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Ashlee Wilson-Hawn #BigRichAtlanta Says ‘I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Scripted That Way’ Roger That Rabbit #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 23, 2013

Ashlee Big Rich Atlanta

Well its a gloomy Saturday and I have finally decided to begin the 1st episode of “Big Rich Atlanta” from my nearly used up memory on my DVR where I had nearly deleted the entire folder 10 times to make room.  As I watched the first 5 minutes of Ashlee Wilson-Hawn’s introduction, where she describes herself as a “philanthropist, a life coach, a pageant coach and used to be a beauty queen”, I initially heard that as a ‘used up beauty queen’ and had to rewind.

At that very moment, I had remembered reading a tweet where someone commented in regards to Ashlee now claiming that she is not a pageant coach and that she was scripted with this character.   It appears that Ashlee is not so happy with the backlash from her violent scene in episode 3 and is now blaming everyone else including Style Network for her scripted character.  Oh wait!  You didn’t know that Style Network scripts story lines for “Big Rich Texas” and “Jerseylicious” as well?   There is no way possible that women can be so ridiculous on camera without some help from the producers.  EVEN IN JERSEY!!!  😉

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Tonight! Jerseylicious Preview for “A Jersey Little Secret”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 22, 2011


Hope you were able to catch all the drama that went down in the Jerseylicious season premiere last week! 

 This Sunday, the Gatsby Salon crew is back with more catfights, relationship issues and hairspray at 8/7c on The Style Network.   Tonight, The Gatsby offers skin-care treatments and Filly and Lorenzo apply to beauty school.

Here is a link to last week’s recap HERE!

Here is a sneak peak of the brand new episode that we need to share with you “Jerseylicious” fans.

Last week, Olivia broke the news to Tracy that she was dating Mikey again, causing more tension than ever before.

Check out the footage to see Tracy spew her negative venom towards Olivia who’s trying to lead a positive life.  Will Olivia fall for her trap?

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Jerseylicious Season Three Opener Recap- This isn’t the movie whip it!

Posted by tvtime101 on May 17, 2011

What a way to start season 3 for the Jerseylicious cast!  We started the night with Tracey and Olivia sharing some bronzer.   Then we went to an all out Jersey Brawl in the salon during an event.

We start out by going to a medispa opening and it comes out that Christy really has some issues with Alexa.  Okay…maybe after watching Season 2 tapes, I could see how Christy could be upset by some of the wacky things that comes out of our resident clown looking Alexa, but she took it very personal.

So, Christy and Gayle have decided that the Gatsby isn’t enough for them.  They have a very successful salon and are thriving.  So their new thing is ‘Gatsby Global Domination’ and are trying to get more publicity by breaking a World Guinness Record.  So Christy enlists Olivia, because she is very helpful with events.  Hey, the girl can take direction and come up with idea’s.

 It turns out that Olivia is dating the infamous Mikey, and has been for a couple of months.  However, this time around she decides that she wants to tell Tracey first (straight from the horse’s mouth comes to mind), and she get’s Gayle’s blessing first. 

Honestly, Olivia was smart to try to curb the drama and talk to Tracey directly, but it didn’t go over well, and they kept arguing.  Olivia swears that Mikey treats her like Gold, and Tracey insists that like her Gold, it’s fake.  If all that gold was real, Olivia could have a mega payday by selling it!!  Hell, she could probably afford to buy the Gatsby, if all of that was real.

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Jerseylicious: Boobie Drama and Glammy Gone

Posted by tvtime101 on November 10, 2010

All right all you Guido Garden State lovers!!!!   Jerseylicious Recaps ARE BACK!!!!!!!

