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What’s Getting Recapped, and When

Posted by tvtime101 on April 27, 2010

oK.  I know it’s been a while since my last recap, but I am getting emails regarding no Jerseylicious recap.   In all honesty, I haven’t even watched the episode.  It’s recorded… I just have to watch it.  Will watch by next week’s episode and recap it!

So, Today’s Published Recap’s


Published Tomorrow’s Recap

The Good Wife

What recap did you miss most this week????  Reply Back!


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Whats New on Turmoil Tuesday!!

Posted by tvtime101 on April 27, 2010

These postings are only identifying what is a NEW episode for tonight.  If your show is not listed, it’s NOT new!


  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angelas
  • The Good Wife
  • Late Show With David Letterman


  • Biggest Loser: Couples
  • Parenthood
  • Tonight Show with Jay Leno


  • American Idol
  • Glee


  • Dancing With The Stars
  • V
  • Nightline


  • 90210


  • Battle for Latenight

Animal Channel

  • Inside the Perfect Predator


  • 9 by Design

Comedy Central

  • Colbert Report

Discovery Channel

  • Deadliest Catch
  • Swamp Loggers


  • Kitchen Impossible
  • Indoors Out


  • Chelsea Lately

Food Network

  • Chopped


  • Justified

History Channel

  • Ancient Aliens


  • Home Rules


  • The Hills
  • The City
  • The Hills Aftershow


  • Explorer


  • Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too


  • 19 Kids and Counting
  • Little Chocolatiers


  • Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend


  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent


  • Transform Me

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Parenthood Renewed!!!!!

Posted by tvtime101 on April 27, 2010

NBC has picked up its freshman drama “Parenthood” for a second season.

The pickup was expected as the family dramedy has performed well on Tuesday nights. Its performance gives NBC a post-“Leno Show” victory in the 10 p.m. time period that it wrote off last year. Along with Thursday comedy “Community,” this marks the second scripted freshman series on NBC to receive a renewal.

“To get two out of this year is very positive for us and we feel the shows are true to the brand,” said NBC primetime president Angela Bromstad. “Creatively we feel very good about showrunner Jason Katims and the cast. It would be tragic if this type of show didn’t work on network television.”

With DVR data added, “Parenthood” has averaged a 3.2 rating in the adult demo and in recent weeks has rivaled CBS’ “The Good Wife” among young adults.

NBC still has a couple major titles on the bubble for renewal — namely “Chuck” and “Heroes” — but sources indicate both will probably return, with “Heroes” likely receiving a 13-episode “final season” order.

“It is all yet to be debated,” Bromstad said. “Both of those shows make sense with the new shows we’ll be bringing on.”

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Sorry no posts in almost a week!!!!

Posted by tvtime101 on April 27, 2010

My family and I went to Disney for a few days, and I was told (by the big man) no computer.   It’s a family vaca.    So, I reluctantly agreed, because I am also doing my Masters degree online, so I NEED the computer.  LOL.  I am almost caught up on all of my past hw and am ready to get back to tons of posts a day.

Sorry About That Folks!!! Thanks For Not Giving Up On Me!!!

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What We Are Recapping Tonight?

Posted by tvtime101 on April 19, 2010

Tonight is Monday Madness, however there are a few shows that are NOT new tonight, so we have a lighter schedule of recapping than we normally would.

Tonight’s Recap

Rules of Engagement

Romantically Challenged

We know Romantically Challenged is new but seems to have some good faces, so we will give it a shot!!!

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What’s New on Monday Night Madness!!!

Posted by tvtime101 on April 19, 2010

These postings are only identifying what is a NEW episode for tonight.  If your show is not listed, it’s NOT new!


