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Vampire Diaries… NO RECAP

Posted by tvtime101 on April 16, 2010

OK.  It’s NOT my fault.. I swear!!!    I went to put it on last night, and had NO audio.  Well,… not all audio.  All I had was the background music.. No actual audio from the actors or actresses.   I couldn’t believe it.  I flipped out on Directv, and missed the ENTIRE episode.   If you want me to recap what I watched with NO audio… I could tell you that there was a fight and it was way apparent that Stefan is having issues with the blood drinking.  With that said… I am searching for a way to watch the episode (that is legal)  I don’t see it on yet, so I will wait for that.   Until then, I am sorry guys!

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Vampire Diaries: Let The Right One In Recap….Stefan’s a new bad boy??

Posted by tvtime101 on April 8, 2010

This was one hell of a week in “The Vampire Diaries” world.  Firstly, it took off directly from the prior episode as in, the same day.  That only really happens in the soap world, so for the evening, we are grateful.

We saw in the upcoming preview all week that Stefan was taken and being tortured, so that wasn’t a surprise.  In fact, there were some predictable moments in this episode (come on, you know there was.)  We also find out early on that Damon is still very much interested in finding Katherine.  The first thing that comes to mind is… why??  She hasn’t looked for you, move on. After all this time, learn to love yourself…lol.

Jeremy and Anna had cute banter in the beginning.  They start out in the bar/pool hall/high school hangout and somehow Anna starts noticing the bracelet that Jeremy is wearing.  We find out how Elena gave it to him and its obvious that there is vervain in it just by the way Anna is staring at it and asking questions like “your sister doesn’t know we are hanging out, does she”.

After Stefan was taken it’s clear to Damon by whom.  After going to the house to discover he is indeed there, he is stopped by the non invitation of the human woman living there.  Knowing that he can’t get in, he and Elena turn to the only other person that knows right now….  Alaric.  They know he can’t die (which is helpful in a situation like this) and we come to find he’s like the new male Buffy.   Seriously, he had put some lonely hours into creating Vervain solution into darts to tranquilize other vampires and some seriously hand carved stakes.  He agrees and gets into the house. Damon awaited at the back door and the only human in the house was conveniently cooking real human food in the kitchen (at the back door) so she went outside and after Damon realized she had no living family, he killed her military snapping of the neck style and was able to enter the house.

Meanwhile, Stefan was being tortured with Vervain drops to the eyes like some serious King Henry VIII crazy stuff!

So, Damon is in the house, slowly but surely using those darts and stakes to kill or tranquilize the vampires.  After finding Stefan, Elena took him to the car.  There was a very hot fight with Damon/Fredrick & his goons… however, Alaric ends up saving Damon. Go figure!

On the other end of town, Caroline is driving to her father’s house and is taking backroads thanks to the crazy rain out there.  Her car gets stuck like she’s in “My Cousin Vinny” (ya know, where the front tires are stuck and the back two just spin.)  Anyway, she starts walking around looking for cell service, falls down a hill and grabs onto what looks like a tree branch (or root) and it’s a hand.  It’s Vicky Donovan’s hand!!!!!!   Crazy!

Miss Pearl and Anna are in the bar hangout area going to leave when Mayor Lockwood walks in and invites them for dinner.  She is on a mission: Who is on vervain and she wants land back.  I have a feeling she’s going to try and “compel” someone (with ties to the founding of Mystic Falls) to give back  her land.  After realizing that Anna’s new friend is a Gilbert, she confronts Anna about him.  Anna informs Pearl that he knows that they are Vamps and she gets slapped in the face!  So, Anna decides to turn Jeremy.

Back at the farm house, Fredrick came after Stefan and Elena at the car and she darted Fredrick.  At that point, I think that most of us where screaming at Elena to do the very thing we new she would… give Stefan her blood.  He took a bunch of it, (but not before having a twilight moment of noooo.. no… i can’t..) So he kills (or so we think) Fredrick and the scene moved to his bedroom where they discussed him killing Fredrick.

Now, we go to Matt’s house.  His mom actually cooked him something that she didn’t buy and just as they were getting all “Leave it to Beaver” the door rings and its Bonnie and her Sherriff mom to say they have found Vicki.  My question is why didn’t she go all vamp looking when she died.  How and why does she look like… …. human?????

Of course when Jeremy found out he changed his mind about wanting to be turned (like we knew he would) and Anna finally realized the reasons that he wanted to be turned… for Vicki.  She left quickly, but it’s obvious that she’s going to go to her Mother and tell her what’s been going on and inform her that he could be a threat right now.  I am willing to bet that Miss Pearl “handles” this one herself and goes after Jeremy, tries to kill him or compel him.

The episode ends with Damon, discovering Stefan in a room with many empty bags of blood (like the donated blood bags.)  Has our holier than though hero gone bad?  All those times he looked down on Damon, Stefan is  like an addict… What’s Damon going to do?

The acting in this episode was far beyond any expectation that this series would offer.  Matt was phenomenal!  When Caroline went to talk to him after he knew Vicki had passed, he said he wanted to be alone… But, Elena walks in, and the emotion on his face and the way he started to break down and started to cry was more than amazing!  I am serious.  Go watch the episode to watch that moment in that scene.   We need more of him!  What are your thoughts of Matt and the episode?  What about our new bad boy, Stefan????

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