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What In Tomfoolery Is Going On Here? Depends On Who Is Posting The Pic? #RHONJ #TVTIME101 #TWINKLYTWEETS

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 24, 2013

Jaqueline out with Teresa

UPDATE******  I have just learned through Elvira’s twitter that there was NO filming last night.  So now I have to ask again…   WHY was Jacqueline there if not for camera’s?  Could the reconciliation be real?  ELIZABETH!  IT’S THE BIG ONE!!!!


Just as I was getting ready to call it a night, a twitter post popped up from Jennifer Dalton who is newly casted on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” giving a shout out to Jacqueline Laurita, Elvira Grau and Teresa Giudice including a picture of all four of them dining and I imagine filming for the new season.  Now I cant be sure that Jacqueline was actually sitting at the table but there is a water-glass in front of her and it had me scratching my head as to WHY???????????????????

Didn’t Jacqueline swear off Teresa last season on her last blog post for Bravo?   All this flip-flopping is making me dizzy and anticipating a highly scripted season.

Jacqueline Laurita – Teresa is Out of My Life – Jacqueline is relieved to finally put Season 4 and her feud with Teresa to rest. – Oct 25, 2012

Has Jacqueline NOT learned her lesson to avoid crawling into the lion’s den because seriously, some of the plastic surgery here truly looks like a lion was the inspiration.

Now it appears Jennifer seems like a gal who appeared to embrace a foe of Teresa’s and made a point to include her in the tweet to her followers which would only help support the building blocks of old friendships that tanked seriously hard which resulted in one of the most disgusted reunion shows in the history of Bravo.  I would say Ka-dooooze to Jennifer!

Jaqueline out with Teresa2

So I had to go look at the other’s who were tagged in the tweet to see if they had anything to add and I found this.  Elvira posting the nearly SAME picture with the same exact drinks and same exact food on the table but with no Jacqueline or tweet tagging!   It appears Elvira may have purposely cropped out Jacqueline from the picture since it appears she wants Teresa to herself..  LOL  Good luck with that one Elvira!  This mission will come with a lot of azz kissing and ear bleeding every morning for an hour on the telephone!

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HOLY Tardy For The Lawsuit! @Kandi Sues @KimZolciak For Royalties 3 YEARS LATER! #RHOA #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 13, 2013

Kim and Kandi White Party

Well folks!  I have never seen Kandi from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” so tardy for ANYTHING like this lawsuit she just filed against her cast mate Kim Zolciak!  There have been many a discussion over whether Kim OWES Kandi some royalties for “Tardy For The Party” and it appeared that Kandi just washed her hands of the whole thing based on past Bravo blogs and reunion episodes.  Now mind you, no written contract was ever  documented and it appears the verbal agreement is up who says what and we thought this was all put to bed when Kandi decided to help Kim promote her song during an episode aired on 10/18/2010 “White Hot.  I am not so sure if the agreement was thought to be in place at the time of this “White Party” Kim was to headline.  But Kandi’s Bravo blogs may be her downfall where she concede’s to let it go and not making the best business decisions with friends and allowing Bravo to license the song free for promotion.

I am pretty sure Kandi used this song as well to highlight her talent as a music producer etc, but why now?  I only hear “Watch What Happens Live” play this song anymore and the only time I hear the title of the song is when Kim has a new spin-off series name.  I am pretty sure the cost of court filings, fee’s etc will be more than what she thinks she is entitled too.  Kandi did put in place an agreement for producing “The Ring Dont Mean A Thing” which is why it was never released.  Kim didn’t want to pay the upfront fee’s and that ended that.

I have never thought Kandi would take it this level, but I have my suspicions below.

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Twinkly Tweets @LilKIM! Yo Aint So #LilKim No MORE! U @WendyWilliams Chew Some Beef How U Doin? #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 13, 2013

Wemdy lil kim

Lil Kim?  What’s your beef?  You can’t blame Wendy Williams for your plasticky look or that puffy face?  Girl.. We always liked your work.. or maybe followed your eh hem incarceration into the maximization of being locked up?  It aint no secret?  Just sit back and don’t front your real life.  Wendy calls it like she see’s it.  It’s plain and simple.  You look many a procedures different and it what it is.   OWN IT!!

P.S.  To say that Wendy is giving oral favors to make her own name is ridic.  She already did that.  Years ago.. I KID I KID!!  Wendy is living a normal life with her husband and child in the burbs of New Jersey.  No need to make shit up.  Makes you look even more fake.  UGH.

Lil kim

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Twinkly Tweets With #MobWives Please Bitches! Just Kill Each Other And Get It Over With! #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 4, 2013

Carla Karen Twitter Fight

Another Sunday and another Twitter fight with the “Mob Wives”!   Seriously folks?  This stuff is getting old.  It was more entertaining when the fighting was ACTUALLY on camera?  Now we have threats on twitter?  Isn’t that a Twitter offense?

It appears the “Mob Wives” need to step up their game and it has been brought!  Carla Facciolo is all talk on twitter.  I mean the girl brings a butter knife to a gun fight!  Karen Gravano could slay Carla with one boob.   Her cleavage alone is deadly.

Check out the Twinkly Tweets below and I added a few of Big Ang’s for some giggles because.. can you really take this all seriously?

WHile Sharpening her steak knife..

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An Open Letter to Jill Zarin and Her Plan To Get Alex and Simon Kicked Off Bravo Show is Just Plain Slanderous!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 3, 2011

Not everyone can change! I can't stop lying!!!! Is there a rehab for that?

