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OTHER Programs to Watch Tonight at 10:00 PM EST – POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on February 22, 2011

Boob Tube

Believe it or not, there are other worthy networks to peruse on the Tuesday 10:00 pm time slot!!   Let me give you a few options if your channel is stuck on the Bravo channel.  We have a remote for a reason people!!  It is not a back scratcher or something to throw at the dog or kids with.   Or more importantly to some.. to hide your batteries from your kids that is stored for OTHER uses.. yes.. I went there..

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The Good Wife: Preview Tonight’s Episode

Posted by tvtime101 on November 16, 2010

Tonight we have Miranda Cosgrove, one of Nickelodeon’s rapid rising stars on tonight’s episode of The Good Wife.  This original episode has Miranda playing a Hollywood Tartlet Starlet, who received a DUI and eventually gets put on trial for attempted murder. Hmmmmmmm… does this sound familiar????  Will they have Michael & Dina, her parents in the episode fighting and constantly talking to the media about her?????

This role is the complete opposite of roles Miranda normally plays.  From a mother who was forced to watch ICarly, and knows the talents of this young girl, this should be an interesting evening.

Will you be watching???????????????

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The Good Wife Recap: Predictable Predictable!!!!

Posted by tvtime101 on May 13, 2010

Ok, all those who watched, put your hands in the air…. Ok, of those of you that watched…. who was disappointed!!!!  (my hand is raised).    I honestly thought that it was way too predictable.  Wait, hold that thought…. there was one part that wasn’t predictable.

We opened up with Alicia’s assistant listening in on the conference room conversation regarding Alicia and her competition, Cary.  Diane and Will are deciding which Jr. Associate to choose.  Alicia’s assistant goes to see Alicia, however, she’s busy with Eli (who is asking for permission for Peter to run again.)  So, her assistant goes back to her desk when Cary informs her that she does great work and he will help her become a Paralegal.  Persuaded by that, she goes to Cary. 

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The Good Wife: Doubt Review, Are Things Really What They Seem?

Posted by tvtime101 on April 6, 2010

Matt Czuchry, Julianna Margulies David M. Russell/CBS

So, this episode took such a different turn, especially in their 1st season.  Maybe they had doubts if the show would be renewed, and tried a different angle, but cudo’s to the writers and director(s) of this episode.

This episode “doubt” took a turn and angled the episode toward the jury deliberation.  We saw their arguments based on what presided in court and what evidence was shown.  At one point, one of the jury members stated that they didn’t feel they had enough information.  Seeing that point of view, I wanted to yell at the TV for Will and Alicia to give them more info.   No, but really it was a great take that we don’t see often at all!   We have lawyer shows, doctor shows, nurses shows and regular drama.  We rarely get the opportunity to see that view!

We know that “The dinner” is still on between Will and Alicia.  I WANT to see that dinner in full length. Do you??????  It’s funny how it’s being noticed how Will is not looking at Alicia anymore and people are aware of a turn of events between the two.  For example, Calinda asked Alicia if she was being a naughty girl because Will hasn’t been looking at her.  Their relationship or lack there of is taking a path that may unravel soon enough.  As with every episode, Calinda does the hard work and digging to find all of their clients are innocent and Will makes a statement how after 15 years, he still can’t tell who’s innocent and who isn’t.  However, their ballistics expert, can.

Diane and her ultra conservative, overly sexual tension relationship with the ballistics expert (whose name escapes me) got real over dinner just after he scientifically discovered the client was innocent.    All the while going back and forth between the jury and their deliberations in regards to a college student who had a threesome and one was left dead.  Sounds more like a “CSI: Miami” episode rather “The Good Wife” episode.

So, Diane and Mr. Ballistics get it on and I think the fact that he has such opposing views politically is a turn on for her and is the challenge that this amazing character needs.  However, the prosecution found out about their little rendezvous and used it in court (surprising the hell outta Will) to dismiss the findings by the expert stating that sexual favors were given for the testimony.

After a closed door meeting (more like screaming session) between Will and Diane, she most gracefully says “Don’t be a hypocrite” to will with her insinuating voice that only she can pull off as classy.  Will ended the meeting with watch us all you want nothing is going on.

If nothing was really going on, why would Alicia have sex with Big (yes, I still call “Peter” Big!)  after the lip locking session she had with Will?  The late night conversation on the phone was being listened in by her daughter who heard “Will, it’s romantic because it never happened between us” and “Will don’t say that”.  Alicia’s way of attempting to brush off Will was saying that if anything did happen between them in college (Georgetown) and nature would have taken its course with them within a week.  Yea, Keep Telling Yourself That One.

All in all, the client took a last minute plea to try an salvage a life after all of this and we find that the jury would have voted not guilty.  I think the theme of the show was that things are not as always as they seem.  And I think this applies to Will and Alicia, possibly even Peter (a.k.a. Big) & their daughter.  I have a feeling that we are in for an interesting rest of season with Will and Alicia.

Also, has anyone forgotten that Alicia and Kerry are duking it out for the same job?   Hopefully, by end of Season 1 we see some resolution in this area.   Will Alicia and Will continue to work together?  Will they heat things up?  How will this affect the rest of the season????????

Great line from the episode:

Jury Member #1 – I saw this CSI episode once and they said that transfer of GSR happens all the time

Jury Member #2 – That’s tv though

Jury Member #1 – yea, but I read it somewhere else

Jury Member # 3 – yea, I read the same thing.

I love how they reference a CSI episode for jury duty! And I am sure, I read the same thing was code for, I saw the same episode!!!

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