  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Rules of Engagement
  • CSI: Miami
  • Late Show with David Letterman


  • Trauma


  • House
  • 24


  • Dancing With The Stars
  • Romantically Challenged
  • Castle
  • Nightline

ABC Family

  • 10 Things I Hate About You


  • Runaway Squad

Animal Channel

  • Animal Cops Houston
  • Untamed & Uncut


  • A Few Good Men


  • Turf War


  • Chelsea Lately
  • E! News

Food Network

  • Unwrapped


  • Broken Arrow


  • Untraceable (Movie)
  • Damages

History Channel

  • Pawn Stars


  • House Hunters


  • Heathers (Movie)


  • True Life Presents: Wise Latina’s
  • True Life


  • Explorer 25 years


  • Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood


  • Nurse Jackie
  • United States of Tara


  • Lopez Tonight


  • 2 Episodes of Little, People Big World
  • Ultimate Cake Off

Travel Channel

  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
  • Dhani Tackles the Globe


  • Transform Me

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Desperate Housewives: We All Deserve to Die Recap – Evil

Posted by tvtime101 on April 19, 2010

Well, this week the theme was evil.  Evil thoughts and evil acts.  We go back to the Strangler and attack on Julie.  We find that there is another girl missing and why this isn’t on their radar I don’t know.  Although, I was particularly surprised by Lee and Stan and Lee’s departure.  You would think, by now, that you would know Wisteria Lane is not so safe from murderers, crazy people and yes tornadoes.  But, let’s recap what happened this week.

Lee & Stan have been trying to have a baby for sometime.  It’s been rough for the gay couple to find a surrogate and an egg donor for them to have a baby let alone being on the adoption lists.  They start off this week with their egg donor backing out and their surrogate to back out soon as well.  Gabby felt awful and wanted to help and offered up her eggs.  She offered them up before speaking to Carlos and before realizing what a big decision this is.  Lee and Stan should have recognized that by now.  Give her time to think about it and make sure its what she wants before getting their hopes up.  Well, after thinking about it Gabby wasn’t ready to let go of a child that was biologically but illegally hers.  Once she really thought about the child, she realized she may want another (particulary a boy) and thought about how she would feel if one of hers wasn’t there.  Carlos also weighed in and said that he is a majority stockholder since what comes out of there is half his, and he pays for the gym, massages and one day implants.  He was against it, but he is more level headed than she.  It broke her heart to have Carlos back out of it for her, but when she realized that Lee left because of it she felt even worse.

Susan & Mike are having money issues.  Mike is broke and getting his truck repo’d and Susan doesn’t know anything about it.  Mike has a chip on his shoulder about money and supporting his wife, but why isn’t their money pooled together.. Come on, in marriage, your supposed to have the financial burden together, not separate.  But, anyway when Susan learns of the status of his finances she pays everyone in the neighborhood to clog their drains and break their toilets so Mike can come and fix it.  It was a sweet gesture, but I think she’s right when she says her marriage is in some trouble if he can’t go to her.  The last divorce was because she couldn’t let go killing a mother and child, and this one may be on him (but I hope we don’t go down that road.)  Just pool it together and who cares who makes what.  Your a team and that’s what matters.  But, Mike didn’t see it that way and takes a hefty loan from Carlos and you just KNOW it will get around and back to Susan.  Splitsville, i don’t know.

Danny has found his biological father, but doesn’t know it yet.  Patrick is coming off as a guy writing a novel in a coffee shop and telling Danny all about his book (real life story minus the bad stuff) and how the guy is the victim because she took his son.  So he asks Danny how it should end and he says kill the woman.  Not realizing that it is his Mother, Patrick went to, but didn’t.  He told Danny that he wants to do what she did and take the kid.  But forcing a teenager to do something will bite him in the ass.  The kid won’t love him, so he’s going to have to win him over by forming a relationship with him, drop the bomb and let Danny leave on his own.

Bree is in a weird state.  We come to find that Andrew is digging in the wrong places.  Don’t look at his degrees, go for a background check.  You have all the necessary info on his I-9 and employee records.  Granted it’s illegal without his permission, but hey… I’d start there.  Bree also comes to find out (thanks Sam) that Andrew took some excess bottles of wine and vodka from a client and used them at the party.  The thing is he still billed the client from that and that is a big no-no.  This also tells you that Andrew is no CIA secret agent wanna be.  That is so easily traced, stamp an L on his forehead and be done with it.  Heck, even Bree fired Andrew as a form of time out punishment.

