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11 Responses to “Fox News Twitter Account HACKED!! Reports Obama’s Death? Come on Son!!”

  1. cali said

    Let’s pray this never happen, although ‘the illuminati’ are antsy because Obama just screws up a tad bit for their taste; he’s their man remember. Besides, I think America has enough with political assassinations!

  2. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    This is dispicable,,,,this man has had death threats from the day he announced he was going to run,,I hope they find these people who are responsible and punish them to the maximum.

  3. Say WHAT ! said

    I initially laughed, until I read the content of the tweets.

    Holy Stupefied Morons! They are now going to be hunted by the FBI and Secret Service. I just want to know who is going to Tweet the news when they get caught?

    • Mona isn’t that amazing? The secret service is in on it now.. here is an update: P.S. lmaooo at who is gonna tweet for them when they get caught.. lol

      WASHINGTON (AP) — The Secret Service said Monday it will investigate the hacking of Fox’s political Twitter account over updates claiming that President Barack Obama had been assassinated.

      Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie says the law enforcement agency whose job it is to protect the president will conduct a probe of the false postings and that “we will conduct the appropriate follow up.”

      Hackers broke into the FoxNewsPolitics account early Monday, leaving a series of six tweets reporting that Obama had been shot to death in Iowa and the shooter was unknown.

      In a statement posted on its website, Fox News called the tweets “malicious” and “false.”

      “We will be requesting a detailed investigation from Twitter about how this occurred, and measures to prevent future unauthorized access into accounts,” said Jeff Misenti, vice president and general manager of Fox News Digital.

      An online magazine at New York’s Stony Brook University, Think, reported that initial posts around midnight indicated the Fox News Twitter account had been hacked by a group called the Script Kiddies. Harmless posts announcing the group’s hacking of the Fox News account were followed by the false posts about Obama, according to Think.

      A Think staffer, Adam Peck, wrote on the magazine’s website that he had exchanged electronic messages with a person claiming to be with the Script Kiddies shortly after the initial hacking. Later, however, the unidentified person would not confirm that the group was behind the Obama posts, Peck wrote.

  4. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    IJS,,you know what? I got the news and the update from you,,thank you..I
    haven’t heard nor read anything about this,,,,,,I looked and couldn’t find anything,,I thank you,,,,you bring us not only the foolishness of the reality people,,but also news,,,and I thank you,,,,you are not thanked enough for your hard work…

    OFF TOPIC: I was at work,,yesterday and a friend called me with the verdict of Casey Anthony….I was shaken as I think the majority of people,,,,but the most upsetting is the way the defense lawyers acted,,,one had given the finger to a reporter ,,,this is a very sad world we live in…and Casey will make money off this because this is the world we live in,,
    where is the justice? JMO…but I think someone got away with a horrific deed.

    • Thank you Olive for the Kudooooze!!! and G-Sus.. I am not shocked you didnt hear about this.. it was quite ugly to say the least. So much ugliness to our president. Express your opposing views but not go to a level which is way to ugly.. Glad I can elighten you on crazy peeps 😉

      I can no longer deal with the Casey Anthony commentary. The jury presided and its just that. No going back. I agree that there is some sort of blame but the jury presided and the evidence was not enough for so many reasons. Its sad but true. nothing will give justice to that child anymore. We can only now speculate but truly there was no ability to identify the cause of death and due to our justice system, justice was served properly. We have to protect other accused to maintain our justice system and not public opinion to find a verdict. I have many thoughts on this but it is what it is. Truly, in my opinion, for her to get away with child negligence was wrong for me. She didnt report the disappearerce was wrong. That was neglegent in itself. I have no idea why they didnt atleast give her that charge. A mother who lets her child be missing for so long and not report it is negligent. I have no idea what it is to be a juror in such a case and the only things you are told within the court sytem. They cant have outside info to speculate like we do.. So we can only speculate ourselves on the verdict. No idea of how the child died. no DNA . The jury is instructed to give a verdict based on evidence an not a gut feeling.. there hands were tied.. sad but true..

    • Olive, it was a spectator who flpped off the prosecutor and not the defense.. also. if the defense celebrated.. it had to be due to winning a case and saving a girl from death row. please dont mix that me with my opinions.. but if I was in the same shoes, I would of been happy. we cant project out outrage on the defense when their job is to make a woman free at all costs. We have to be objective.. Celebrating a womans death for people who fighting for her is not a stretch. they reached their goal regardless if we didnt agree with the verdict. Its not that I dont agree with the verdict.. it is what it is.. we cant change that now.. she can even write a book and sell movie rights if she wants to.. SMH

  5. G-sus said

    Olive, my hubby texted me the verdict and I thought he was joking. How sad that she apparently got away with doing some so horrendous. Though I have to think that she won’t have a very happy life. I can’t imagine she will be treated very well by the public at large.
    She better hold onto whatever sick amt of money she will probably make by shows clamoring to interview her, cause it will be the only job she will ever get. I personally won’t watch any show she is on or read any interviews she gives. She is obviously a pathological liar and anything she says will not be the truth and a waste of my time.

  6. KurlyHairedB said

    A friend of mine said it best, do not let this woman profit off of this. Do not buy any books, magazines, movies or whatever else she may be in. Do not watch any “exclusive” TV shows that she may be on. Do not let her make any money whatsoever on this.

    It seems like the only way that we can make it known that we do not support her is by our purchase/viewing power. When the magazines/books/videos/whatever fail to sell, then they will stop.

    Please do not support her “innocence tour”. The only innocent person in this whole thing is Caylee.

  7. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    Soon after the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, on of her lawyers, Cheney Mason , took to the microphones and unleashed a rather fierce diatribe against lawyers who appear on television. He called out the “incompetent talking heads” who discuss cases “they don’t know a damn thing about.” Boy, it sure would be embarrassing to him if he actually did the very same thing before joining Ms. Anthony’s team. Right?

    The slow-as-molasses drawl and peppered beard of Mr. Mason makes him seem to be the iconic and gentile southern gentleman lawyer type from a distance, missing only the seersucker suit and straw boater. But there is nothing gentlemanly about his behavior
    towards the media, perhaps best evidenced by his finger-flipping gesture towards reporters watching he and his team celebrate their trial victory.

    The clip below was put together by the team at, and is perhaps the best example why many lawyers who appear on television to discuss cases are nothing more than self-promoting bullsh*t artists. Like Cheney Mason.

    I saw the picture, of Mason flipping the bird,unfortunately I am unable to post it,,I agree IJS,,,,law and justice are not how it is portrayed on tv…..but I will boycott anything that Casey takes part in,,,,, Yes I agree,,enough,,let Kaylee find peace.

  8. G-sus said

    Olive, I am with you on not watching anything Casey Anthony related. Not watching any interviews with jurors, lawyers, her parents or Casey herself. Makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about her profiting from any of this.

    @IJS I get where you are coming from. I just don’t understand how they could not have at least found her guilty on child negligence or manslaughter. It’s not always necessary to prove the cause of death, they have convicted people for murder without even finding a body. Miscarriage of justice IMO.

    I also wonder how the defense team struggles with possibly letting a killer go. I realize the burden of proof is on the prosecution, but it still boggles my mind how they reconcile that fact in their minds.

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