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Brothers and Sisters: If You Bake It, He Will Come Recap

Posted by tvtime101 on April 18, 2010

Ok, we learn early on in this episode that Ojai is in major financial trouble.  The bank has called up their loan and wants the money.  However, Rebecca wonders what happened to the money she gave Holly earlier and we find out that Holly doesn’t want to use it for the company, she’d rather keep it safe knowing Rebecca has a little nest egg.

Scotty gets why Nora did what she did.  Scotty didn’t have much of a mom and really looks up to Nora for all the reasons she loves each one of her kids.  So, he’s in Nora’s corner hoping that Kevin will come to dinner and Michelle will be pregnant.

Apparently Robert is still speaking of this, I can’t speak about it job and is interviewing, but needs a physical.  This was too easy.. of course it’s something with his heart that prevents this job that would relocate him and Kitty to DC.   Although, it would be a good way to write them out of the show, but now we know it’s something with his heart, we will wait and see.  ** Best Line – I am just gonna run by and see the President  ** No big deal.

Tommy seems to be getting more involved with Ojai, I wonder what is role is going to be, and if he is officially back at Ojai.  Will Holly (and Rebecca) allow his return?

Last week was Nora’s break down, this week is Sarah’s.  Sarah is having a difficult time watching Luc slowly pack.  Too much torture for her and after she hangs up the phone with another lender that won’t lend Ojai food she lashes out at him and his packing techniques.  Then she goes over to Nora’s and lashes out at her saying Kevin’s not coming, Kitty’s moving to DC and Luc is leaving.  This results in Nora walking away composing herself.  Now, when Nora comes back it’s a little obvious we have less gray hair.  (Did she give it all to King Henry @ The Tudors or did she have a dye job?)

When Nora returns she tells Kitty and Sarah to help or leave and Sarah responds with “Okay Ma, I’ll live in your fantasy for awhile, it sure beats my reality hands down.”  They are building up Luc leaving that I think that last minute he will get his VISA.  He even decided to stop packing and get a round trip ticket to show Sarah he will be back and won’t have to unpack.

We know Kitty is running for senate, Roberts Senate seat and will be in DC for awhile, (but if they still move) I wonder how Nora will react based on how Kitty was gone for years before the show started and the night she came back, William died.

So, the three boys, Justin, Kevin and Tommy decide to confront Dennis York about his information and the deal.  Now, they really don’t know what’s so great about Narrow Lake so they are trying to make a deal with him and Kevin handles himself very professionally.  When Dennis realizes what they know and that he doesn’t hold the cards he plays it cool and tells Kevin that the reason William didn’t tell him was because he thought he was weak, fragile and would fall apart.

Holly finds out that Rebecca put her 2 Million into the company’s cash account and wildly accused Sarah of helping her.  We know what happens when you assume.. come on, say it, you make an ass outta you… and you.  Anyway, she apologized and enters Rebecca holding the geological reports. After reading the reports Holly is uncharacteristically pessimistic about the reports, but it did say something about electromagnetic induction.  I did look it up and electromagnetic induction is for like generators and power.  Was William thinking of branching out into generators or windmills and turbines as the future of the company?  Or is it a wild goose chase?

So, everyone leaves feeling that Kevin isn’t coming and he does.  After the meeting with Dennis York, who removed the offer, he went to his mom’s.  She came clean about why they didn’t tell him and it wasn’t because he was weak.  Kevin told her about him and Aaron and the kiss.  He told her that he was so afraid of admitting he was gay that he fought him.  She said she always knew he was gay and was waiting for him to figure it out on his own.  She also told him that when he spoke of Aaron he lit up that she thought he was in love with Aaron and was afraid for him being gay in the times that they were in.  She told him he was sensitive and tender, not weak.  So, the whole gang ended up eating Squab stuffed with wild rice.  They each went around the table like on Thanksgiving, and instead of saying what they are thankful for, they said what they weren’t.  It was odd and misplaced in the story line.   Also, before the episode ended (and everyone singing happy birthday) Michelle called and the first blood test said she’s half pregnant, and they will know for sure with the next test.

