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EXTRA EXTRA! Get Your Real Housewives News, Rumors and Just Plain Old Gossip #TVTIME101 #RHO

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 1, 2013

The Real Housewives News2

All animations below by the illustrious @Tkylemac at RealityTvGifs

Teresa shoulder shrug animWant to get your chuckle on?  Watch Teresa Giudice from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”  try to explain the contents/ingredients(es) of her new “Milania” hair care products.  All I know is that the product makes your hair “Amazing” due to truffle oil per Teresa.   Seriously, this never gets old.  Someone needs to get her a teleprompter stat!

Kim R oops animToday, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion is taping for season 3  but remember Radaronline said it was already filmed and reported on, wait for it..  AUGUST 7 2012!!!!  What about these juicy bits:

Taylor Armstrong was forced to watch footage in which she was extremely intoxicated, and she again, vehemently denied that she has a drinking problem. Taylor refused to dish on the new man in her life and got extremely defensive when Brandi Glanville, criticized her for dating so soon after Russell’s suicide.”

Who is the inside source for these juicy tidbits??    LINK HERE 

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“The Tonight Show” with ‘Ross The Intern’ covering MTV red carpt

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 10, 2011

In this clip, Jay Leno sent Tonight Show correspondent Ross ‘the Intern’ to the MTV Movie Awards to talk to celebrities on the red carpet.  This guy always makes me laugh and smile. 

How does he pretend to be not gushed over for celebs recognizing him on tv?  He is a true master in his work..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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***UPDATE*** The Three Stooges Are Filming- I Can Only Guess For Famewhore’s? Danielle, Heidi & Jake

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 6, 2011

Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub

***UPDATE***  People Mag is reporting the purpose for this trio filming and I don’t get it at all.  This is like places 3 year olds in kitchen and asking them to whip up a hefty bowl of vishiswa.  Yeah, sounds like a winner to me! 

Jake Pavelka, Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag and other reality alumni are all going into the food business together for an upcoming series that places some big personalities under heavy pressure, PEOPLE has learned.

“They are revamping a restaurant from the ground up,” says a source on the set of the new reality series, slated to air on VH1. “They started shooting this past weekend.”

On the show, the cast will be tasked with opening a restaurant in just 28 days.

The stars, who filmed Tuesday at Café Med in West Hollywood, have remained tight-lipped, with Staub announcing on Twitter: “I’m working on a project. Let you know soon what and with whom!! Xxoo.”

Pavelka also tweeted Tuesday, “Crazy fun day of shooting!” //

Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub and Jake Pavelka were spotted filming in Los Angeles and I don’t think its for the current in production movie, “The Three Stooges”.

Reports state that the failed stars Heidi Montag of “The Hils”,  Jake Pavelka of the “Bachelor” & DWTS” and Danielle Staub, of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”  have all united for a new reality show,  the details of which are yet to be revealed.

The fallen reality stars: Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka and Danielle Staub film a new reality show at Cafe Med restaurant in West Hollywood, California

This has to be a low rent production company to take on failed reality stars and are truly scraping the bottom of the barrell.   I wonder if Spencer Pratt will demand a cameo?  I bet this will be picked up by the network “BCK” (Bat Chit Krazy)

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Rumors, News and Just Plain Ol’ Gossip

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 14, 2011

  Jill Zarin and Zang Toi

“Jill Zarin walks the walk as Zang Toi receives a standing ovation”

Brad Boyle writes – “My girl Jill Zarin working the runway like a princess in a fairy tale– including a twirl– the strapless black and silver ball gown brought the house down with a standing ovation.”

Um Brad, Jill looks like she has a rats nest on her head which Ginger is hiding in just waiting to poke his head out to lick Jill’s notrils!! 

In OTHER Housewife news…

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There Is a Line, Bravo. This Is On the Wrong Side of It. UPDATED for CHUCKLES

Posted by tinselkitty on January 13, 2011

Why would anyone want to take relationship advice from this man? Andy Cohen, you have for realz got to stop drinking so much. This is just not right, even if you give him a pass on the tan lines and Speedo.

