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Celebrity Apprentice: “The Art Of The Deal” Recap for 4/3/2011

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 4, 2011

At the beginning of the show we see Dionne Warwick fired again from last week and Dionne calls NeNe a coward!! The girls go back to the room and NeNe is visibly upset and who comes to comfort NeNe?? Star Jones that’s who. Of all this talk that Star is so competitive and mean, she tells NeNe her performance was great and it doesn’t matter what Dionne said, but Dionne is gone and NeNe is still standing at the end of the day. It’s clear that NeNe was truly affected by Dionne’s comments and I can only imagine its an issue of looking up to a woman who made a name and career for herself which her time was a challenge and reminds me what Bethenny Frankel has once said in regards to her appearance on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice show..

“Sometimes when you meet your idol, it doesn’t live up to your expectations”

The entire remaining apprentices are called back to the boardroom and Donald has a few questions about NeNe’s reaction to Dionne and again, Star chimes in that if she knows anything about NeNe and one thing NeNe is not, NeNe is not a ‘coward’ and the Don agrees.  So far I don’t see a spat on the horizon but we will see..  Latoya?  She thinks the world is against her since she lived a life of celebrity and truly I get what she says.  But in this case.. I don’t think so.


 The Don calls everyone back in the boardroom and the Chump wants to see them again.. “what the hell can this mean” ?

This is a new calling.. 

NeNe is pissed because Dionne called her a “Coward” and Star came to her side and tried to help NeNe with words of wisdom.  “She aint here”  You are.. period.. its good words of wisdom for me…

The project:

Art.  You can sell it, sleep with it or even create you own junk. Even bring on others art and create some hats!! er um.. hats?  Speaking of others art, it was only Latoya that introduced art that was not created by both team members and I am wondering why didn’t they reach out to celeb friends who create art. 

Project Managers are chosen for Team ASAP and Marlee Matlin  is chosen for the women with the  The Starkey Hearing Foundation at hand,  and for Team Backbone – John Rich is chosen for the dudes whose charity is  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Both are givers to charities and this is going to be neck and neck and Marlee is worried..

Jose Canseco has to leave the show due to family health issues, actually his father has issues that are expressed as “taken a turn for the worse with cancer” and now Jose leaves the show before we can even get a glimpse of him managing a project where we know darn well it would fail and his cohorts would for sure throw him under the bus.  It would make for good tv but priorities prevail. 

It has been speculated that since John Rich has stated that people who do not procure donater’s that maybe sent  Jose home prematurely due to the threat?  We do learn later that Jose’s father did pass away so that squashes all impending conspiracies.   Jose goes home before the Donald can point his finger and make that weird “O” lips.

The Donald gives money to Jose’s charity and Jose is humbled.

So now we enter the realm of hobby shops and the celebs are not familiar..   Meatloaf is already freaking out.. he has Gary on the brain..  Meat is not happy with Gary’s use of shopping buddies meaning Meat and this really seems to put him over the edge. 

The guys go to their workplace and Mark is trying hard to keep the Meat in place.  I am not sure this is going to work.

Latoya procures a t-shirt that is a Micheal Jackson’s limited edition and actually signed by Micheal and un selfishly procures the item that will get her big $ by auction/donation, but most importantly separates her from the memorabilia that she proclaims to carry with her everywhere. 

The celebs begin to create art in lieu of tapping into their friends who do art seriously and who would not want to tap into that industry.

The Meatloaf goes nutz and I wonder about his issues with anger management.  The guys want to protect him and tries very hard to diffuse.. ugh.. Gary Busey is just a pawn here.  Gary is some kind of collateral damage that needs an insurance policy..

Gary Busey and Meatloaf are just nutz.  period..  (meatloaf real name Michael Lee Aday).  They laugh.. they cry and are total messes at the same time.   The singer’s temper reached boiling point when he accused Point Break actor, Gary Busey, of stealing his paints and sponges during a task which involved raising as much money as they possibly could by creating their own art work and selling it in a gallery.

The raging singer squared up to Gary and could not be calmed down, despite every effort from their team mates.  Gary later summed up Meat’s crazed outburst by saying: ‘Meatloaf excelled to the level of dancing on the rainbow with no fear.’

Meat Loaf soon realised his art supplies were actually sat in a bag at the back of the room.  Ugh.. Meat.  You made a fool of yourself and the entire cast while they were placating you by giving you any art supplies you wanted from their own stash.

 When he eventually calmed down, he paid Gary an emotional apology, saying: ‘I’m so embarrassed by it, and I’m so upset by it. I truly am very sorry.’  Gary kindly told the singer: ‘I accept your apology, Meat. Let it go, I forgive you.’

