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Is It Possible Bravo will Exchange all NYC Housewives for Richer Ones? Yes Please

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 15, 2011

New reports are out that suggest Bravo is secretly recruiting new and richer housewives for “Real Housewives of New York”   Read below..

Look out Jill, Ramona, LuAnn, and Alex — according to a new report, you’re all on the chopping block.

Bravo executives were so overwhelmed with the success of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — their season finale was the highest-rated episodes in Housewives history — they’re looking at revamping the NYC franchise with all super-wealthy women with over-the-top lifestyles.

Producers believe that the hotel-sized mansions, stretch limos, diamonds, private jets, and record-setting divorce settlements that are part of the Bev Hills housewives’ world, that made the show so appealing. They think the NYC show would perform better with that same feel.

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New Forum Rules

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 15, 2011

As of lately, there have been a few commenters who are ‘attacking/criticizing’ other commenters and blog authors and I felt a need to establish rules in doing so.   I know I have once said this is a “no rules blog”, but now I feel compelled to implement a few rules that would allow TVTIME admin the opportunity to deal with commentors violating new rules as I implement them today.

The “Forum Rules” do not apply to

1. Staying on Topic

2. Commenting on the celebrity

The “Forum Rules” ONLY” apply to how commenters interact with each other.  I hope everyone understands the need for this.  and yes.. this does apply to me as well!  😉  (hence me posting the time and date these rules take effect.  Hey.. I make the rules  😉 )

Additionally, if you forget the rules, there is a link to a page (top left) that will assist your lack of  memory.  😉

I am hoping as we implement the “Forum Rules”, it will encourage more people to comment and join in.  We have thousands of lurkers (depending on the day) and I would like to encourage more opinions on the subject that is posted.  

The blog is reaching a larger audience and there are plans for more changes in layouts and forums for the community that is not specific to blog posts.  I hope everyone is on board!

           Welcome!  Please review the following rules. Use them as a guideline for posting on this blog as of 3/15/2011 7:00 pm est:

-USE A NAME. No anonymous posts. You must include a legitimate name or username. All anonymous posts will be removed, no matter how great the information is. By using a name/username here, it keeps the forums friendlier as well as allows us to get to know you.

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