Olivia is financially ready to get her small potatoes enlarged boobies.  She has Briella go the plastic surgeon with her and set a date for the enhancement.  Everyone is talking Olivia out of it and advising her to stick with the double bra and the chicken cutlets. However, her plastic surgeon tells her to go out and buy a bra the size you want and put uncooked rice in cut panty hose and stuff your bra with it until you find the right size you want.  Olivia being Olivia goes for a DD (to match her extraordinary junk in the trunk), of course the scene isn’t complete until cars are honkin at her stripper looking ass, the resident boobie monster Briella tells her bigger is better and the rice falls out all over the street.

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Jerseylicious: I Don’t Wanna Lose My Nails Recap – Too Much Jersey In Ya

Posted by tvtime101 on April 19, 2010

Ok, this is my favorite show to watch at the end of the night and go into my bed (sans kids) and watch.  Not something that puts me to sleep, but it is relaxing to watch other people’s problems.

So this episode starts off with picking on Olivia’s and Tracy’s style, make-up, nails, hair and yes clothes.  I was kind of shocked that grown women were discussing these young ladies style with such disgust.  I didn’t realize that in Jersey, (where I am from) the style is criticized like this.  This is where I honestly think that the show is scripted.

So Gayle and Alexa takes a meeting with Tracy and Olivia and says that they are going to the premier salon of the world, located in the City (NYC to outsiders) and they are going to have a day of learning.  Well, it gets around the salon and GiGi is a little taken back.  Hell, who wouldn’t want to learn from the best stylist in the world?  But, Anthony is more concerned with an assistant.  The Salon has gotten super busy since the commercial and they need someone to do shampoo’s.  I don’t think I have ever been in a salon in Jersey, and never had a shampoo girl, come on get with it Gayle.  However, because of the cost to drive to the city and stay a night, they (Gayle and Christy) say no immediately.

Anthony doesn’t like being told no, so he goes outside and makes a call.  What seems like he’s jumping ship he actually brings in an intern.  The look on Christy’s face when he comes in and announces that he’s an intern is priceless.  Apparently, Filippo is the son of the Pizza King from Staten Island and is a huge flirt.  Flirting with Frankie’s mom and all of the salonies makes for great entertainment.  Plus, he’s not hard to look at either.

Speaking of Frankie’s mom.  It seems that there is 5 minutes allotted in each episode for a family dinner with Frankie and his family.  (Do I smell Spin off Coming?)  Anyway, tonight, they were eating dinner and Frankie’s mom says she wants her hair done and Frankie chimes in with don’t make my mom look like a whore.  So, when all is said and done and she comes home, her husband is taken back and admires her beauty.  He tells her that because she is so dolled up and looks so good that he’s taking her out.  Frankie is right, his dad does have a soft spot for his mom and that’s sweet!

Now about the City.  So, the glam fairy made some calls and got Olivia and Tracy in for a “training session” but that’s not really what it was.  It was a make under session because Gayle (who has the same style) doesn’t want the girls dressing like they are going to the club.  She wants a little more professionalism.  So, hire a shampoo girl and create an employee handbook.. HELLO!     But, without the girls’ knowledge the stylists transform the animal printing loving diva’s into something a little understated and modest.  Granted the hair and make-up was stunning, and I mean stunning, the girls were lost and out of their element.

Alexa and Gayle decided to take the girls to dinner/club and meet them there.  Once free of the stylists, Tracy and Olivia start going back to teased hair and their bronzer.  Look, no one told them why the make over was happening, and why it is important to look professional.  They just transformed them.  So it is easy to see their side of it, feeling ambushed.  So at the dinner, Gayle and Alexa get mad and blurt out the real reason for NY and leave.  So immediately, Tracy starts telling Tracy that this is all her fault because the stylist was really talking about her poor taste and didn’t mean any of that for her, Tracy.  Olivia gets a backbone and tells her that they both dress flashy and act flashy, so realize it and own it!  Olivia goes even further to try and have some civility between the two for their work relationship which is very mature of her.  Did she learn that at the NY Salon??  Tracy of course told her no, and that she will always hate her and does what she does because she doesn’t like her.  Olivia gets up and says the ball’s in your court.  I was trying to basically move on and work on my professional tendencies.