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Bet This Will Make You Appreciate Grandma Wrinkles’ Smooth, Smooth Skin

Posted by tinselkitty on January 12, 2011

Rumor has it Dina’s television comeback will be through a ______ show. Yeah, I’m gonna make you click it! You don’t think I do this for free, do you? Okay, I do, but just click the damn link, okay? Think of it as a little virtual hug for your favorite sparkly cat.

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Parenthood Renewed!!!!!

Posted by tvtime101 on April 27, 2010

NBC has picked up its freshman drama “Parenthood” for a second season.

The pickup was expected as the family dramedy has performed well on Tuesday nights. Its performance gives NBC a post-“Leno Show” victory in the 10 p.m. time period that it wrote off last year. Along with Thursday comedy “Community,” this marks the second scripted freshman series on NBC to receive a renewal.

“To get two out of this year is very positive for us and we feel the shows are true to the brand,” said NBC primetime president Angela Bromstad. “Creatively we feel very good about showrunner Jason Katims and the cast. It would be tragic if this type of show didn’t work on network television.”

With DVR data added, “Parenthood” has averaged a 3.2 rating in the adult demo and in recent weeks has rivaled CBS’ “The Good Wife” among young adults.

NBC still has a couple major titles on the bubble for renewal — namely “Chuck” and “Heroes” — but sources indicate both will probably return, with “Heroes” likely receiving a 13-episode “final season” order.

“It is all yet to be debated,” Bromstad said. “Both of those shows make sense with the new shows we’ll be bringing on.”

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Brothers & Sisters: 2 Hour “Movie Event”

Posted by tvtime101 on April 10, 2010

I love Brothers & Sisters as much as the next person, but am a little confused by this new promotion they have going on for Tomorrow’s airing of 2 Episodes.  If they are calling it a movie event, does this mean that there are no commercials?  Hmm, I think that’s a great question I would loved to have clarified, so anyone know that answer?

Let’s get down to the episode (double episode) itself.  We know something happened… Something Big…   But what?   Sally Field is spooked enough to go to Tommy and ask for his help to convince the others to sell the company.  Why?  in the promo, we see Tommy scream at her saying “you’ve been lying to me/us for 25 years?”  What happened 25 years ago?

Ok, so obviously Tommy is older than 25 so I think its safe to say that it’s not that she had an affair and Tommy isn’t a walker after all.  We are looking at 1985, right?  I think it has something to do with the business…  Did they intentionally corrupt their competition?  Maybe she did have an affair.. but, I don’t think it would be this big production.  I mean, everyone knows about her husband’s affairs and other children.  I will be up all night long thinking about this.

I wonder how they are handling Kitty’s shorter air time.  Are they really going to give her cancer again.  I would have thought her winning the seat and constantly being in Washington would have done the trick.  Also, will they kill off Robert?  Will he have a heart attack or leave his character open to coming back?

What are your thoughts? Are you excited?  Can you wait??????  Well, it airs tomorrow (April 11, 2010) at 9pm EST

Below is the promo that is airing currently for the 2 hour movie event

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What we are watching tonight!!! (And yes, Recapping)

Posted by tvtime101 on April 9, 2010

Ok, so, we watched CBSs new Pilot, “Miami Medical” today on CBSs link for full Episodes (Click the link to watch).  Honestly, I was amazed by the show.  We will be tuning into it tonight and currently it is our ONLY Friday show to recap.

This show had a different take on our normal medical shows, it’s centered around the “Alpha” trauma unit in Miami.   I could have done without the Miami – Dade sign on the chopper, but wonders if Lt. Horatio Caine and his crew will be making a crossover event (“CSI: Miami” & “Miami Medical”).

But, I guess what else are we to expect from Producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer?    I must say, he’s like the controller of CBS.  He is the Mr. Man of CBS currently with a tremendous amount of shows that are aired, syndicated and just flat out high rating/viewing and nothing short of amazing.

Other than that… It’s Friday…   I think I’ll be catching up on Spartacus tonight.  If you did not read it, read my Post on Spartacus and find out why I am going to watch it.

