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Pregnant In Heels Preview – Hormones, Emotions and Drama

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 12, 2011

 Last week “Pregnant in Heels” premiered to a skeptical audience and I was prepared to totally pan this show due to the ‘un-relatable’ factor but I have to say I sort of enjoyed it.   It wasn’t as painful as I originally thought.  What is painful is today’s episode of Dr. Phil were the mother is upset with her daughter because she won’t be a pageant queen.  Now that was painful!  

This was my exact thought originally

What the show did present us is with was ‘rich people’s problems’ and the amazement of how when people come into money, they lose their minds and acquire a sense of self-importance that is so over the top they would not be able to recognize a single person as anything but what they can do for them.  

I was only imagining the cost of the hiring of the focus group to name a child and within 5 minutes I found 10 useful charitable organizations that could have benefited from the money more than 2 expecting parents who are planning a child’s future before then child is even born and can even decide what his favorite color is!

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Bravo “Pregnant In Heels” Premiere’s Tonight – Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 5, 2011

Tonight premiere’s a new Bravo series “Pregnant In Heels”.  You may remember Rosie Pope in the first season of “Bethenny Getting Married” as the pregnancy guru who schooled Bethenny for motherhood. 

Rosie Pope, described as a maternity concierge, fashion designer and pregnancy guru, guides expectant mothers through the pleasures and pitfalls of getting ready to have a baby. Each week Pope and her team (based on Manhattan’s Upper East Side) take on two new clients, who are among the richest and most hormonal  in New York.

I can only imagine we will be witnessing over indulgent couples touting out their wealth while expecting and am not sure how desirable this new show will be, but I will watch and reserve my judgement until then.  I still can’t out of my mind at how pretentious it is to require a focus group to help name your new baby.   Do we anticipate the new messiah being born?   Hair and makeup after you deliver for a photo-op?  I am not so sure how this show would be relatable to couples expecting and am eager to see the ratings and reviews.

Lastley, I know Rosie was born in England and moved here at 18, but what the hell kind of accent is that?  Sounds like a valley girl with a lisp..

Below is a video of the season preview and a few more previews for the first episode as well as Bio’s.

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