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“Joan And Melissa: Joan Knows Best” – Launches “In Bed With Joan” Podcasts – #WETV #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 24, 2013


Joan Rivers launched A web show in which she interviews celebrities in bed without the constraints or supervision from a censor.  This also reduces the man power and cost of bleeping her every 3 minutes or so.

The idea of this show was launched on the first episode of the current season of “Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best”.   Now we cant help but notice that this show is heavily scripted and not sure if only 5% of the show maybe real reality, but so what??  Who cares!  I love Joan Rivers and can close a blind eye to the scripted scenes.   Well one for example is that Joan was climbing into Melissa’s bed at 3:00 am where she was supposedly afraid from the previous earthquake and wanted to discuss how to prepare for an emergency.  The big giveaway that this was completely scripted was that Joan and Melissa were full on in makeup and hair and when Melissa was woken up, she had no drool down her chain..


Joan joke anim diamonds……

Joan Joke

In this episode, Joan and Sarah talk about female comedians being funny, dating talk show hosts, going under the bed covers, and more!

 The hilarious comedian Nick Kroll, from FX’s “The Leauge” and the new Comedy Central series “Kroll Show”, hops into Bed With Joan this week. They discuss the “rich tough” streets of New York, varying amounts of immigrant workers, making a living as a comedian, and more!

Kelly Osbourne jumps into Bed With Joan, where they discuss pubic hair electricity, being a politically active British citizen in America, and pooping on a tour bus. PLUS: Melissa gets in the hot seat and dishes what she likes and hates about Joan!


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