They show up the next day with no bronzer (as per the threat by Gayle) and flatter hair.       They find themselves at a nail salon only to find that Olivia’s nails are being removed.  She actually has a panic attack and Self Involved Alexa doesn’t see that it’s not about the nails.  Hello, this young 20 something is being changed, without her permission and no notice.  She’s not mature enough to understand the benefit of less makeup and no nails.  These things have to go slow.  After awhile and a long walk, Alexa realized that we have to take small steps and cut her nails short.  After the last part of their transformation, they go out to eat and Gayle tries to recover the day by saying we aren’t changing you, just your appearance. Alexa showed that she too is not the b#$%^ we thought she was.  Yes, we are tired of hearing impress me, be a glam fairy.  But this episode she was able to give a good speech to Olivia and be real.  I like this side of Alexa

Look, I am all for professionalism and yes, I have acrylic nails, however they are so short you can barely notice.  I am a nail biter and find that with just a little acrylic on them, I don’t go to bite them and they are chic short nails (barely longer than my actual finger.)  Sometimes compromising is a better solution than the ambush.  Also, those make over’s that the stylists gave were amazing.  They looked mature and beautiful, not make up beautiful, but actual god given beauty.  They aren’t ready for that just yet, so don’t force their make up.  They are NOT walking in like they are from KISS.  Make up a dress code and give it to them, and we could have avoided all this drama.  Gayle… look in the mirror.. you are just as bad (not with the earrings).  We see teased hair and outlandish clothes.  You are trying to take advantage of those girls because they are young.  Would you have done it with that obnoxious loud lady from the pilot who had hair that looked like she was electrocuted?

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Jerseylicious: Jersey Girl Brawl Recap – The Gatsby Saloon

Posted by tvtime101 on April 12, 2010

After watching Jerseylicious, all I can mutter is WOW.    WOW as in what the hell is going on, and WOW I had to sit up in bed and rewind the DVR to ensure I was NOT dreaming.

Ok, this episode which was in the promos did not disappoint on the drama level.  So this episode starts out with a meeting in the salon.  There is going to be a secret customer for a chance at a free front page ad and tons of free PR for a Salon.  Of course Olivia and Alexa are late, however, they were shopping for supplies.  Alexa has changed her opinion a little from the first episode in regards to training.  Maybe just a little ego boost pat on the back did the trick.  Anyway, while they are late Tracy takes the opportunity to pass out invitations to the group for her Birthday Party.  She tells everyone, “Almost Everyone Was Invited”.  So, I think it’s clear who the almost is.

Everyone was on top of their game for this possible secret shopper for the next couple of days.  Anthony is the best.  They need to find a way to keep his arse (things look sketchy next week with him!)  He is funny and charming and makes the customer feel good (as does our girl Gigi).  He even said at one point tonight, that he felt he was in the Gatsby Saloon not the Salon.  Tracy… ummm.   yea, may need a little more maturity interacting with customers.  She talked about her self relentlessly and even admitted to ensuring that the guest new her bio so SHE could be on the cover of the magazine… and Gatsby be somewhere in the back.  It got to the point where I had to lower the tv she was so annoying.  She acted like it was her first hair cut or interview trying to get them to believe she can cut hair.  You should have seen the faces of her customers like OMG face with the eyebrows in the air!   She’s so about herself and not a team player, but I gotta give it to her… she hides it well (until the show will air!)

Anyway, so Olivia is pissed about the birthday card invitation and her roommate kind of talks her into sinking to her level, and Olivia new it.  So, Olivia says that there was a Safari Theme thinking that you wear tan or whatever to the party and made the party for the same day same time (Olivia’s theme was jungle.)  This was the point I started shaking my head (I know… I should have done it  Anyway, Olivia hands out invitations to EVERYONE.  Once everyone opens up the invitations they start to stare at each other realizing that they are on the same day same time.  Don’t make your coworkers choose!!  You should have done it for the following week or month, whatever (if at all.)

