. Dy said

    @7 Wildheart..There was no reason for her to go off like that. Holy Cannoli it was not HWoATL. these ladies are not use to people talking like that. That Casper, being old, she’s only someone because of her last name, comments WTF? NeNe who are you?? Really who the hell are you??

  9. Wildheart said

    @Dy, I couldn’t agree more! The remarks about her being 50 and riding on her last name were bad enough!! When she pulled out the Casper remark, etc. all I could think was wow! Nene has put some truly evil karma out there!

  10. Dy said

    @9 Wildheart..Totally agree

  11. G-sus said

    I knew Mark was on the way out the door when Trump saw his tattoo. It reminded me of when he fired the Kardashian because she had to go back to LA for a day to perform community service for her DUI. The Donald needs to be knocked off his pedestal. Gary mentioning sex to the exec and offering himself as a spokesperson was way worse than the pirate idea.
    They also were playing “Another One Bites the Dust” in the background when the men were strategizing at the beginning. Subtle hint that they weren’t going to win.

  12. Dy said

    I think Mark shot himself in the foot when he said if they loose he would send himself home. Then tried to back peddle. You make a statement like that you stand by it, and don’t back peddle period, in the end he did.

  13. Oy Vey said

    Sorry, had to totally stop my reading for a second, IJS – Star needs a good bra and a freaking girdle! “These thighs haven’t left the house without lycra since I was 16”, “You were raised right!” = Truvy and Clarice from Steel Magnolias!
    ………going back to reading…………

  14. Oy Vey said

    I was totallty shocked at NeNe’s remarks to Latoya! That Casper thing even got Star, who was not Latoya’s biggest fan. I can’t even imagine Marlie’s guy trying to translate all that shit. No wonder she looked like that!

  15. Coffee FIRST said

    @12 ITA, Mark sealed his own envelope stating he’d leave if it came down to him being PM behind the project..Mark’s fired…but Gary should have been let go along time ago, imo…

  16. GingerTee said

    Oh my, I love the little piece of Mary J. Blige. I was cheering for Latoya because the rest of them weren’t. Nene cries about Dionne Warwick but wants to attack Latoya. She may not be Janet but Latoya’s songs were actually at the top of the charts (If you feel the funk, shake your rump). She like Nene, was a victim of domestic violence but no sisterhood there (wow). Latoya did comment that Nene apologized. She also stated that at that time, Star was using Nene as her mouthpiece and Nene did not realize how she was being used. Nene hate to tell you this but Latoya can call herself a celebrity, you are some broad from a reality show.

  17. GingerTee said

    I loved Toya comments about Nene being a very tall big mouth. Toya is not the brightest bulb in the box but Nene is mad because she lost her challenge and Latoya did not. She (Nene) should be careful, her 15 mins are about up. She ran her mouth too much this time

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