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Glee Recap – The Substitute

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 17, 2010

Hey Gleeks!  This recap is going to be written in the style of the person who narrates what happened on previous episodes “what you missed” and as he speaks really fast, I envision the script doesnt have any pauses or periods in it.  So.. read real fast!

I really thought I would not like this weeks episode because I couldnt picture Gweneth Paltrow fitting into the Glee club but I was actually surprised that yet again I was watching Glee and thoroughly enjoying it as usual as we see Sue Sylvester uses a sick student sneeze on the  principle Figgins and susequently on Mr. Schuester in order to get them both out of the school as sick so she can implement her evil plan of taking over the school which the first thing she implements is a healthy school lunch program which irates Mercedes and interferes with her daily does of tater tots and loses her mind and now the students parents approve of the school program which gets principle Figgins  fired whom she would replace and then personally fire Mr Shuester and replace him with a substitute Holly Holiday (Gweneth Paltrow) which the kids really seem to love and who’s style of teaching is doing what ever the kids want to in order to stay alive in a highschool riddled with bullies and hormones and testosterones that make kids go crazy so now Glee kids are sad to see Mr Shuester go and implore the new principle Sue Sylvester to bring back Mr Shuester while at the same time the new substitute Holly Holiday (Gwenenth Paltrow) is  being held responsible for allowing Mercedes to plug up Sue Sylvesters car’s tail pipe with a buttload of tater tots and now the repair bill is 17,000 buckaroonies which gets the substitue Holly Holiday  (Gweneth Paltrow) fired from the Glee Club and Mr. Shuester reinstated.

And thats what you missed.


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Glee Promo: The Substitute!!!

Posted by tvtime101 on November 13, 2010

Here is this upcoming Glee episode: The Substitute featuring Gwenyth Paltrow and a highly anticipated mash up of singing in the rain and umbrella.(ella ella).   Are you excited?????????  Will you be watching????


and if you wanna hear the song…. enjoy!!!

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Glee Episode Never Been Kissed

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 10, 2010

For all you Gleek’s, I thought I would post my favorite performance of last nights Glee.

The guys had to perform a song that is written for girls and the girls had to perform a Rock N Roll song.

The girls performed “Living On A Prayer” mashed with “Start Me Up” and its another mashup home run.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so noticing Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris) for her performance.  She is as dull as ditchwater in her non performing character, which is intentional but when she performs she stand out above them all.  Some interesting facts about the Glee Character and the Actress after the video.

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