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The Middle: TV or Not TV Recap – Big Spin

Posted by tvtime101 on April 15, 2010

This week we start off with the electricity getting cut.  It’s apparent that they (among others all over this country) are having money issues right now.  I am not really sure what happened to Mike’s job (not the quarry, but the driving a truck).

But, when the electricity gets cut off, they face hard reality of having to cut back.  After not being able to give up coffee and beer (2 things any parents MUST have), they opt for the cable to go out.  Once it does, Sue tries modeling around the house (that is her thing this week), Axl decides to start a band, but can’t actually start until they agree on a band name other than Axl and the Axl’s.   Kind of funny, Axl is in a band (bc of his name).  To no shock at all, Brick is reading more and more books.

Speaking of poor little Brick, him and a bunch of his friends at school like to go to the library instead of play during recess time.  However, the school has decided to make every child play during recess time so this does come at a shock for Brick.  He tries to have his parents buy him a bully, buy his protection or even write a note to go back into the library.  In the end, he devises a plan that involves the double dutch girls thinking that the square boys like them and once distracted, throws the square kids ball into the court of some other kids area and they start to argue (all three groups).  When it doesn’t appear to be working, he rips off the end of a candy bag with his teeth, throws it into the center of the kids and the kids go crazy trying to get the candy.  So, him and his one remaining friend make a run for the library, when the kid loses his shoe.  He declares no man left behind, and picks up the kid and carry’s him to the library saying semper fi.  Too funny.  Obviously, he’s been reading a military book!

So, Frankie and Mike have nothing to do, and no real common interests other than TV.  So, they did what me and my husband would probably do.  Set up chairs in the window of some other persons tv.  When they get caught, they realize that they need a hobby and go with Frankie’s aunts to bingo.  Mike, like most competitive men is paying a lot of attention to his bingo cards while Frankie and her aunt are discussing the hot tub fight she missed on the bachelor.  Because Frankie isn’t paying attention, Mike takes over and announces that she has a Bingo.  Apparently, the prize for that night was $1,000.

So, what do they do with the money… pay down debt, or restore the tv?  After consulting the kids who didn’t care about the tv, they through the kids out of the room and said I think its obvious given our position what we have to do.  So, of course one person would restore the tv and the other pay down the credit card debt.  Frankie ended up restoring the tv and prepaying it for a whole year while Mike paid the credit cards.  So, as they argue (after they paid those bills of course) , Mike is furious because she is relying on a miracle for the credit card bill to not bounce.  She declares she’s going for the big spin and just as Axl realizes there is tv, the news on the tv announces that the Quarry is reopening.  So Frankie ends the episode screaming we won the big spin.

What would you have done?  Pay down the debt? or TV?  I would have paid down the debt, unless it’s September.. That’s the beginning of tv season after all!


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