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An Open Letter to Jill Zarin and Her Plan To Get Alex and Simon Kicked Off Bravo Show is Just Plain Slanderous!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 3, 2011

Not everyone can change! I can't stop lying!!!! Is there a rehab for that?

 Jill Zarin is a BIG FAT LIAR and it’s getting worse!!  I really didn’t think she could stoop any lower in trying to make a cast mate look bad but even Jill has hit new lows and I bet Bethenny Frankel is grateful she has left the show.   No amount of money is worth engaging with Jill Zarin’s attempts to ruin one’s lively hood and reputation. 

Remember last season Jill tried to sell all the viewers and friends that Bethenny has done something so horrible, and painful to her that it had shattered her to the core?  Didn’t we hear that stored message on her telephone where Bethenny telling Jill to get a hobby but stops the call in mid message so we didn’t hear the remainder of the message?  Didn’t Bethenny repeatedly try to mend the friendship while she was busy with family issues, an engagement, business dealings while also trying to film the season with her cast mates?

Didn’t we also see Jill exposed at the reunion where she denied all this then in the end finally admit to creating drama and trying to sabotage Bethenny’s new show?  Didn’t she also claim that she would change and wanted the chance to show the viewers the best side of her?   Well, well, well Jill.  You have only showed us who you really are and it mirrors your behavior in last season.  An evil, conniving, lying reality perp who uses the camera’s to try to destroy someone or anyone who will call her out for her bullshit.  Unlike LuAnn and Kelly who will swear to Jill’s claims that her chit smells like flowers.

Ok, at this point you may be asking yourself, “why is Imajustsaying panties are in a wad?” .  This is why.. has anyone read Jill’s secretive exclusive blog that only subscribers can have access to?  You know the blog that Bravo wont publish due to her slanderous content?   Well I guess it’s no secret after all since you can just go to this link to read her newest claims.

Jill Zarins Exclusive blog for people who believe her chit smells like roses.  Let me know who they are so I can sell them my newly invented solar clothes dryer for $19.99.   pssst..  don’t tell them its an outdoor clothing line including clothing pins…

 Just to warn you readers, don’t bother leaving a comment on Jill’s personal blog unless you like the smell of Jill’s chit cause only adoring comments are allowed.  All the rest or sent to spam hell.  As of this moment there are only 35 people who have been approved to comment.  What happened to all her (3) fans?  😉

The first 5 paragraphs are about selling her chit, chitty places she is visiting and smelling like chit.  Once you get past all the gahbaj, she starts to create her trails of lies that will come back to bite her in her arse.

“He asked me to set a date to have a talk with him. I realize now he was trying to get camera time and make the show about him. If he really wanted to talk with good intentions he would have called me off camera, right?”

First of all, they are ALL on a tv show and in front of the camera when in production.  If Simon gets a paycheck to appear on the show, camera’s will follow him and decide what to keep in and what to edit out.  It appears that LuAnn and Jill think they are the STARZ DAHLINK to “Real Housewives of New York” and only they can approve who can have scenes or not.  What an idiot.  Also Jill it is my assumption that the only time you see Alex and Simon is when your filming.   Jill has confronted many of her cast mates WHILE filming where she choose not to take it to the phone privately herself.   Why does she end that sentence with “right?”.  Are you trying to get people to endorse that statement?

 “Simon and Alex and even Ramona have engaged with these haters who have tried to hurt me and my family outside of the show. I would NEVER follow, talk to, invite to my house, be hosted by or communicate with someone who threatened another cast mate. We need to leave the drama on the show and support each other to the outside world. It was Simon’s relationship with these people that prompted Bobby to speak with Simon at Avery’s party. Even though Simon promised not to communicate with these people anymore, enough time hadn’t passed yet for Bobby to feel comfortable for me to talk to Simon alone.”

So Jill is now saying that Simon, Alex and Ramona are engaging with people who have threatened her and her family?  What kind of threats?  Was the police called?  Are their police reports?  Has anyone been arrested or charged with something or anything?  I would imagine that threats should be taken seriously and I would also imagine the police would take that seriously as well!  A kindergartener in school can’t even threaten a classmate today without being suspended so I would imagine she did call the police and someone was arrested right?  I do believe that Jill is talking about Lynn Hudsons blog IHJZ who she claims a woman from Chicago can stalk her in New York “right?”.  What about Sonja?  Is Sonja supporting this blogger when it is clear she gave an interview to Lynn Hudson.  Or is it that she doesn’t have an axe to grind with Sonja so Sonja is off the hook?  “right?”

I didn’t see Simon promise not to communicate with anyone in Bobbie’s discussion with him but just that Simon has denied being involved in any blogs.  Maybe that was edited out?  Ok, now I am pretty sure someone was arrested and the names are being kept private because who knows?  Maybe the case is still pending?


“We need to leave the drama on the show and support each other to the outside world.”

Jill when you spoke of Simon and Alex being social climbers or Alex “spread eagle nekkid in her husbands hotel”  How was that being supportive? I need to ask these questions because maybe I am missing something?  With all your “Simon is a falling down drunk and Alex is not tasteful in her nude pics but supports her other cast members nude in pictures.. Jill, when where you supportive to Alex and Simon and now you call them out for not supporting you for.. what??  Being a cold ass liar while giving anonymous interviews to publications??  Hey!! Imajustsaying!!

