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Rules of Engagement: Indian Giver Recap – Chitty Chatty Blah Blah, Word Hole

Posted by tvtime101 on April 12, 2010

I truly think that this is the best comedy on tv right now.  In almost every scene, I am laughing hysterically.

Here the girls are watching Dance America Dance because Jen can’t watch tv with her husband.   He is one of those non stop talkers that you smack in the middle of the show (that’s why they invented DVRs, so we can rewatch it).  Once Jeff walks in and sees a past girlfriend on the show he quickly begins interest in it.  The next day Jeff watches the results show with Audry and he’s all about his ex Lacy.  So the next morning, Audry, Jen and Adam are in the elevator, and this is the best scene of the show.  Audry says that Jeff is really behind Lacy and thinks that she’s got it in her.  While Jen and Adam are silently laughing and giving each other looks, Audry catches on and pulls it out of them what’s going on.  So Jeff comes home and Audry slyly tells him and informs him that she had a hot fling with a brilliant man herself.  A brilliant man that is the youngest Supreme Court judge ever.  Jeff makes fun of the fact that he’s bald and at the end of the episode we find out that he’s announcing that he’s gay while Jeff is watching TV and screams for Audry.

Russel’s been mopey over the fact that he’s in love with Timmy’s fiance Suneetha.  Well, the plot thickens because Timmy is afraid he’s making a big mistake and wants to call off the engagement. Surprisingly Russell doesn’t force or coerce him into breaking off the engagement, he advices him on how to do it when Timmy admits his fear of it.  So, Timmy ends up breaking up with her and surprisingly she wanted the same.  So he told Timmy that he has feelings for her and he laughs.. like.. really hearty can’t breathe laughing.  After Russell leaves to meet her before she leaves to go back to India, Adam reveals to Timmy that he’s been in love with her from day one and hasn’t done anything out of respect for Timmy.  The scene goes to Russell stopping Suneetha before she goes to the airport and she interupts him when he’s stumbling in telling his feelings for her and she admits she has the same feelings, but that she must go back to India.  So, she let him down gently.  After she’s in the cab, they shoot back to her informing us that Timmy had called her asking her to do that.  So, they remained friends, and Timmy really does like Russell more than he leads on to anyone.

Great Episode as usual!

Best lines of the show:

Is that baby powder?  I have a skin condition… What diaper rash?

Don’t give me the look, She’s onto us

Who Knew Lacy’s legs could get that high???  (Jeff raises his hand)

Oh, Jeff is totally behind Lacy…   He thinks she got it in her.

Hey Jenn, did you watch the result show last night? Yea but it wasn’t easy with Captain Gum Flap And his war on silence

She’s crying oh dear she knows what’s coming

Sounds like a question, but I feel you already know the answer?

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