Narrow Lake needs to come to an end.  What did they find?  What’s in the soil?  Rebecca mentioned that the survey said that they can’t be walked through it til tomorrow, so maybe they will find something out.  Oh, before I forget, they kept mentioning throughout the episode that it’s a family business and referred that to Holly numerous times.  So, I guess that was the theme of the night, family matters.

OK.   I should finally come clean.   I have created a drinking game about this show.  Does anyone remember the Dynasty drinking game?  Well, you do a shot when someone gets slapped which was often.   Here, Anytime they fill a glass, do a shot (or a sip of your drink).  That’s all they do in this show, drink wine.  So, tonight we were at the count of 8!  Not as high as the dynasty slaps, but still a lot!


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Brothers & Sisters: Time After Time Recap – Back to the Old Days

Posted by tvtime101 on April 11, 2010

Ok, I have to say, I was very excited for this episode, and it DID NOT disappoint!  This show threw you in so many directions that you did not know what was up and what was down!  Now, brace yourselves.. This post may be a little longer than usual, but come on,… we did just have a double episode!

I say double episode and not movie, because that’s what it was… a 2 hour event you could say, but not a movie.

We started this episode with a flash back to the night that Tommy had gotten into a car accident with a BMW.  He calls Nora on his late 80s early 90s cell phones that was a Zack Morris look a like cell.  We then shoot back to the kitchen in Nora’s home with everyone there attending.  After all of the hello’s toward Tommy, it is apparent that they are there for something when Nora did not cook and they are ordering out.

Speaking of Tommy, Balthazar Getty seems to have been released from TV Jail.  After having an affair with his nanny, he was… … detained in TV Jail since the latter part of Season 3.  I guess to be on a family show, you must be a good boy!  But next week’s preview shows him in it too..   Is this a stint for him to finish the story line, or is he back??? We know when Nora was in Seattle… he said he needs to go back and thinks it’s time.

Anyway, So, Nora informs the gang that there is an amazing offer to sell their shares and goes around the table informing why they should and how they would benefit from the money. Justin spills the beans about Narrow Lake, raising questions from everyone.  We also find out what job duties Dennis York had while being employed… Not good stuff! He’s the guy you NEVER want to show up at your door.

Everyone goes back to their spouses and informs them of what happened.  Rebecca didn’t want Justin to sell his shares and he said ok.  Scotty was the perfect spouse after listening to Kevin state he wanted to wait before he made his mind up and find out what is being hidden.  We found out Kitty has her cancer check up and informs everyone about it in the end in the only Brothers & Sisters dramatic way to do it… steal someone’s thunder! (More on this later)

This whole episode kept slowly but surely giving us information about what happened in those memories.  Sarah is the next one to have a memory about Nora, William & Dennis York all outside and she is screaming furious with them.  After having this memory, Sarah calls Tommy and abiding by his mom, he tries to sway her to sell.  He said whatever it is is bad enough for their mom that he thinks they should sell.  Nora met with Dennis later that evening and he brought copies of canceled checks signed by both him and her…  She states that it wasn’t illegal, but he insists it will tare apart her family none the less and swears to god by it.

So, it’s morning and Sarah informs Holly of what’s going on while they are in an Ojai Orchard.  Holly appeals to Sarah’s business side and asks her to keep her shares and make this place what it should be.  So Sarah goes back to her mothers and talks about how she’d feel like a failure if she sold the company as is.  If she does decide to sell the company she wants it to be because it is a success.  Bottom line… Sarah feels like a failure right now.  So Nora flips out like no one has seen her before.  Nora says do you think I would ask you to do this if I didn’t need you to and reminded her that she does things for Sarah all the time.  Sarah goes back with “so you have come to collect” and that this is her career.  Norah screams even higher and starts to shake so we know it must be something good.

Sarah and kitty left, and Tommy informs her that he needs to know what’s going on because of the melt down Nora had.  He had a flashback of leaving the hospital and seeing someone on a stretcher, looking at a man and turning to his mother saying Dennis… mom???  After telling Norah he wants to know what’s going on, she said, Dennis York has given me this when we met last night and shows them to Tommy.  We never got to see them, but Nora says.. I know your father told you everything was alright… but it wasn’t alright.  Tommy asks her if shes been paying off the family and she says yes.  He yells saying you have lied to me for 25 years… he’s hurt.. how bad????  She informs us that he was paralyzed and tries to tell him it was an accident. And also informs that his father made a deal with the family and has been sending them money every month and when he died, Norah kept doing it.