 Jill Zarin is a BIG FAT LIAR and it’s getting worse!!  I really didn’t think she could stoop any lower in trying to make a cast mate look bad but even Jill has hit new lows and I bet Bethenny Frankel is grateful she has left the show.   No amount of money is worth engaging with Jill Zarin’s attempts to ruin one’s lively hood and reputation. 

Remember last season Jill tried to sell all the viewers and friends that Bethenny has done something so horrible, and painful to her that it had shattered her to the core?  Didn’t we hear that stored message on her telephone where Bethenny telling Jill to get a hobby but stops the call in mid message so we didn’t hear the remainder of the message?  Didn’t Bethenny repeatedly try to mend the friendship while she was busy with family issues, an engagement, business dealings while also trying to film the season with her cast mates?

Didn’t we also see Jill exposed at the reunion where she denied all this then in the end finally admit to creating drama and trying to sabotage Bethenny’s new show?  Didn’t she also claim that she would change and wanted the chance to show the viewers the best side of her?   Well, well, well Jill.  You have only showed us who you really are and it mirrors your behavior in last season.  An evil, conniving, lying reality perp who uses the camera’s to try to destroy someone or anyone who will call her out for her bullshit.  Unlike LuAnn and Kelly who will swear to Jill’s claims that her chit smells like flowers.

Ok, at this point you may be asking yourself, “why is Imajustsaying panties are in a wad?” .  This is why.. has anyone read Jill’s secretive exclusive blog that only subscribers can have access to?  You know the blog that Bravo wont publish due to her slanderous content?   Well I guess it’s no secret after all since you can just go to this link to read her newest claims.

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Twinkly Tweets With The Real Housewives of New York City!!!! And a guest Cat Ommanney!!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 17, 2011

Ok my favorites tweets are from Cat..  she is the most genuine.. gotta love her.. sorry peeps.. you have to hit more to read her highlarious tweets from Cat.  She even DM’ed ME!!!!  she is a great gal!!


Well Jill didn’t do the tweet thing tonight.. I think her PR people told her to SHTOPP!!! 😉

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Cindy Barshop Gives Page 6 Info on Edited Out Scenes of Ramona.. Cindy Desperate to Be Salicious.. lol

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 13, 2011

I need to stay relevant.. I took a chapter out of Jill Zarin's book and is now stalking page 6!

Cindy Barshop is tired of being known as the ‘Hanger Gate’ creator and needed to find something that would quickly try to secure her next season casting regardless that the rumors are flying that Bravo is looking to replace the whole cast amidst concerns that ratings would not fare well without Bethenny Frankel in tow.   Actually, ratings are doing well and maybe Bravo will stop looking for richer and KLAHSSIER gals to improve the ratings?   I for one are for a new cast.  As each episode airs, it’s just the same old issues where Jill Zarin is still living in last season and still reeling from the Bethenny fight where Bethenny came out smelling like a rose, richer and having her own show. 

If you think about it, Bethenny doesn’t have to take expensive trips to far away destinations at the cost of Bravo (and not from LuMann’s checkbook if you believe her).  Bethenny is a one woman housewife show with a sweet baby face Bryn and an adoring husband who grounds her, is made on a simple budget with decent ratings.  It’s a no brainer that she was renewed for another season so quickly.

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Twinkly Tweets With The VH1 “Mob Wives” and a little extra.. ;-)

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 30, 2011

It's On An Poppin!! WTF?? It's Twinkly Time..

For some un-godly reason, I dont think Drita would take or understand the accent perpetuated here. HEY!! Ima Just SAYING!!

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Real Housewives of New York Preview – ‘Misfortune Teller’, An Interview with Alex and Twinkly Tweets!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 26, 2011

I Am An Animal Lover! I Also Love My Shoes, Belts and Handbags!

LuAnn hosts the ladies in Morocco, where she nabs Sonja and Ramona trying to secretly leave the property shortly after they arrive.   Later, Jill runs into an old friend while shopping, (Brad anyone?)  and he invites the women to his birthday party, which features a fortune teller and a snake charmer.

The next three episodes surely create the division from the brunettes and blonde’s.   I think the women are really going to play up the drama for our viewing pleasure because women can’t be that rude and obnoxious right?

In the video below we have snake charmers and some how I think “Snakes in the Sand”  is going to be my catch phrase for my recap. 

 On “Watch What Happens Live” tonight, the guest’s are Ramona and MSNBC’s Willie Geist.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Twinkly Tweets With VH1 “Mob Wives” AND HOLY SHIT!! It’s On Like Poppin!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 22, 2011


I was actually writing a post for all of Renee Graziano’s funny tweets since she is so hysterical and truly witty.  As I spent some time scrolling down the twitter page for maybe 75 pages which took a lot of time, it was 8:00 pm and time to watch “Mob Wives”. I opened another browser page for twitter to view and tweet about tonights show. What I didn’t know was a HUGE twitter war that would unfold right before me own eyes!!. Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano really hold their own on twitter. Drita seems to be playing both sides and Carla? WHAT A FREAKIN WHIMP! She can not cut a bitch or even lick one.

I will most definitely have a recap up later folks. This one can not be missed. Reruns for Mob Wives go all night on VH1. You MUST check it out. I IMPLORE YOU! If you love Real Housewives of NJ, then this show is right up your er.. um.. alley.

Live Tweeting during 5/22/2011 episode

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Twinkly Tweets By Real Housewifes Of New York City!! Drink Up Peeps!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 20, 2011 Follow us.. its like taking candy from children..



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