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Site Under Construction!!! New Stuff Coming!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 6, 2011


29 Responses to “Site Under Construction!!! New Stuff Coming!!”

  1. ThugInACocktailDress said

    Hi IMA!! I am sooo excited to see what you have in store! Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying a great summer!! 🙂 xo ❤

    • Girl.. I just posted it!! ur killing me!! lots of new stuff coming and and.. it will be great.. I have been knee deep in the the whole tech thing.. of course I get all the issues.. ugh I hope everyone likes the new blog.. alot of new changes and even new comment thread.. shmooches!! After I get out of the sandbox.. it will be come to light.. GIVE ME STRENGTH!!

      p.s. There will be some bumps in the road I am sure.. I am trying to migrate all the data to a new theme and some other stuff that will be fun.. 😉

    • P.S. thug.. all is really well. daughter decided to move back up north and will have them again in a few days! ALL IS very well TIACD. 😉 Summer is going well.. pool is wonderful but havent dipped a toe in it yet.. lol but I did have a great july 4th.. spent in on the beach and boards.. Gbaby won all the action figures he could dream of.. it was a good day.. shmooches

  2. ThugInACocktailDress said reply cuz I’m online right now!!! 🙂 Sending u ((((lots of strength)))) and (((positive thoughts))))!!! 🙂 My props to you for providing us with tons of info and entertainment… I can’t wait to join in the fun.. 🙂 love ya! the Simpson’s!! Now I’m picturing u sitting behind the comp, trying to sort it all out, with face palm while u utter a “doh!” !!! LOL!!

    MTFBWY!! 😉

  3. Ima,
    I see you enjoyed the 4th with family and got some beach and recreation time in with the gbaby. Looking forward to the new design and more frequent posts.

  4. Designdiva said

    May the SNARK GODDESS give you the power to get thru …


    Waiting with baited breath for the changes……YAHOOO

  5. Dani said

    Yippy skippy, can’t wait. May the force be with you IJS.

  6. wildheart said

    Can’t wait to see what awesome things you have up your sleeve, IJS!

  7. Oy Vey said

    Can’t wait to see it!!

    Big Brother starts tonight!!!

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! 🙂 Congrats IJS and can’t wait to see the new stuff! XO

  9. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    IJS,,as all my friends and coworkers know,,it is all about ME……this is an open letter to you:

    I need this you hear me,,I NEED IT…like an addict needs a fix,,,I’m jonsing man,,I’m jonsing,,,,,I’ve dabbled in a couple other sites,,but your site is my,er I mean my site of choice,,,first step is to admit I have a problem,,and I am so addicted to this site…maybe I should write Dr. Phil…or maybe Dr. Drew *ARGHHHHHHH that won’t work..I’m not a celebrity,,wait a minute *light bulb goes off in head…Lohan ain’t no damn celeb,,ok…*yelling to my assistant..”get Dr. Drerw’s people on the line”…wait I don’t have an assistant….Omg…I’m losing it,……..shrinking..I’m shrinking…..*POOF


    Wench,,,get a effing grip


    BITE ME OLIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Oy Vey said

    Wow, and we all thought Kelly played on both sides of Psycho Street! Olive, maybe you need a martini? LOL, get it?

  13. ThugInACocktailDress said

    @ Oy Vey… i think Olive may have had a few too many… LOL!!! 🙂 I personally prefer a pinot grigio on an IV drip, dahling 🙂 Turtle Time!!


    lol….yep I get it,,u both are too funny,,,,now you kinda’ get what goes on inside the head of Kelly..kidding….As i swirl my pinot grigio martini ( remember I don’t know how to order a drink) ……Turtle Time!!!! No wonder this chick can’t get a guy,,,,

    I’m going off to do cartwheels and pavement angels..(we don’t have sand)..get my new book…”I can make you hot but I can’t get a guy to save my soul.” and my Bikini Bodies that make you look like Jim Carey Playing Vero Demilo”.


    this reminds me of Kelly..sorry,,,I have a warped sense of humor.

    • Dudes.. This process is killin me!! WordPress is slow as slugs and the new web page is giving me heartburn.. its a double whammy and I need to kill someone.. any sacraficial lambs? Yes please!!

  16. Oy Vey said

    Take Kelly, no one will miss her. I would say take Cindy, but I her teeth scare me and I think they would live on and keep being boring!

    • lmaoo Oy Vey!! I will consider that!!.. My data from this site needs to be assisted to export via wordpress since the comments are too many and they are taking forever to provide the file. My new site in a sandbox to play in has some issues to work out and the them author is like snail mail by the way giving directions and they only time I can get help from them is at this hour for a short period of time.. THE ODDS ARE AGAINST ME!! I need to put a curse on a few peeps and watch them bleed. 😉

  17. Say WHAT ! said

    ROFLMAO! Olive, seems like your evil twin is getting the better of ya! When my evil twin surfaces I beat it down with a few shots of Sake. (I call it the Japanese version of a valium). There have been times when my husband comes home with a bottle in hand, pours it, puts in microwave and forces it down my throat,. LMAO. He walks away saying don’t stop drinking it until I make up my mind whether I love him or hate him.

    Ohhh I love you sweetie… I HATE YOU!!!! No I really love you… I HATE YOU!!! Baby, you know I would be dead without you… I HATE YOU!!!! Poor man.

  18. Oy Vey said

    If you need help IJS let me know. I have no idea what I can do, but at least I can sympathize with you, and depending on the week, drink for you. Oh did you get my email about Big Brother?


    Say What,,we need to hang out,,lol.u r toooo funny!

  20. Oy Vey said

    OK, now I’m having a stoke. Why, do you ask? Because I may not comment a lot anymore, I guess I’m on this site more then I realize because I’m jonesing for it like a crack addict in the alleyway. Wow. Dude, what do you need help with to get this going again?
    I’m home and bored, I just sleep a lot, chemo shi# does that to you, but I’ll do whatever I can. 🙂


    @22 SAY WHAT… I read your comment yesterday morning at work and was unable to reply,,something about this new site that Ican’t reply from work,,,but I gota’ tell you,,YOU MADE MY DAY,,,I was Rolling on the floor lafing,,,,omg,,I have met my match,,

    Oy,,,I hope you are doing wel..xoxo

  22. Oy Vey said

    @26, I’m doing ok. I’m still doing chemo, but I take pills at home now instead of going in and getting an IV. I’m just getting all the crappy side effects now, fun for me, except my hair is growing back. I made a website if you want to check it out,
    it kind of updates what’s been going on.

    Have fun!

    • FINALLY!!! DUDES!!! I can convert data and is much closer to a reveal.. Actually the reveal is gonna be a let down just to get the blog back up and running and fix all the issues after we go live.. ugh.. WordPress has been a thorn in me side and now I am importing data to the new site as we speak! The hard work is now to come as I need to clean up the old data but atleast I wont be sitting on me thumbs. 😉 This has been painful but I think in the end will be worth it. I didnt want to blog in the meantime to distract me from getting to the main goal and some new fantastic blogga’s!! one of your own will be featured for the first time.. can you guess who it is??? The winna gets a dutch oven from moi.. lmaoo How do I put a stamp on that?

      Good things coming peeps..


    @27Oy…thank you for sharing,,,I know the side effects are crappy,,,no pun intended,,lol,,well I hope you keep on with your fantastic spirit and u are in my prayers,,,xoxox

    @28 I say it is G-Sus,,now put a stamp on it IJS and send me my damn oven!

    OK,,off to work for me,,bye!!!!

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