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The Big Bang Theory: The Wheaton Recurrance Recap – Manstrating

Posted by tvtime101 on April 12, 2010

The episode starts with Penny quoting Star Wars in bed, and then Leonard tells Penny that he loves her, followed by the pat and the Thank You from Penny.  So, he mopes around the apartment and while every one wonders what’s wrong with him, Sheldon theorizes that he might be on his cycle giving Walowitz the opportunity to say Manstruating (instead of menstruating.)  So the guys are giving him guff about his attitude and they run into Penny confirming the bowling night.

Sheldon, shockingly, has a green goblin to his spider man, Will Wheaton who shows up on the opposite bowling team.  A lot of the Big Bang Shows have really been revolving around Sheldon instead of the gang, and this one is no different.

The whole awkwardness of what Penny loves (chili cheese fries) and what she doesn’t is typical.  Once Penny spits out that Leonard doesn’t get to dictate when Penny says I love you, the guys pick up on that and Walowitz says ahhh, the premature I love you, and Raj says, well.. premature.   I love how they can laugh even in situations like this.  This is why it needs to be more centered around all of them.

So Sheldon goes to Penny’s and compares her to a Kathy’s comic strip.  Sheldon lost the prior night in bowling against his nemesis and has devised a rematch against the other bowling team.  He also informed Penny that Leonard was up all night singing Alanis Morrisette.  So, Penny knowing Sheldon won’t give up she gave in to the rematch. (Sheldon also offers to remove Leonard from the team to have Penny on the team).

Leonard is overly stating that he is fine and him and Penny are fine.  So they are at the bowling alley and it seems to be getting personal.  Will told Sheldon to embrace the darkside when he sneakily bowled with him to mess him up.  Then Stuart talks to Penny about opposites working out (meaning himself) but hopefully Penny thinks about Leonard.

Then Will starts to talk about the L Bomb and not being ready for it to Penny.  He shares a private story about his girlfriend stringing him along for 2 years when he prematurely said I love you to her.  He said he wished she dumped him right there and put him out of her misery.  Sheldon is convinced that he is trying to get into her head and I agree with him.

She snaps at Leonard stating feeling pressured.  She leaves Leonard crying as she ran away and Will goes over to Sheldon smiling.  Sheldon says well, I guess you wouldn’t mean to break up a couple to just win a bowling match and he says yeah… keep thinking that while smiling.

Stuart won the bet and made the guys from the gang dress up like women super hero’s.  Raj feels empowered by wearing the cat woman get up and it was hysterical!  I am sure that after a couple of episodes she will realize that she loves him and tells him.  Don’t worry!!!

Great lines

Please reserve that Butch spirit for the lanes

I am the ball, my thoughts are its thought, my holes are its holes

I am sure your sick of Star Trek question, but Whoopi Goldberg, you ever hit that?

Thank you Jesus… as my mother would say.


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