“It appears on the show that the only issue was what Simon was tweeting. That is not entirely accurate. Simon has hosted a person who has stalked me at my home and office, in their home for one of the boy’s birthday parties. He knew exactly who she was, as he met her through another person who has seriously threatened my family to the point we had to call the police and postal service security. For them to deny it now is simply ridiculous as there is a paper trail a mile long thanks to my cyber assistants”

What?  It’s not just tweeting that has Jill panties wadded up deep?  People who are not fans of Jill has sent her “mean” tweets and somehow now its all Simons fault?  Jill Zarin’s (3) fans on twitter are right now harassing Simon on twitter.  Did Jill create this crafty plan to sick her (3) fans on Simon and Alex?  Is this what she is accusing Simon of by Jill making these claims on national tv AND in her blog to garner sympathy? 

It now has to do with a guest that Simon had at one of his children’s birthday parties in his home?  Could this be a commenter on the IHJZ blog who is WSL? (Wall Street Lady).  A woman who is in finance and is a Broker has time to stalk Jill and her family?  I am sure that she has a police report “right?”   Did this woman visit Zarin Fabrics like many people who have who watch the show?  Did Jill not advertise the place of business on the show and in every one of her Bravo blogs?  I have no clue if this woman has visited the place of business or not, but I imagine if she harassed Jill there would be some sort of proof?  Like a police report?  This is the first we are hearing of this.   Was Bawbie harassed?  Was Alley harassed?  Is Jill trying to take actual events and stretch them into her badly woven lie?  I know, I know.. I got tons of questions because so far, there are no tweets written by Simon or Alex to substantiate Jill’s lies claims.   Jill claims there is a paper trail and I would imagine that Jill’s “cyber assistants” has taken screen shots of Simon’s tweets to substantiate her claims “right?” 

I challenge Jill Zarin to show ANY proof.  One shred of evidence to prove any of her claims.  Yes, WSL did attend a child’s birthday party at Simon and Alex’s home as she was invited.  Yes, WSL is a commenter on the IHJZ blog.   How is that harassing or stalking Jill Zarin?  Maybe Jill is just pissed that Simon did entertain someone who is not a fan of hers?  WSL is not the blog owner or even an author of the blog.  She gave Lynn a recap of the birthday party and remarked on the birthday fun.  THIS IS TERRIBLE NEWS!!!! 

Yes it is true that a planned book signing Alex and Simon had for Chicago prompted Lynn Hudson to attend and create a reception afterwards for fans of Simon and Alex for a meet and greet.  This has nothing to do with Jill but the first encounter Lynn had created to meet subjects of her blog and report on it via her blog.  Many people had enjoyed reading the encounter as other bloggers recap same encounters.  This has nothing to do with Jill except for the fact that the name of the blog is called  “I Hate Jill Zarin”.  So this is a form of stalking and harassing?  Jill had known about this over a year ago and now she is calling out Simon for it?   Jill cannot control where her cast mates arrange for book signing or meet and greets.   This was also during a time that Jill was hateful towards Alex and Simon so I am assuming that Alex and Simon where pleased that fans created a venue to meet them.   Lynn Hudson had also attended one of Bethenny event’s which again, had nothing to do with Jill but just seizing the opportunity to meet Bravo celebrities and report the events back on her blog for her readers. 

“I went over and told Simon how I really felt about it. I was kind and gentle. I was NOT at all aggressive. Simon was not happy to say the least and actually THREATENED ME! He told me to watch out!! Watch out??? What the heck did that mean? Simon is over 6 feet tall and is an imposing figure. Was he going to hit me? What man threatens a woman?”

BAWWWWBIE!!!! They are "Mean" Tweeting me!!!!

Now I don’t think it was smart for Simon to react the way he did but really Jill, trying to plant the idea that Simon may or may not be violent?  What lengths will you go for to slander and planting thoughts in your (3) fans?  How irresponsible of you to do this to a man’s reputation who has no history of violence?  Did Simon take you to task last week on twitter when you posted a current picture of your daughter in a bath tub?  Did he try to twist your intention?  Truth be told, I thought that was completely inappropriate.  Your daughter is not 4 years old where you are snapping pictures of her bathing and posting on the internet. 

“What he meant was that he was going to continue to support people that have stalked my family and sent me personal threats through the mail.”

Did Jill just put words in Simons mouth?  This is getting to be too much.   Jill is now blaming Simon for every hater she had starting from last season.  Actually, the haters started from her messy weaved ruse with Bethenny and her treatment of Simon and Alex.  Simon doesn’t have to do anything to ensure Jill has haters.  He just has to sit back and wait for the reactions from viewers each week.   Jill is beyond reprehensible and is weaving her biggest lies so far.   Of all the biggest bloggers recaps, no one is buying Jill’s gahbij and is calling bullchit on these accusations.