So Tracy goes up to Olivia and demands to go outside, Olivia says asks me and I will.  After a minute of that going on, Christy says take it outside.  I liked how Olivia kept trying to walk away from the situation and it showed Tracy’s side of maliciousness.  If I were Gayle, I would demand to see those tapes immediately to see what was said and how the girls handled themselves in a match like that.  So they are fighting (clip below!!) and Tracy says she copies me, boys, fashion, cell phone covers… firstly.. cell phone covers… wow. and secondly, Tracy you took her ex.   your the copier!  So apparently it was fun to watch, but after awhile (and Tracy blocking the door now) someone has to break it up, so Anthony goes out there to stop the madness.

Gayle can be scary when she wants to.  She reprimanded them and told them that basically, this is their last chance.  The deathly stares were non stop and really made their coworkers uncomfortable.  So they both have their parties and the coworkers went to Tracy’s first and then headed over to Olivia’s which was classy on their part.  I think these 2 girls have a lot to learn from their coworkers.  Alexa said it perfectly “I felt like I didn’t leave Tracys, they are the same person.” Alexa, it’s usually the same people that bump heads all the time.

Next week looks to have more drama in NYC and Anthony possibly looking at other opportunities!!!!

Check out the clips below of the fight and of Tracy trying to suck up with Gayle about how this is Olivia’s fault too.    As a boss, I’d say lick stamps and mail them next time!

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Jerseylicious: Are you glitter fairy material?

Posted by tvtime101 on April 5, 2010

Ok, so I am from New Jersey, and the real central part of NJ.  We do not talk like we are from Staten Island, or Brooklyn.  Our hair may be high, but hey we don’t take crap!

I love how the show is making Olivia the victim in all of this, bc in all honesty, she may be.  Tracy has some vendetta and shows her lack of professionalism in and out of the workplace.   Tracy announced that it’s her bar and she isn’t welcome at that bar/club.  Hmmm, I wonder how the actual and real owner of the club would feel about it?  She acts like she is in Highschool and I think it is dragging down the show.  Grow up! I mean, how stupid did she look holding up the wax on a Popsicle stick in the commercial?

Poor Olivia went through the ringer trying to desperately please Alexa the Fairy God in the shoot.  You can see Olivia wants her “wings”, but she is going to have to work for it.  Now, if anyone sees Alexa near kids again call DYFUS asap!   Wow, she admits she has no maternal instincts but I would not want her ever around anyone’s kids (ya know, for the kids sake!)  Olivia had nothing to work with to keep them busy and out of her make-up, but found a way to manage.  Oh, my 2 year old raids my vanity on a daily basis so she looks pretty.   Common Sense Alexa!  Just keep saying beauty and eating bananas afterword and your all good..  LOL. (Alexa made many references that her character on the commercial could have been played by a gorilla and eating bananas.)

Sneak peak of next week shows that the Olivia and Tracy BS are OVA!!!  Gayle was showing to get ready to fire one and that the drama is too much.   It’s almost a little scripted bc can that really just happen in a club or at work???  I don’t know, Olivia has some insecurities she MUST work on before getting another job, or another man.  Hey, every man is gonna have baggage as to his ex’s.  Deal or move on.

Gigi took advice from the newly appointed shop therapist (Anthony) on where to go on a mini vaca with her very jealous BF.  Cape May is the spot chosen and after a day at a car show for her man (in which Gigi becomes jealous over the cars) they finally get to their destination in which he allegedly had planned for awhile (is awhile since she mentioned it?)  However, the look on the biker’s face after a very spoiled and rude sounding Gigi got into her BF’s and the bikers face was priceless.   He had that face of he’s been swindled!

What did you think of the episodes???   Are you ready to see Olivia or Tracy move on?

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