Meat Loaf then revealed that his temper has long been an issue for him. He tearfully admitted: ‘I’ve gone to anger management, I’ve done that.’  I see a new contenda for Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and I want in. 

 Latoya creates some kind of Micheal Jackson inspired hat and I truly think its looks fabulous.  Latoya really seems to be pulling all creativity out on this episode based on last episode and is truly stepping up!  Shy no more.

Star is managing a laptop  station that is larger than life. But we know anything doing well is done right with a power cord but NeNe  telling Star to “shut the hellup” is outta line period.   Nene is starting to lose her cool at this point.   She is now getting all ghetto on people’s arse if they even breathe.   Thanks Nene for small amount of drama but this is not yet what you promised.

The guys are making serious art by executing the whole task. The women are just finding excuses for who, where and when they deliver and are falling behind.  The women get stuck 3 hours in NYC traffic without getting out and hoofing it?   The women are way beyond providing an experience in ambiance and now  the guys are standing out. 

The guys  get to their work place established without incident and they seem to do that rather easily .  They set up, work it out and hang all the works.. They really have it going on period in this area and it appears the men are just resting on their laurels while checking out the women’s venue to find absolutely nothing to even compare.  Even thou the woman arrive 5 minutes prior to their opening, its hard to imagine this would be successful.

 Who takes in the pot:

John takes in $626,908.00

Marlee takes in $986,000

and combined it makes $1,640,000. 

 I was going to create a post of  ‘where does the other money go too’ but Trump trumped my thoughts and asked both teams if the other moneys can be combines in one donation and Trump donated 14k to round out to a total cool $2 million for a smooth donation to the winner of a worthy cause!  I really think I was not the only one who was thinking of “where does the losers money go to” when Chump’s PR guy had the same thought but in the end, I am glad the charity got the entire purse of holy chit.

Take That Bitches!!

 The Guys lost and Richard Hatch of “Survivor” was thrown under the bus for not contributing at any time for raising funds.  Maybe Richard’s Hatch charity should have been a get out of jail free card?  I don’t know but we know now he is back in jail for IRS issues haunting him again.  That card would be handy now.

Richard, you just a nekkid Survivor.. You Fi-yad!!



14 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice: “The Art Of The Deal” Recap for 4/3/2011”

  1. Thanks for the Fine Recap, ijs.. Missed it due to being at girl & gbabygirls 🙂 Was itching to know the Who, what & WTF’s of last nights eps. I for sure gots em, Now! U da Best.. xo (PS:Nenes’ Just a MESS.. In All thangs Media & I caught Wind (Not that kind) 🙂 that “The FameWhore Herself” made a Cameo..Yep, that Biotch..Jill “Let Me Be Seen” Zarin..Ugh!! Holla at u girl lata, tata.. Shmooches

    • Neene!! this posted by mistake when it was in draft. Truth be told.. I wrote an entire recap last night and fell asleep and woke up having to recap this chit all over again!! ARGH!! I didn’t need to rewatch thank goodness

  2. ijs..its all good. I figured was maybe a rough draft, but got deets I needed. Re-Read & Mucho info u have added *No chit, huh* 🙂 glad “Wanna Be Nekkid” Richards gone. Can’t wait to watch episode when get home lata.

  3. Girl.. ur such a good momma to the girl and wee baby.. its all worth missing the episode.. I am going to Florida in a few weeks for 2 weeks to see the southern babes.. I cant wait! 😉

  4. Dy said

    Good recap IJS..:)

  5. Dy said

    I think NeNe has Stars number,and just doesn’t know enough to keep her big mouth shut. about it.
    These ladies NeNe are not like you, they do not pop off on people,and get nasty..It’s not Housewives of Atl. Next week it looks like she gets nasty with Latoya..Geeze!

  6. Wildheart said

    Good recap! Next week it looks cuhrazy with Neigh Neigh and La Toya!

  7. Oy Vey said

    Great recap! watching it now on line, forgot to tape it last night.

  8. Oy Vey said

    The other thing I noticed this season, Richard Hatch was so out of his league.

  9. Thanks peeps! I cant reread or edit the post any longer.. I watched for 3 hours last night pausing to write the first draft, went to sleep and the freakin recap disappeared!! WordPress didnt save!! Then I rewrote with sand in my eyes, shoved son out the door for his road trip to West Virginia to check out univerisity.. re-edited.. my eyes fell out of my brains.. went back to sleep again.. and now I know I have errors but dang.. I am over it!

  10. Shar Star said

    Love Nene! My daughter and I both think she’s soooo cool! So glad Dione is GONE! What a b____! Star…don’t rock the boat girl, or you’ll be the next to go…called bad karma!
    I’ll keep on watching. My favorite show.

  11. Sandra said

    How much did each individual “apprentice” raise for their charity on the April 3rd show?

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