Although we learn that this new cookbook that is Sam’s idea is not really welcomed by Bree’s publisher and when she has to give a dinner to show some recipe’s the Sherry is switched to vinegar (apple cider vinegar from the looks.)  She is shocked and Sam immediately points the finger at Andrew because he never handed in his keys.  After discussing it with what appears to be a late night high cocoa with Orson, she realizes that Orson may be onto something.  Andrew is NOT as smart as to find out what ingredient she needs for the food being served to her publishers to get back at his mother for a routine firing that apparently happens all the time.  As Orson put it, he’s the kind that gets caught for stealing a case of wine.  So, now that the fingers are being pointed back at Sam, Bree is starting to realize the motive and wanting Andrew out of the picture.  But, I think Orson was just starting to scratch the surface.  I think Sam wants to destroy Bree and Andrew.  Andrew is merely a pawn that is getting in his way.  I think he knew how important the dinner was and that the publishing company didn’t want to do another generic Southern Cookbook.  But, once Bree realized the dishes were a disaster, she faked a fire and the sprinklers went off before anyone could eat a bite.

Lynnette and Tom are still not happy with Irina and Preston is a boy blinded by beauty.  Lynnette is bridal shopping with Irina when she gets a sketchy call that leads the owner of the bridal shop to translate the Russian call for Lynnette.  “It’s some guy threatening to call the police on her, it has to be something bad” is what Lynnette says to an Immigration officer asking for help.  When the first immigration officer doesn’t help and doesn’t do anything, she moves on to an officer with a family that can relate and asks her for help.  So, stealthy Lynnette (who’s so pregnant, she’s ready to drop) sneaks into Irina’s room and finds her passport and copies the number so she can give the officer to do a background check.  See, Andrew should be taking notes here!!!!   However, before she could leave the room, Irina and Preston barge in getting hot and heavy.  So, pregnant Lynnette hides behind the closet door waiting for a distraction (baseball through the window) to leave the room unnoticed.

They jump forward to the wedding and it’s an hour away.  Preston can’t find his shoe that Lynnette hid in the oven trying to bide time for that background check.  Just as Lynnette says I wish I went to Church more often so I could get an answer from the big man on what to do, the immigration officer appears at her home with the report full of goodies.  Tom looks into the sky baffled and Lynnette says see you Sunday!  After Lynnette confronts sneaky Irina about her past, Irina tells Lynnette to tell Preston and she will explain it because he’s a doop basically.  However, that doop was standing at the door and overheard it all.  After he calls off the wedding, Lynnette goes to talk to Preston.  (I thought she would have said, now shave that ridiculous thing off your face!) But says that he knows she hates him and would rather have it that way so he didn’t make the biggest mistake of his life.  And she knows its okay because he will get over it and she’ll be waiting there for him to get over it.  I loved it when she added to not to take too long because she misses him already.

This all leads to the end where Irina takes a ride from Eddie and after Eddie offers her to stay with him she laughs and says I didn’t come to America to get with some greasy haired kid ya know.  He whips the car around and it appears that he strangles her to death.  Apparently, HE IS OUR KILLER.  He digs a hole (a little too close to the road if you ask me) and buries her body.  The scene then goes to Eddie picking up Parker for school and Lynnette inviting him in.

Ok, so Eddie is going to have a fight and Parker goes missing causing Lynnette to freak and go into labor???  Is that how we are going to end the season.  I don’t know but what are your thoughts?????

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Jerseylicious: I Don’t Wanna Lose My Nails Recap – Too Much Jersey In Ya

Posted by tvtime101 on April 19, 2010

Ok, this is my favorite show to watch at the end of the night and go into my bed (sans kids) and watch.  Not something that puts me to sleep, but it is relaxing to watch other people’s problems.

So this episode starts off with picking on Olivia’s and Tracy’s style, make-up, nails, hair and yes clothes.  I was kind of shocked that grown women were discussing these young ladies style with such disgust.  I didn’t realize that in Jersey, (where I am from) the style is criticized like this.  This is where I honestly think that the show is scripted.

So Gayle and Alexa takes a meeting with Tracy and Olivia and says that they are going to the premier salon of the world, located in the City (NYC to outsiders) and they are going to have a day of learning.  Well, it gets around the salon and GiGi is a little taken back.  Hell, who wouldn’t want to learn from the best stylist in the world?  But, Anthony is more concerned with an assistant.  The Salon has gotten super busy since the commercial and they need someone to do shampoo’s.  I don’t think I have ever been in a salon in Jersey, and never had a shampoo girl, come on get with it Gayle.  However, because of the cost to drive to the city and stay a night, they (Gayle and Christy) say no immediately.

