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Pretty Little Liars – Initial review…. Who’s A?

Posted by tvtime101 on June 9, 2010

Ok, so I wasn’t so into the buildup of getting ready to watch, Pretty Little Liars.  But there was so much advertisement and push to watching it, that I promised myself to give it a try.  Before I start, I had nothing against this show, I just wasn’t into watching yet another high school show.  With that being said… here we go.

Ok, firstly, this show starts out with all five girls together, drinking “something” out of the cup.  All the girls pass out and when they come to, Allyson is gone.

Now we jump to the day before the start of the next school year.  Just as the one girl, Aria leaves the house the dad stops her and she says, don’t worry dad… I’ll keep your secret.  Ok… so there’s already plot lines concerning parents too.  So she goes into a restaurant, meets a hot older man (not crazy older) and they start making out… you knew once he said he’s a teacher and just got a job….. well.. let’s just say that was easy.

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