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New Baby on the Way for Kody Brown and the Sister Wives

Posted by tinselkitty on April 11, 2011

The Sister Wives will soon have a new tot on the block, courtesy of the newest wife, Robyn. TLC might as well go ahead and sign them up for season 3. Christine’s been having a hard time not being the newest and the youngest wife – a new baby is a totally different set of jealousies. And while many aren’t fond of the Brown family lifestyle, I have to say, given a choice, I’d pick the Browns over the Duggars any day.

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Oprah Will Not Be Pleased

Posted by tinselkitty on February 28, 2011

A show I never thought I’d watch is now a show I’ll DVR when it returns in March. Season two should be interesting as we’ll see how the family dynamics have changed with the addition of Robyn and her kids as well as what’s happening now that they are living publicly as a plural family.

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TLC Maintains Its Lead in the Race to the Bottom

Posted by tinselkitty on January 8, 2011

A long time ago, in a television galaxy far, far away, TLC was known as The Learning Channel. It still is, of course, but the things you learn now are vastly different than the things you learned in that other network galaxy.

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Sarah Palin’s Alaska And The Pup Tent

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 27, 2010

 I have been doggin on Sarah Palin and her.. um  EVERYTHING!!   Ok WHo really takes a woman seriously who promotes abstinence and not safe sex and has a teen age daughter become pregnant.  Hey.. thats how I ROLL!!!..

Anywho..  I just have no original TV programming on tonight and had the channel set early to TLC for  other shows and lo and behold.. I watched the’ Kate plus A Ton Of Kids’ on the show and thought I would get a kick out of Kate being all girly and where is my massage type moment. 

OK So I watched for the team a second time, and Truly what I did take away was an opportunity to bond as a family in an environment that is not conducive for warmth  but find the bonding that only family can make.. let me spain lucy…

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TLC – My Strange Addiction

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 22, 2010

Ok.. The network that brought us Jon and Kate Plus A Whole Chitload of Kids.. as well as the Caraboo hunting, skinnin and eating perp who wants to cancel Christmas by putting Rudolph out of a job “Sarah Palin Alaska” which gives us plenty to fodder on the wackiest Reality Shows on TV, is now giving us a new tv program to talk about.  “”My Strange Addiction” really tops ‘Intervention’ or ‘Hoarders’

We now get to witness the crazies eat chalk, toilet paper and laundry detergent as well as sleep with a beloved hair dryer.


Who doesn’t know that eating crazy stuff would make them look crazier then the Jeffrey Dahmer and now ensures that I will get the double locks and bars on the windows.. PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!!!


 Please all send a donation to 123 Cupcake Lane, Anytown USA made out to IMAJUSTSAYING to help save the Caraboo.  Santa relies on transportation method and I wont know what to tell my grandchildren if Santa can’t deliver..


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Kate Gosselin On Sarah Palin’s ‘Alaska’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 6, 2010

Kate Gosselin Plus 8 will guest on Sarah Palin’s TLC, 8 episode reality show ‘Alaska’ next Sunday.   The episode should have been titled “2 Karazy Woman In A One Moose Town”.

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Kate Gosselin – 2 Kids Expelled From School

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 13, 2010

Kate and The Brood

Yahoo! reports two of Kate Gosselin’s (TLC ‘Kate Plus 8’) kids,  have been expelled from their private school in Pennsylvania. Collin and Alexis, both six years old, were expelled for fighting with classmates and using naughty language. A source close  to the family reported to In Touch Weekly they made fun of other kids and called them nasty names. Both children are now being homeschooled but we don’t know if Kate is the teacher.

Jon Gosselin claims he doesn’t know from where the kids have learned this behavior. How ironic. Perhaps the incessant fighting and shouting between your ex-wife and yourself could have caused this rude behavior in your own children?

What do you think peeps..  is Kate’s need to support her family getting in the way of properly raising her children?

Now that I think about it, Octo Mom (Nadya Suleman) has twice as many kids living in a shoe with a shoe string budget and I havent heard that any of her children have been expelled from school, IF they do attend school..  I’m Just Saying..

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