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Who the Hell Let a Salahi Have a Microphone?

Posted by tinselkitty on May 7, 2011

Because that person should be punished. I’ll assume you can click the photo and make it play something but I’ll be damned if I’m going anywhere near it.

From TMZ

She’s done reality TV … nude modeling … and allegedly crashed the White House — but now, Michaele Salahi is RECORDING A SINGLE!!!!!!

Salahi hit up an L.A. recording studio Thursday … and laid down the tracks for her new song, “Bump It“… which contains the lyrics, “bump it … loud, loud, loud, loud … loud, loud, loud, loud.”

Makes you think, right?

Salahi ain’t the first Housewife to try the music thing … Kim ZolciakCountess LuAnnSimon van Kempen and even Danielle Staub have dropped singles in the past.

Where is she getting the money to pay for this shenanigan? Because you know it’s not a case of her being discovered and brought into the studio.

In other Michaele Salahi news, which, at this point, seems to be determined to go on for far longer than anyone ever thought it should, Michaele is channeling fellow famewhore Heidi Montag on some beach somewhere. I’m sure Michaele is all “OMG, we could be the Doublemint twins!” so I’m hear to tell her, nope, uh uh, no you can’t. You could be the Doublemint mom and daughter, but not the twins.

It’s just downright eerie, ain’t it? I feel like there should be some Twilight Zone music playing.


6 Responses to “Who the Hell Let a Salahi Have a Microphone?”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    Gag me with a spoon. I can’t listen either. The person who I think is chaneling Heidi Montag is Emily from the last Bachelor. She looked quite alot like her.

  2. dreemz said

    I wonder if we get to see the episodes of Celebrity Rehab where Dr. Drew lets her have it. Well I HOPE he lets her have it and doesn’t let her squirm out of it. I want someone to NAIL her and the fat boy SO BAD!!

  3. Rosie said

    Oh.. Yuck.
    What a laughing stock.

  4. Leigh said

    Dear Navy Seals,
    We have another assignment for you!

  5. BobLHead said

    I listened for 5 seconds, here is my review:


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