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Cougar Town:Breakdown Recap

Posted by tvtime101 on May 13, 2010

Ok, is it bad, that I watched that entire episode, and all I got out of it was Girls that drink a lot are skinny… and if the internet says it, it must be true. 

Yea… I think that’s kind of it.   I did see the whole graduation thing and how it had to revolve around Jules because his speach didn’t include her.  And poor Bobby… tries so hard to not embarass his son….  But, I think we know that he’s just beating a dead horse…  

I think a very interesting thing this episode was that Ellie did back off of Laurie, which was a relief from the torturing, but I like it when Ellie is viscious. 

What did you think about the episode… Did it lack something since it got the news of renewal?????

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Cougar Town: Wake up Time Recap – Ellie Makes a Friend\

Posted by tvtime101 on April 15, 2010

This episode started off to a funny start.  Bobby and Andy are standing opposite of each other while the song Cats in the Cradle is playing in the background. It’s called emotional chicken.  The first one to cry loses so of course Jules is by Andy and Ellie is by Bobby.  Both are trash talking them and giving references to the song and their sons.  But, this hits hard for Andy as he feels that he doesn’t look like his son (thanks to Laurie for confirming it) and tries to connect with his infant son to find some common traits between them.  Laurie advises for him to take Stan to the Petting Zoo and in doing so, he picks up a goose (i think it’s a goose) and tries to get his son interested in it, but the goose isn’t happy.  He starts biting at Andys neck all the while Laurie is recording it on her phone.  Without Andys consent or knowledge, she uploads it to a video sharing website, and people start to high five him.

Jules is all types of excited in this episode as Travis and his girlfriend, Kyle have broken up.  So, Jules is comforting him this episode and holding on to his tear stains on her shirt.

Meanwhile, Jules runs into Kylie and goes crazy on her.  Like super mom crazy yelling at her for breaking her poor sons heart and it unfolds that her perfect poor son had cheated on Kylie.  This forces Jules to have Bobby and her sit with Travis and discuss the cheating.  Bobby wasn’t aware that Travis knew about the cheating, and Jules found out that it was just her that Bobby cheated on.  This brings up many issues regarding past lovers and boyfriends.  She finds herself at the doorstep of a past boyfriend asking if he ever cheated and he didn’t when they were exclusive.  So, she has now more doubts about herself and it being her. Btw, apparently both Travis and Kylie kissed a brother sister duo and got back together at the end of the episode.

So we all had to know that Sara (Sheryl Crow) was a guest stint and had to end.  We were wondering when that would happen.  ( I don’t read spoilers, I like to be surprised).  So, Grayson is dating Sara and wakes up to find Sara and Ellie talking.  Much to his surprise, they have a lot in common and Ellie really likes her.  Ellie assured Grayson that she won’t screw it up for him (and by the way, skip the chest foreplay.. you suck at it).  So, Ellie & Andy are over Graysons having drinks with him and Sara when we realize Andy is drinking.. You know what that means (pshhhhhhhh BOOM).  It’s inappropriate question time.  So, before passing out, he lays the big one… Grayson and Jules flirty relationship. Even though Grayson reassures Sara that they are friends, never slept together and that’s it,   Sara still finds a way to privately ask Ellie if there is something to worry about… Ellie being Ellie… she says yes.

As Jules is in the middle of a revelation about who she is regarding cheating… she’s hiding (fully clothed) in her tub while Grayson is trying to soothe her feelings, Ellie and Sara walk in.  Sara a little upset leaves, and Ellie confesses what she said.  So Grayson goes to talk to Sara and reiterates that there is nothing between them and says that he’s going to close up the bar early and come home and cook dinner.

Jules is still having a melt down about all of the cheating and winds up at the bar talking to Grayson.  She admits that she is a doormat and she isn’t like Ellie about the cheating, (if your caught cheating, get the gardening shears and watch me cut it off).   Jules is more forgiving and is waiting for a guy to not hurt her.  Grayson informs that she has to find a guy that couldn’t fathom hurting her (with the look he was giving her, we know its him).  So, Jules ask him if he was closing up early and he says no.  He chose Jules over Sara.

Sara sat there waiting for him to tell him that she’s done, and the episode ends at the mailboxes with Grayson and Jules saying goodnight and Jules walks away as Grayson stares at her.  When she looked back, you know she likes him, and he was still staring.

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