Anthony doesn’t like being told no, so he goes outside and makes a call.  What seems like he’s jumping ship he actually brings in an intern.  The look on Christy’s face when he comes in and announces that he’s an intern is priceless.  Apparently, Filippo is the son of the Pizza King from Staten Island and is a huge flirt.  Flirting with Frankie’s mom and all of the salonies makes for great entertainment.  Plus, he’s not hard to look at either.

Speaking of Frankie’s mom.  It seems that there is 5 minutes allotted in each episode for a family dinner with Frankie and his family.  (Do I smell Spin off Coming?)  Anyway, tonight, they were eating dinner and Frankie’s mom says she wants her hair done and Frankie chimes in with don’t make my mom look like a whore.  So, when all is said and done and she comes home, her husband is taken back and admires her beauty.  He tells her that because she is so dolled up and looks so good that he’s taking her out.  Frankie is right, his dad does have a soft spot for his mom and that’s sweet!

Now about the City.  So, the glam fairy made some calls and got Olivia and Tracy in for a “training session” but that’s not really what it was.  It was a make under session because Gayle (who has the same style) doesn’t want the girls dressing like they are going to the club.  She wants a little more professionalism.  So, hire a shampoo girl and create an employee handbook.. HELLO!     But, without the girls’ knowledge the stylists transform the animal printing loving diva’s into something a little understated and modest.  Granted the hair and make-up was stunning, and I mean stunning, the girls were lost and out of their element.

Alexa and Gayle decided to take the girls to dinner/club and meet them there.  Once free of the stylists, Tracy and Olivia start going back to teased hair and their bronzer.  Look, no one told them why the make over was happening, and why it is important to look professional.  They just transformed them.  So it is easy to see their side of it, feeling ambushed.  So at the dinner, Gayle and Alexa get mad and blurt out the real reason for NY and leave.  So immediately, Tracy starts telling Tracy that this is all her fault because the stylist was really talking about her poor taste and didn’t mean any of that for her, Tracy.  Olivia gets a backbone and tells her that they both dress flashy and act flashy, so realize it and own it!  Olivia goes even further to try and have some civility between the two for their work relationship which is very mature of her.  Did she learn that at the NY Salon??  Tracy of course told her no, and that she will always hate her and does what she does because she doesn’t like her.  Olivia gets up and says the ball’s in your court.  I was trying to basically move on and work on my professional tendencies.

They show up the next day with no bronzer (as per the threat by Gayle) and flatter hair.       They find themselves at a nail salon only to find that Olivia’s nails are being removed.  She actually has a panic attack and Self Involved Alexa doesn’t see that it’s not about the nails.  Hello, this young 20 something is being changed, without her permission and no notice.  She’s not mature enough to understand the benefit of less makeup and no nails.  These things have to go slow.  After awhile and a long walk, Alexa realized that we have to take small steps and cut her nails short.  After the last part of their transformation, they go out to eat and Gayle tries to recover the day by saying we aren’t changing you, just your appearance. Alexa showed that she too is not the b#$%^ we thought she was.  Yes, we are tired of hearing impress me, be a glam fairy.  But this episode she was able to give a good speech to Olivia and be real.  I like this side of Alexa

Look, I am all for professionalism and yes, I have acrylic nails, however they are so short you can barely notice.  I am a nail biter and find that with just a little acrylic on them, I don’t go to bite them and they are chic short nails (barely longer than my actual finger.)  Sometimes compromising is a better solution than the ambush.  Also, those make over’s that the stylists gave were amazing.  They looked mature and beautiful, not make up beautiful, but actual god given beauty.  They aren’t ready for that just yet, so don’t force their make up.  They are NOT walking in like they are from KISS.  Make up a dress code and give it to them, and we could have avoided all this drama.  Gayle… look in the mirror.. you are just as bad (not with the earrings).  We see teased hair and outlandish clothes.  You are trying to take advantage of those girls because they are young.  Would you have done it with that obnoxious loud lady from the pilot who had hair that looked like she was electrocuted?

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Brothers and Sisters: If You Bake It, He Will Come Recap

Posted by tvtime101 on April 18, 2010

Ok, we learn early on in this episode that Ojai is in major financial trouble.  The bank has called up their loan and wants the money.  However, Rebecca wonders what happened to the money she gave Holly earlier and we find out that Holly doesn’t want to use it for the company, she’d rather keep it safe knowing Rebecca has a little nest egg.

