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‘Weeds” Season 6 Finale: Theoretical Love Is Not Dead

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 16, 2010

I am in deep shit now


Poor Nancy.  She is always in a pickle and always a plan  ‘C’  ahead of her game. 

Nancy gets kidnapped by her babydaddy Esteban which she fled from since her son Shane murdered his boss with a croquet mallet and she panicked.  I have to say the kid has skillz since he is like 15 and swift with the swing.  She was already walking on a thin line being married to a drug lord who is also a crooked Mexican politician.  She has been on the run the entire season discovering new ways to transform the ganja into hash, ruining laundry mat dryers in the effort to convert maryjane material into the ol hashish all the sake of supporting her growing brood and Bob Marley is now pouncing on my brain.

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