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Whats New On TV Tonight? Games of Thrones, Walking Dead, The Bible, #RHOA, Mob Wives & The Good Wife #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 31, 2013

Walking Dead TV

Eastern – National Listings

8 pm Eastern

Amazing Race 22  | CBS  Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow

The race continues in Botswana.

Call the Midwife  | PBS  Episode 1

Season 2 opens with Jenny Lee’s birthday. The next day she takes on a new patient who’s involved in an abusive relationship. In other events, Trixie and Sister Evangelina board a Swedish cargo ship to care for the captain’s daughter, who’s about to have her first baby.

Cupcake Wars  | FOOD  Rock-and-Roll Cupcakes

Cupcakes for the I Heart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas are created.

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited  | BBC  The Third Doctor

The third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) is featured in the classic 1970 episode “Spearhead From Space.” The Doctor battles the Nestene Consciousness, a disembodied alien intelligence out to destroy mankind through the use of plastic replicas.

Max Steel | DISXD  Come Together, Part 2

Part 2 of 3. A mysterious villain searches for Max.

The Bible  | HIST  Passion

Conclusion. Peter denies Jesus; Judas hangs himself; and Jesus is crucified.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta  | BRAVO  Divas Into Icons

Kenya hosts a big party with a Hollywood-icons theme in the Season 5 finale. All guests arrive in assigned costumes, but one rogue housewife stirs up trouble, resulting in a battle royal.

You Live in What?  | HGTV  Caboose; Fuselage; Gas Station

The conversion of an old caboose is featured, along with homes that were once a fuselage, gas station, fire station, church and hayloft. Also: a fur factory; auto-body shop; paint warehouse; and Mexican restaurant.

8:30 pm Eastern

Max Steel  | DISXD  Come Together, Part 3

Conclusion. Dread threatens to destroy Copper Canyon.

9 pm Eastern

Army Wives  | LIFE  Hearth and Home

Joan adjusts to life at home after being pulled from combat; Gloria receives her divorce papers; Denise cares for Latasha’s son when he is rushed to the emergency room; Maggie and Eddie’s blended family bump heads; the soldiers in Afghanistan are moved to a remote and dangerous outpost.

Game of Thrones  | HBOe   Valar Dohaeris

In the Season 3 premiere, Jon meets Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall, as the rest of the Night’s Watch survivors move south. Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Tyrion wants his reward, Cersei hosts a royal dinner and Littlefinger makes Sansa an offer she may not be able to refuse; and across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys travels to Slaver’s Bay in search of a ship and new alliances.

Kourtney and Kim Take Miami  | E!  Babies, Lies, and Alibis Part One

Kim hires a private investigator to spy on Scott, who she suspects is up to no good; at the same time, Kourtney considers becoming a surrogate mother for Khloé.

Married to Medicine  | BRAVO  Mistress of Medicine

Mariah tries to make amends in the wake of her disastrous birthday bash. Meanwhile, Quad faces the consequences of going on the attack; and Simone’s patient copes with potentially tragic news.

Masterpiece Classic  | PBS  Mr. Selfridge

The story of flamboyant Harry Gordon Selfridge (Jeremy Piven), the American founder of the lavish London department store Selfridges & Co., opens with his plans to launch the store waylaid when his business partner pulls out of the project.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding  | TLC  Double Wedding, Double Trouble!

Best friends plan a double wedding, but one of them involves an outsider; Romani twins turn 18 with different ideas about settling down.

Revenge  | ABC  Masquerade

The Graysons host a masquerade ball on Halloween, giving Emily an opportunity to expose secrets of Victoria’s. Meanwhile, Jack moves forward in his quest for vengeance and acquires a surprising ally; and Aiden makes a daring move.

Shameless  | SHOe  Order Room Service

Fiona takes the kids camping, while homeless Frank tries to get Carl to sneak him into the Gallagher van for the night.

The Good Wife  | CBS  The Wheels of Justice

Alicia and Will deliberately go to trial unprepared when they learn that an impending Supreme Court ruling could result in notorious client Colin Sweeney being imprisoned for life. Meanwhile, Diane reunites with Kurt McVeigh, but she is then forced to reevaluate the relationship.

The Walking Dead  | AMC   Welcome to the Tombs

With the Governor’s attack looming, Rick and his people need to determine if the prison is worth defending.

Worst Cooks in America  | FOOD  So Close I Can Almost Taste It

Season 4 ends with a winner being declared following the final battle between Team Anne and Team Bobby.

9:30 pm Eastern

Hawaii Life  | HGTV  Newlyweds Search for a Home in Honolulu, Oahu

A real-estate agent searches for apartments in downtown Honolulu for newlyweds, who would prefer a high-rise condo with high-quality amenities, but at a modest price.

10 pm Eastern

Bar Rescue  | SPIKE  Karaoke Katastrophe

Jon makes over one of the country’s first karaoke bars, dealing with outdated decor, a hot-under-the-collar chef and an owner who’s oblivious to what’s going on in his place, and a hoarder to boot.

Chopped  | FOOD  Heads Up!

The chefs are surprised to find an ingredient in the appetizer basket staring back at them. Later, a dangerous situation arises while entrées are being prepared; and desserts are made using yellow rice and persimmons.

House of Lies  | SHOe  Hostile Takeover

A mercurial Las Vegas casino czar ups the ante on a business deal with a frustrated Marty; and Clyde’s club-owner friends look to him to expand their brand beyond Vegas. Meanwhile, Marty picks up some inside dirt on Tamara.

Mob Wives  | VH1

Karen hosts a “prenup party” in a bid to tutor the ladies about protecting their assets, all to Ramona’s chagrin. Elsewhere, Carla breaks disturbing news to Ang, and Drita hires staffers for her new store.

Red Widow  | ABC | starts at: 10:01  The Captive

Natalie’s disappearance prompts a desperate Marta to ask Schiller to help find her, despite her family’s misgivings. Meanwhile, Gabriel mulls spilling the beans about his mother’s hiding place for Schiller’s cocaine; and Irwin is annoyed by his father’s treatment of Felicity.

Talking Dead  | AMC | starts at: 10:05  Welcome to the Tombs

The “Welcome to the Tombs” episode is recapped.

The Celebrity Apprentice  | NBC  Lightning Strikes Mr. Hang Brain

The stars are assigned to create and sell three-dimensional artwork. Appearing: Piers Morgan; the Blue Man Group; and Chaz Dean.

The Client List  | LIFE  My Main Trial Is Yet to Come

Selena doesn’t trust Riley’s newest hire, who worked at a strip club; Derek keeps a secret that could jeopardize the Rub of Sugarland; Riley receives an unusual request from a pro football player who is a client and likes to test boundaries.

Vikings  | HIST  Raid

A prophet predicts the earl’s future; Ragnar’s home and farm are destroyed.

Welcome to Myrtle Manor  | TLC

Becky plans a Miss Myrtle Manor beauty pageant to restore harmony to the trailer park after an altercation involving the Darlin’ Dogs women.

10:30 pm Eastern

Californication   | SHOe  The Abby

Atticus goes missing and Hank and Faith team up to track him down, but only Becca is privy to his whereabouts. Meanwhile, a session with Ophelia leaves Marcy in a knotty situation; Charlie receives an odd message from his ex; and Karen has an epiphany about her daughter.

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