Scotty gets why Nora did what she did.  Scotty didn’t have much of a mom and really looks up to Nora for all the reasons she loves each one of her kids.  So, he’s in Nora’s corner hoping that Kevin will come to dinner and Michelle will be pregnant.

Apparently Robert is still speaking of this, I can’t speak about it job and is interviewing, but needs a physical.  This was too easy.. of course it’s something with his heart that prevents this job that would relocate him and Kitty to DC.   Although, it would be a good way to write them out of the show, but now we know it’s something with his heart, we will wait and see.  ** Best Line – I am just gonna run by and see the President  ** No big deal.

Tommy seems to be getting more involved with Ojai, I wonder what is role is going to be, and if he is officially back at Ojai.  Will Holly (and Rebecca) allow his return?

Last week was Nora’s break down, this week is Sarah’s.  Sarah is having a difficult time watching Luc slowly pack.  Too much torture for her and after she hangs up the phone with another lender that won’t lend Ojai food she lashes out at him and his packing techniques.  Then she goes over to Nora’s and lashes out at her saying Kevin’s not coming, Kitty’s moving to DC and Luc is leaving.  This results in Nora walking away composing herself.  Now, when Nora comes back it’s a little obvious we have less gray hair.  (Did she give it all to King Henry @ The Tudors or did she have a dye job?)

When Nora returns she tells Kitty and Sarah to help or leave and Sarah responds with “Okay Ma, I’ll live in your fantasy for awhile, it sure beats my reality hands down.”  They are building up Luc leaving that I think that last minute he will get his VISA.  He even decided to stop packing and get a round trip ticket to show Sarah he will be back and won’t have to unpack.

We know Kitty is running for senate, Roberts Senate seat and will be in DC for awhile, (but if they still move) I wonder how Nora will react based on how Kitty was gone for years before the show started and the night she came back, William died.

So, the three boys, Justin, Kevin and Tommy decide to confront Dennis York about his information and the deal.  Now, they really don’t know what’s so great about Narrow Lake so they are trying to make a deal with him and Kevin handles himself very professionally.  When Dennis realizes what they know and that he doesn’t hold the cards he plays it cool and tells Kevin that the reason William didn’t tell him was because he thought he was weak, fragile and would fall apart.

Holly finds out that Rebecca put her 2 Million into the company’s cash account and wildly accused Sarah of helping her.  We know what happens when you assume.. come on, say it, you make an ass outta you… and you.  Anyway, she apologized and enters Rebecca holding the geological reports. After reading the reports Holly is uncharacteristically pessimistic about the reports, but it did say something about electromagnetic induction.  I did look it up and electromagnetic induction is for like generators and power.  Was William thinking of branching out into generators or windmills and turbines as the future of the company?  Or is it a wild goose chase?

So, everyone leaves feeling that Kevin isn’t coming and he does.  After the meeting with Dennis York, who removed the offer, he went to his mom’s.  She came clean about why they didn’t tell him and it wasn’t because he was weak.  Kevin told her about him and Aaron and the kiss.  He told her that he was so afraid of admitting he was gay that he fought him.  She said she always knew he was gay and was waiting for him to figure it out on his own.  She also told him that when he spoke of Aaron he lit up that she thought he was in love with Aaron and was afraid for him being gay in the times that they were in.  She told him he was sensitive and tender, not weak.  So, the whole gang ended up eating Squab stuffed with wild rice.  They each went around the table like on Thanksgiving, and instead of saying what they are thankful for, they said what they weren’t.  It was odd and misplaced in the story line.   Also, before the episode ended (and everyone singing happy birthday) Michelle called and the first blood test said she’s half pregnant, and they will know for sure with the next test.

Narrow Lake needs to come to an end.  What did they find?  What’s in the soil?  Rebecca mentioned that the survey said that they can’t be walked through it til tomorrow, so maybe they will find something out.  Oh, before I forget, they kept mentioning throughout the episode that it’s a family business and referred that to Holly numerous times.  So, I guess that was the theme of the night, family matters.

OK.   I should finally come clean.   I have created a drinking game about this show.  Does anyone remember the Dynasty drinking game?  Well, you do a shot when someone gets slapped which was often.   Here, Anytime they fill a glass, do a shot (or a sip of your drink).  That’s all they do in this show, drink wine.  So, tonight we were at the count of 8!  Not as high as the dynasty slaps, but still a lot!