Due to the this show, I finally have a Friday night show to watch.

What shows do you watch?????   Can you recommend a show??? and WHY

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Charlie Sheen: Tired of Looking Like the Bad Guy????

Posted by tvtime101 on April 9, 2010

According to Celebrity Gossip Columns, Charlie Sheen came out with this following statement.

“Much speculation and rumor has arisen from my current status surrounding Two and a Half Men. All of the numbers reported in the press are false. Claims from ‘inside sources’ regarding offers from the studio as well as my salary, on their best day, are without merit. Approaching the start of the current season and as far back as June ‘09, I submitted my terms for season eight to Warner Bros. and CBS respectfully. Both parties have known the score for over a year. In no way, has this been a hasty or negligent eleventh hour surprise. I offer this information out of love and respect to my crew, my on-set family, my writers, executive staff, as well as my real family, my dear friends and my loyal fans. We tape the final episode of the season this evening. If tonight’s show is the end for me as Charlie Harper, so be it. Another journey has begun. I take from the experience 161 shows filled with a kaleidoscope of amazing experiences, memories, friendships and gratitude. I remain humbly inspired. – C. Sheen”

Why would he come out and say this?  Some speculate that he is softening the blow for his exit on two and a half men, but I did NOT get that out of his statement.  Honestly, I am taking it as he’s tired of looking like…  well, the idiot for one.  He’s always the bad boy in the media, and while that does draw some attraction to him, maybe this time he’s not to blame.

Referring back to his statement, he had given contract requests back in June of 09.  Was CBS dragging their feet all this time?  Did CBS get what they deserve, I mean.. who renews a series two years in advance without ensuring your stars are still in the series?  His statement (most not likely written by him) was very eloquent and seemed extremely sincere about his feelings regarding the show and cast.  Well, if anything, I think this says… “CBS…  the ball is in your court now!”

What will CBS do?  Will they try and start next season without him and see if the ratings plummet before begging him to come back?  Will they renew him for this amazingly timed PR moment?  What do you think.   Vote below!

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What is the CW Doing?????

Posted by tvtime101 on April 9, 2010

What is the CW doing, I ask?  I have been checking out twitter and message boards, and found these two quotes.  “So is Fly Girls the biggest joke on television, or is it High Society? I mean, ouch.”anonymous.  And of course, my favorite quote of the day, “Yeah, Wednesdays are pretty embarrassing for the CW.”

Did any of the CW Network Execs actually watch this before they decided it was a good idea to air it?  I mean, okay… it’s a reality show so its inexpensive to produce and air, but, control the CRAP you put out.  The new shows put out where awful and desperate.

What has the CW done since the acquisition of the network (the old WB)?  We have 2 shows that are remakes of successful shows created in the early 90s (“Melrose Place” and “90210).  4 shows are from before the network became CW, back in the time where the WB lived (“One Tree Hill”, “Supernatural”, “Smallville” & “America’s Next Top Model”.)   And other than the 2 brand new shows mentioned here (“Fly Girls” & “High Society”), there are only 3 original shows that this network can claim as its own (“Gossip Girl”, rookie “Life Unexpected” & rookie “The Vampire Diaries”.)

“The Vampire Diaries” is doing great and has met with all of the expectations that the network has.  But, come on.  2 more reality shows to add to your lineup that are… crap….    GET WITH THE PROGRAM… Bring in better shows.. make next years pilot time worth while.

What do you think?

Do you like the new shows or are you a hater???

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Jersey Shore 2 To Premiere July 29!

Posted by tvtime101 on April 8, 2010

Ok… our favorite train wreck is coming back on.  MTVs “Jersey Shore” is said to be starting out in Miami and than goes back to Jersey for the remainder of the season.
Is MTV really that greedy or find it an urgency to start the season in Miami only to bring it back to its rightful spot in Jersey?  Well, for whatever the reason… thanks for bringing back the one and only thing that made me stupider as I watched it.  heehee.  Also, Angelina was invited back to this season, which is like WHOA!  MTV is jumping all over Jersey Shore and trying to beef it up, especially since “The Hills” is out.  Might as well catch on the train (more like train wreck) while you can.

