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Melrose Place: Sepulveda Review – Friends Forever???

Posted by tvtime101 on April 6, 2010

I think this was actually the first good episode that they have aired.  I was really impressed with the acting and I have a feeling it has to do with the fact it did not have any cameo’s of the old Melrose Place cast.

This episode focused on the individual characters and brought out an non overly drama episode that was not over the top and seemed more realistic to watch.

Lauren is moving on from being a prostitute and every one is informing her that it’s okay, it’s in the past and we still love you.  Someone should tell her (nicely, of course ) to remove that mole from the top of her lip.  It makes the whole prostitute thing a little obvious and makes you go ” Wow, yea I can see that happening…”  But, other than that it is good to know you have true friends that love you and accept you no matter what.  Her mountain she has to climb with David is going to be a long path up that mountain, but I think she’ll get there.   It’s only a matter of time before she finds out about his ongoing theft.  Does that make them equal????

Lauren knew David needed help at the restaurant and showed up to save the day.  Apparently she worked summers as a waitress so she knew the game in the kitchen.  Couldn’t she have waitressedsomewhere to help pay for college instead of hookin???   Anyway, Ella shows up after her espionage act with the Accountant geek to get his ID and Password to his super secret computer.

Upon arrival, Ella had the best quote I have heard in a while.   David “If your not busy, you could bus a few tables for me” Ella “hmmm. I don’t know what that word means.”   She’s so stuck up, but in the most hilarious way when she delivers her lines.  I hope to see her in the future (in case the series gets the boot.)  However after spotting the most elusive food critic that only THE ELLA could see, she ensures that David gets a great review because, Ella know what this ultimate food critic likes, she swindles David into breaking into WPK in order to fix those files Amanda had tampered with.  However, David and Ella come to find why Amanda is there and figured out what she’s looking for.  Now, it’s a matter of time before there is blackmail material for Ella and see ya Amanda.

Back at the hospital, we found out what hemo – hot – tology Drew has been finding.  I have a feeling he is doing espionage work for someone (maybe a past Melrose caster)  and found that Dr. Michael Mancini is in fact killing patients.  He has enlisted Lauren to help him somehow.

Riley is at a fundraiser in this episode and raises funds for her school.  Wow… she did a lot this episode.  LOL.   Drew performed because he’s a rockstar doc, and Jonah was bidding on Riley as a date and Drew couldn’t outbid him.  However, Ella did.  She only asked Riley for a permanent rain check on the date but contributed money for the cause.

Jonah had an attack of conscious after a rough day with the director trying to cast the actress version of Riley for the movie he sold.  Turns out, he hated everyone, including the current director and by the grace of god that director was thrown out and Jonah is the man to direct.

What do you think about tonight’s Melrose episode????   Did you like it? Hate it? Can’t wait for a cancel notice????  LET ME KNOW!!


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