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The Tudors – Spoilers

Posted by tvtime101 on April 18, 2010


Here is a video I found that gives us some surprises of what’s in store for the remaining 8 episodes.  I CAN’T WAIT!

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The Tudors Recap – Insecurities & Immaturity

Posted by tvtime101 on April 18, 2010

Ok. This season is progressing as we are 2 episodes in on a 10 episode season.

Firstly, I want to say that the gray hair is aging him very quickly.  We didn’t see these kind of grays last season, but I did look into it and the historians (wiki) say that he aged very quickly.

We open with dancing and Lord Surrey with Mrs. Seymour and he wants her again, and she’s refusing to tease him.  Then we go to the King and Charles, and the King has created a medal with a new coat of arms on it with the inscription a rose with no thorns.  Charles declares that if his wife were to make love to him again, make him a medal.  I thought that was so funny.  However, Charles also informs him that Anne of Cleves also has been keeping company with Elizabeth and Mary.

So, it didn’t take long for Joan to tell someone about Francis Dereham, and she decides to tell Lady Rochford.   Ok, we already know that Lady Rochford is NOT, I repeat NOT a fan of Queen Kathryn.

So, the King decides to invite Anne of Cleves to court for the New Year along with Mary.  Kathryn is in the pond area and the King says that there is another gift and she she’s two horses, he says that they are a gift from Anne of Cleves and that she is on her way.  The teenager face that Kathryn made was perfect for a girl of her age.   She’s jealous and upset.  Did anyone find it interesting that she gifted the King and the Queen 2 horses when that is what the King said she looked like???  A Slap in the face maybe, like I don’t look like a horse, you act like one??  Also, who is going to be so jealous of a woman that the King thought looked like a horse? A Child, that’s who!  Anyway, Kathryn says while walking away, “I hope Lady Mary will be more gracious”.

Mary does just enough to stay under the Kings Radar, but obey’s him and Kathryn knows that… so when Mary thanked the King for his gifts, Kathryn went back to her seat and pouted!

Anne of Cleves has a sense of humor and is very appealing.  as a result, her and Kathryn get along.  (Anne seems to be very optimistic and holds no grudge, … i like her.)  Now Anne reveals that she has no reason to remarry and thinks of Elizabeth as a daughter she never had and finds that having Elizabeth as a real daughter would bring her more happiness than being queen..  certainly Kathryn doesn’t think so.

The Spanish Ambassador, Mendoza visits with Mary and you see such an amazing father daughter relationship with the two of them.  He really does try to guide her in the right direction and she looks up to him so.  However, he does try to appeal to Mary to reconcile her feelings with the Queen and of course Mary refuses and storms out of the room when she sees Anne and Kathryn dancing together.

The next day Mary gets a visit by Kathryn  and it gets to be a battle of wits between the two.  It’s funny too, because as Mary says that Anne deserves respect because she carries herself with grace, Kathryn has one hand hanging on her hip and slouching already proving her point.  The battle of wits got quickly personal and Mary told Kathryn that the King will lose interest in her soon enough because she is frivolous and not even pregnant.   Kathryn responded with, “Your jealous and you will die an old maid”.  The attack resulted in Kathryn removing two maids from Marys service.

After the argument, Mendoza goes to her room to find her packing.  He asks what has aspired in the argument and she informs him of it and tells him that she’s right.  She’s so desperate to be married and it hasn’t happened.  The acting displayed by Mary was amazing.

Henry left the dance or ball early and found that it was his ulcer that needed to be drained.  Culpepper asks him why invite Anne and he replied, she’s kept her word.  I wonder if there is more to it than we think.  Like she kept her word in saying that there was no consummation.  Just a thought! but it seems he respects her for keeping her word and he doesn’t get that too often.  Maybe he should have stayed with her.  Also, when he, Kathryn and Ann have a private dinner, he gives multiple gifts to Kathryn and Ann never got jealous or pouty.  I think he liked that about her.

