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UPDATE!! Happy July 4’th Bloggers!!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 4, 2011


Everyone take the day off and eat some Americana food and get some heartburn!   Me, I am headed to the beach to walk the boards, eat some beach food and watch some fireworks.   I actually have the 2 boys in tow with my grandson so this will be specially nice.

Everyone please be safe and enjoy yourselves!  Now a little special diddy to make you all smile.  😉


The 4th of July is a special holiday weekend for all Americans, but perhaps more so for the NYPD bomb squad. That’s because each year they get to blow up all the fireworks the department has confiscated in a grand, fiery spectacle.

This year they gathered 5,000 pounds of confiscated fireworks and detonated it.

It is illegal to buy or sell fireworks in New York without a permit, so those who are caught can get fined or arrested. From the Staten Island Advance:





6 Responses to “UPDATE!! Happy July 4’th Bloggers!!!”

  1. cali said

    LOL! Captures it perfectly doesn’t it?!

  2. Designdiva said

    AWESOME VIDEO…LOVED IT…so much more talented that LUGMANS…

    Hope every one had a good fourth..I did summer cleaning..KITCHEN UGH,,,now the tips of my fingers are raw…AAAAHHHHH

    Walked around the neighborhood and watched fireworks..No community foreworks this year due to lack of $$$$..such a shame…but seems that lots of folks spent some MAJOR DOUGH and kept us entertained just the same…..

    Nitey nite sleep tite…


  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Lulu video…LMAO! That is much better than the “serious” one.

    @3 Designdiva….Hi! Loved your special July 4th message and American flag! Awesome!!!!

    Hope everyone had a safe July 4th. We had a great holiday wkd with family & friends over, but hubby & I didn’t make it to a party on 4th. I was too tired from all the company. However, we got to enjoy all of our neighbors fireworks in each direction. They went all out. Thought the neighbors behind us would blow up their pool house. LOL!

  4. BobLHead said

    I’ll have to say, better than the original!!!!

  5. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said


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