This leaves Sarah, kitty and Kevin to convene at a table at Sarah’s house and Sarah informs them of her memory.  Kitty elaborates on the memory because she remembers the night too.  Apparently it was the night of some big party College gal Sarah throws at Ojai Foods.  Sarah brought Kitty and Kitty started to make out with Sarah’s boyfriend.  Tommy brings Kevin and they “crash the party”.  After memories start flowing, they remember that what broke the party up was Tommy calling saying he’d gotten into a car accident and informed their father that there’s a party at Ojai.  So Kevin remembers that Tommy was very drunk and very mean to Kevin when he tried to get Tommy not to drive drunk.  Kevin remembers that there is someone else in the car with Tommy and they start to think that when Tommy got into the car crash that the other kid got hurt. Tommy walks into the house and immediately starts to get grilled by Kevin.  Tommy leaves and as he’s getting in his car, Kevin told him to stop running and to face his problems, and that he wants to help Tommy.  Tommy just looked at him, like he wanted to say something…. all signs are pointing that it’s Tommy’s passenger that is paralyzed… right?

So its the next day, Kitty walks into her home and starts to tell Robert what happened when he cuts her off.  He already knew what happened.  Hello… he ran for president… he knows all.   As this is going on, we go back to Nora’s house where Kevin, Sarah, Tommy & Saul are sitting and talking.  During the conversation, Kevin gets a call from Kitty and finds out that Tommy’s passenger is okay and a teacher… nothing happened to him.  So, Kevin hangs up and stares at Nora asking “It wasn’t Tommy who hurt a boy that night.. was it?”  She replies back “No”.

He ends up at the loading and receiving dock recalling that night. Apparently, he was still figuring out who he was and not sure about him being gay.  So, his friend that came with him tried to kiss him and instead of being okay with it.  He fought it and he fought this boy.  This boy ended up (in the heat of the fight) falling off the loading dock.  Just then, William Walker shows up and takes home his son, and having Dennis York accompany the hurt child, Aaron to the hospital.  Tommy tells Kevin everything and Nora shows up.  Kevin is traumatized at the lie and tells Nora that she covered it up for her, not him.  Well… as a mom… i beg to differ.

Saul, Tommy & Sarah end up at Kevin’s house explaining it all to Kevin when he shows up, flips out and leaves.  It was a little predictable where he is going, but hey… I watch a lot of tv.    I think Kevin is having a harder time accepting that he too makes mistakes that his father has covered up just like the rest of his brothers!  & Once again, Sally Fields gives an amazing performance that made you want to cry.  Of course he ends up at Aaron’s house.  Aaron finds out that Kevin just learned of what happened and told him to make peace with it.  Kevin admits that he’s gay and Aaron said all along he knew he was right and told Kevin it was an accident.  It was a kid feeling things he shouldn’t be back then.  It was an unspoken forgiveness.

Nora ends up at Williams grave vowing once she fixes this mess.. she is never going back to his grave… like something Scarlett O’hara would say..   But, now the focus is on Rebecca and Justin.  After realizing that William took Holly to the cabin by the lake, she went to find out at the courthouse who owned it.  While being there, Rebecca and Justin get married.  After getting married he makes a few calls to this place and says that he is Justin Walker and once the person on the other end realizes who he is.. he gives him the cabin.

At this point, Holly has convinced Nora that the way to fix her family is finding Narrow lake.  So, Holly breaks into Dennis’s hotel room while he’s meeting with Nora. It unfolds that he’s so blindly jealous of William, even in death that he had everything and everyone that William had… including Nora.  So, after that mission is completed, they find themselves stealing Dennis York’s car by accident.  They find out his destinations via GPS and go to each one.. just conveniently located by a cabin that was Ojai’s once upon a time ago.  Nora remembers more of that song let’s go to Narrow Lake and it has to do with peppers in your steppers.  Also, Nora recounts a memory of that year at an event of William flirting all night with a leggy blonde.  So, being close to this cabin, they decide to go there after telling Robert that they have stolen a car.  Needless to say, Holly & Nora walk in on Rebecca and Justin… doing something near a fireplace.