Mrs. Seymour was approached by Thomas, her brother in law and tells him that he should be more like Edward and to take what he wants.  Of Course Lord Surrey was watching and she was trying to make him jealous.  So, later that night, Thomas goes to her bed and she doesn’t want that.  She fights him for a minute, cries than collects herself and gets into in.  See what happens when you wanna tease and make someone jealous?  Oh, Lord Surrey wrote a poem that went public about her trying to lure him in and he will make prey out of her and her and her husband murdered the innocent.  She looked at him with such betrayal in her eyes.

Lady Rochford had way too much to drink and divulged the Francis Dereham information to Culpeper.  You can see that Rochford likes him but where his interests lie are way different than hers.  So after a couple of days they sleep together and  the second after they do he makes a reference to Kathryn and Dereham and says I wonder what it would feel like.  She immediately covers up, but has a change of heart and tells him that if its what he wants, she can arrange it.

So the next day, Henry meets with his council  and thinks that they are plotting against him and publicizes the mourning of Cromwell.  You can clearly see his insecurities and his descent into madness.

So, Kathryn hasn’t seen the King in 10 days and has insecurities of what she did wrong and wonders if he’s taken a mistress.  She has no clue about his medical condition or ailments.  So, when she suggests that the King has taken a Mistress, Culpepper makes eye contact with her and says that he can’t speak about such matters.  He does say, however, “You more than any other woman deserve to be happy” right in front of Lady Rochford.  He’s pinning Kathryn into such self doubt and insecurities that when Joan goes to her side and tells her that Culpepper is in love with her, she is intrigued.  Later Lady Rochford informs Kathryn that she knows about Dereham and can keep a secret and make Culpepper her secret.  This intrigues the Queen.  Does anyone remember that Lady Rochford is the widow of Queen Ann Boleyn’s brother?  Hellllllo…  she ratted them out for an alleged incestuous relationship?  She’s a rat, and I smell a plot!

So the episode ends with a secret rendezvous with Culpepper late at night, and the King staring out at the moon.

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What’s Being Recapped from Slammin’ Sundays

Posted by tvtime101 on April 18, 2010

Ok, Today (Sunday) is slamming.  My DVRs work into overdrive and I don’t know where to start.  Soooo many good shows.   Here’s what we are recapping tonight.


The Tudors

Brothers & Sisters



Desperate Housewives

Ok, I am catching up (very slowly) on Spartacus, so please be patient.. there should be recap this Friday.  I was told I MUST check out Breaking Bad.  This edgy newish show (in 3rd season) has really broke some ground for a newbie.  So, I have to go to a family members who DVRs it for me to watch and catch up and start recording the shows tonight from now on.   Maybe there will be a marathon of it, and I can watch…  does anyone know what episode we are on yet.  So, far I know the main plot and when its on.   Comments welcomed!!!!!!!!!!!

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Whats New on Slammin’ Sundays

Posted by tvtime101 on April 18, 2010

These postings are only identifying what is a NEW episode for tonight.  If your show is not listed, it’s NOT new!


  • CMA’s (Country Music Awards)


  • Minute to Win It
  • Celebrity Apprentice


  • The Simpsons
  • American Dad


  • Desperate Housewives
  • Brothers & Sisters

ABC Family

  • Beauty & The Briefcase


  • Gene Simmons Family Jewels
  • Kirstie Alley’s Big Life


  • Breaking Bad

Discovery Channel

  • 2 New Episodes of Life

Disney Channel

  • Sonny with a Chance
  • Good Luck Charlie

Food Network

  • Food Network Challenge
  • Ultimate Recipe Showdown


  • The Pacific


  • HGTV Green Home 2010
  • Holmes on Homes


  • Riverworld


  • The Tudors

Style Network

  • Ruby
  • Kimora: Life in the fab lane


  • Meet the Parents


  • Accidental Fortune


  • David Blane: What is Magic


  • The Quarters


  • Platinum Weddings

**Oxygen is doing a Sandra Bullock night (it looks like)**

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No Saturday Posts Anymore

Posted by tvtime101 on April 18, 2010

Hey all… Saturday will be the only day that we don’t post anything.   Friday is going to be very scarce too, but there isn’t much on to talk about.

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New Reality Page Coming?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Posted by tvtime101 on April 16, 2010

Well… LETS KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED.  I have been pursuing (and maybe pressuring) a connoisseur of  almost ALL reality shows to join us here at tvtime101 and do reviews and recaps of pretty much all reality shows.   I will keep you updated on the progress of this outcome.

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