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‘Celebrity Apprentice’ meets ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel via Jethro da dog!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 13, 2011

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ meets ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel

By Jethro Nededog

April 12, 2011 10:32 PM ET


Well, it’s clear from our earlier post that NeNe Leakes’ blow out on “The Celebrity Apprentice” is still something we all want to talk about. And while it seems many of you are angry at NeNe for going off on La Toya Jackson, isn’t if better to laugh about it?
Jimmy Kimmel knows that’s true, so he set the soundtrack of NeNe’s verbal hit on La Toya to actual scenes from the “Casper the Friendly Ghost” cartoon. And we think it’s one of the funniest things we’ve seen in a while.
Watch the video below:
Now, didn’t we all need that laugh?

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5 Responses to “‘Celebrity Apprentice’ meets ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel via Jethro da dog!!”

  1. Dy said


  2. Bryan said

    Detective La Toya ( What Michael K of dlisted calls her) should have picked up the bottle of wine and smashed it over Neigh Neigh head.

  3. Von said

    I’m not shocked that she went there by “keeping it real” by attempting to embarrass her by making fun of her appearance,which is typical of bullies and insecure individuals, that alone portrayed Nene as a overgrown and immature woman who needs to grow up. What I also observe from Nene is that she has a jealous spirit within that she can not hide. Fifteen minutes is such a short time and I hope she’s been saving whatever amount of money she earns once it ends.

  4. Von said

    I forgot to add that Latoya shut her up with class alone.

    • Welcome to Vona on the blog!! NeNe is an overgrown ass in the reality of tv.. She needs to close her mouth and legs to all things tv!! SHe is a pitiful woman who needs serious validation and has no vacubarly what so ever! She is always on the defense and can never make nice.. SMH

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