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Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 9, 2010


TV Channel AMC has been churning out some serious Emmy nominated/Awarded shows and they keep on coming.  AMC was mostly known as airing movies with little or no commercial interuptions and somehow decided to change its format to bring us awesome programming..

Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Rubicon and now.. The Walking Dead.

I had seen the first episode and it looked interesting and decided to give the second episode a try and HOLY SHIT!!  This show is so freaking good if you love the genre but Zombie, brain eating, shot gun weilding is my kind of tv program!

Only after the second episode, AMC has given the green light for a second season and I could not be happier.

This tv show actually has as much action as a Zombie movie and if your not squeemish, I suggest for you to get on the Zombie Eatin bandwagon.

Below is a link for the highlights for episode 2 “Guts”.  Ch Ch Check it out!!


Below is episode 1 “Days Gone Bye”

Below is Episode 2 “Guts”


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