So now they are at the house and Sarah & Tommy arrive to tell Nora to give back the car when Justin announces that him and Rebecca are on their honeymoon.. Of course, the police arrive to take Holly & Nora to jail.  While their time in the slammer, it comes out that that leggy blonde was Holly and there was no weekend shack up, so he said he was looking at land and that’s what he must have been doing.  Robert bails them out of jail but not before taking a Jail picture of them.

So the gang meets up to congratulate Justin and Rebecca and Kevin makes a great speech (hmm. the speech writer makes a great speech.. go figure).  Kitty announces that she is cancer free.  And Justin has the most endearing memories to give to Nora later that evening.  He tells her that Dad would ask them trivia and puzzles at the dinner table, while Nora asked about their day and all their ideas.  Then tells her that “you made us feel like the most important people in the world”.  Makes a mom heart swell.  He gives Nora a press a penny that Rebecca did at the stop they made right before going to the cabin.  Nora remembers that on that specific trip, William brought her one of those where he was looking for land.

Tommy talks to Sarah and asks what she would do with Ojai and she asks him if he’d ever consider coming back.  I think this may be his re-entry into the series.

So, they get out the map and start to figure out one big puzzle when Holly says that they kept going around this tree which Saul identifies as a Pepper Tree… hmm.  put some pepper in your stepper.   connection????  Kevin, the puzzle king also informs them that Narrow Lake is an anagram for Nora Walker.  The episode ends with them at a destination (no lake) but Nora has a feeling that this is it.  Was William leaving clues for her???


Ok, so we knew that Dennis York went to Jail over a bad dealing that had something to do with William Walker.  What if, Narrow Lake was the “deal gone wrong” because William Walker knew that Dennis York had feelings for her (which we learned tonight) and him being a puzzle person (we also learned that tonight) had anagrammed Nora’s name into a place, and that is what the deal was over.  It was a framing act for Dennis to go to Jail…   and where we go from there would be that it may or may not be a place (could be a fake survey to throw Dennis into it), but if it is a place, Nora found in tonight’s episode (have a survey done and compare it from the one in the 70s), or it was always a fictional place that Dennis thinks is about one thing and William Walker gave him the rope a dope in order to throw him in jail and now is Dennis’s Revenge to do the same….but if it’s a place… maybe it has the best fruit or something, because they said like twice that they have the best date shakes.   Dates are fruits????  connection I think so!!

What do you think???  Am I warm????  Am I cold???

Click here for a link to a great clip from tonights’ episode!

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Brothers & Sisters: 2 Hour “Movie Event”

Posted by tvtime101 on April 10, 2010

I love Brothers & Sisters as much as the next person, but am a little confused by this new promotion they have going on for Tomorrow’s airing of 2 Episodes.  If they are calling it a movie event, does this mean that there are no commercials?  Hmm, I think that’s a great question I would loved to have clarified, so anyone know that answer?

Let’s get down to the episode (double episode) itself.  We know something happened… Something Big…   But what?   Sally Field is spooked enough to go to Tommy and ask for his help to convince the others to sell the company.  Why?  in the promo, we see Tommy scream at her saying “you’ve been lying to me/us for 25 years?”  What happened 25 years ago?

Ok, so obviously Tommy is older than 25 so I think its safe to say that it’s not that she had an affair and Tommy isn’t a walker after all.  We are looking at 1985, right?  I think it has something to do with the business…  Did they intentionally corrupt their competition?  Maybe she did have an affair.. but, I don’t think it would be this big production.  I mean, everyone knows about her husband’s affairs and other children.  I will be up all night long thinking about this.

I wonder how they are handling Kitty’s shorter air time.  Are they really going to give her cancer again.  I would have thought her winning the seat and constantly being in Washington would have done the trick.  Also, will they kill off Robert?  Will he have a heart attack or leave his character open to coming back?

What are your thoughts? Are you excited?  Can you wait??????  Well, it airs tomorrow (April 11, 2010) at 9pm EST

Below is the promo that is airing currently for the 2 hour movie event

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