Are you excited to see this show come back?  Check out the footage from MTV by clicking the link below.


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“Spartacus” Ratings Up 97% and Renewed For Season 2

Posted by tvtime101 on April 7, 2010

“Spartacus” is aired by Starz, which is a little shocking.  Starz is not really known for their cutting edge programs that require a ban on your child’s cable box.  However, I did watch this show, Spartacus for a couple of episodes and it was a little much for me.  The gruesome scenes along with the nude and sex scenes (almost every other scene is a sex scene).  I had to make sure I wasn’t tuned into Cinemax (or as most of us refer to it, skinimax.)  I was shocked to say the least and the brutality of the actions in that time are overwhelming in certain scenes.  I know, I know… it’s supposed to be that way, but it’s still shocking none the less.

Anyway…   this show is starting to make an impact and make me think about reconsider the DVR ban I have on it right now.  According to The Hollywood Reporter,” “Spartacus” opened at a mere 659,000 viewers and has since expanded its army of viewers to recently hit 1.3 million — a 97% increase during the course of its season.”  This is amazing for a show that is not on rival networks such as Showtime and HBO.  Also, since the show is increasing its numbers presumably each week, the network has decided to give this show another season.

I am very impressed with the overall viewership and find myself asking… “Do I wanna give this show a chance?”  What do you think?  Do you watch it?

Give me some guidance here on if “Spartacus” is worth another chance!

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“Melrose Place” is the dead weight of CW

Posted by tvtime101 on April 6, 2010

Melrose Place is the Number 1 show to get canceled from the CW right now.  It has the lowest ratings of all of the shows that the network has airing currently.

The CW has brought back successful 90s shows such as 90210 and Melrose Place to see if they can revive the current last place network.  90210 is currently doing better than Melrose Place, however, not by much.

90210 was already renewed for another season, and Melrose Place is technically in the bubble, but not for much longer.

This newer version of Melrose is plagued by too many cameo’s from the original Melrose cast members that “just happen” to be in the area. Never mind the embezzling that is supposedly going on with Ella is not to realistic.  Today there would many checkups of a large publicist corporation so that wouldn’t happen, so Ella would be able to prove her innocents.  Not to mention the multi million dollar purchase David made to buy the bar, and in cash no less.   Most of America is aware of the $10,000 mark that if you buy something with that much cash, the Government (by law) must investigate it.  Not to mention the demographic for the market calls for those who barely remember the old Melrose.   Heck, some of the new viewers (not me mind you) were in diapers when the old Melrose was going on.

Sometimes, too much drama can kill a show that doesn’t have enough.  It’s called the balance of life.

Do you think the show is renewable if they make some changes???  Let Me Know Your Thoughts!!!!  What do you think should change??????

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One Tree Hill VS. Life Unexpected?????

Posted by tvtime101 on April 6, 2010

Have I heard correctly???  According to The Hollywood Reporter, One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected are fighting for the same time slot???

“On the CW, veteran “One Tree Hill” and freshman “Life Unexpected” continue to duke it out for a presumed single slot on next season’s schedule, with the former tending to pull stronger ratings but the latter a less expensive show.”

Both shows have very close ratings and renew index numbers, but my question is why take these two shows out, when clearly Melrose Place is not even in the running for a renewal?  There are many time slots open that they could give the losing show and I am not understanding why they don’t?  Also, on their listings, Friday 9pm slot is always a repeat hour of something.  So there are options for them to keep both.  Look, these shows (OTH & LU) are having a high 1 Million viewers and on good weeks, low 2 Million viewers.  While the numbers are not overall astronomical, but they are impressive enough to keep both shows.  Don’t pin them against each other, find a way to make both work!

In an earlier post yesterday, I did write about how there are such few shows on Friday’s that viewings are rapidly deteriorating that Networks NEED to get the writing going better or just create better shows, not kill the good ones there are out there.

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