 “Cyber-bullying is an overused word that is defined differently by anyone you ask. It means using the Internet to foster hate. Most of last season and during the time we filmed this season, Simon was doing a lot of that. After he was called out on it by Bobby at Avery’s party, I was informed that he deleted his most egregious tweets.”

I review the Bravo cast members Twitter timelines for a “Twinkly Tweets” weekly post and has never seen threatening or bully style tweets from Simon to Kelly or Jill.  He just calls them out on their bullchit.  Jill has tweeted many non favorable tweets to Simon, Alex and Ramona.  She even alluded to Ramona having a drinking problem and referred to  scenes as porn.  Simon claims he does not delete tweets and actually you can find anything even deleted on  Jill Zarin, you are a big fat liar!

I have captured a few of Jills not so hearts and roses tweets and went to take a look at her timeline to get some others.. and guess what.. her time line has been scrubbed clean of anything less than hearts and roses.  So I guess again Jill is scrubbing her time line of “mean” tweets exactly what she has accused Simon of? 

“Alex has alluded in her blog once again that somehow I was responsible for Simon losing his job. Last summer Simon gave a press release stating that he resigned to start his own company. Which is it? I recently met a friend of the owner of the hotel Simon worked for who told me exactly what happened. If Alex wants to continue to blame me, I will share exactly what he told me really happened.”

So now Jill is seeking out ex employers of Simon to get the dirt on his job departure?  Really Jill?  Again, the lengths you will go to is beyond me.  Actually, if his ex employer did divulge any information to a friend to you, that would be so illegal and a huge HR nightmare for that company.   I don’t think she truly has any information but threatening to use it?  Is that a threat Jill?  Did you just threaten Simon?   Maybe Ramona should threaten you on why you only drink diet coke?  Actually, at last reunion, Jill screaming that Alex was spread eagle nude “in her husbands hotel” would have been a great way to get Simon pulled in for questioning from his employer at that time.  Jill giving newspaper interviews claiming Simon is a falling down drunk is another reason for his employer to pull him into his office and possibly fired on both potential claims.  Jill, you are not as crafty as you think you are and I hope they nail you this time to the cross this reunion.  You don’t have Bethenny this season to make Andy stop questioning you on your evil ways and calling you out.  I look forward to it.

And finally,

 “Alex stated in her “confessionals” throughout this season that she still didn’t trust me and that she never really liked me. I wish she had just been honest with me and said she doesn’t want to be friends and I would have respected that.”

Jill you big fat liar, Alex has never said that she never really liked you, she stated that she wasn’t sure that she can trust you or if you have changed which it is clear you have not.  Your stripes will never turn into polka dots and you are just so evil that guess what..


Snarking your cast mates and adding a little drama is expected.  But what you are trying to do to Alex and Simon is truly reprehensible.   Lynn Hudson from IHJZ blog has never stalked or harassed you.  The blog commenter ‘WSL” has never stalked or harassed you either.  They may have opinions of you that are truly un-flattering but that is all you’re doing.  Many other blog authors feel the same and you can’t blame all your haters on one blog or Simon for that matter.   You are on twitter which is a public forum for all to view your tweets and reply.  If you don’t take kindly to some of the tweeters (my friends.. who hate your guts,)  😉 then use the block feature.   I would think your “cyber assistants” could have figured that one out by now.  It amazes me how many people you have to hire to deflect the Jill Zarin hate.   You should ponder that one.    You and Kelly are delusional and need a lobotomy STAT!  Your delusion is beyond a psycho therapists help.  


64 Responses to “An Open Letter to Jill Zarin and Her Plan To Get Alex and Simon Kicked Off Bravo Show is Just Plain Slanderous!!”

  1. Designdiva said

    It’s gotten so far out into left field WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE that I don’t even give a rats ass what they do to each other….They are like a boil on your ass..sooner or later you gotta lance it and drain it to get rid of it…..

    ..Their only purpose in MY LIFE is to entertain me, cause God knows they do provide some laughs …

    To actually think that GROWN ASS WOMEN truly act this way is LEWD AS CHRIS…( spoken like my buddy Mike ) Lately all these shows are like a documentary of how NOT TO ACT when and if you ever decide to GROW UP…

    Spent last night watching Comedy Central and LOVED IT…Had this one guy on there who said the reason why MOST women get plastic surgery is so that the outside matches the inside …FAKE…….

    So here’s hoping that all these ladies house of cards and stacks of dominos come crashing down upon them……They are what I refer to as..

    That is all for now…………

    Hugs and Peace

  2. KurlyHairedB said

    In real life, I wouldn’t be friends with any of the Housewives. To me, they provide a dose of much needed entertainment, nothing more. Would I like to live like them? no.

    I prefer my “real” life, where I have friends who truly care for me, a mortgage that gets paid each and every month, children that are well-mannered. I don’t have to worry about useless chit like process servers waiting to serve me with divorce papers, bankruptcy notices, eviction notices and and other assorted lawsuits. I also don’t have to worry about back-stabbing “friends” who cannot wait to put me down, my friends lift me up when things don’t go right.

    I am addicted to these shows, but its all for the entertainment value. Do I go out and buy a certain product because one of them is endorsing it? No. Do I follow their example in deciding what I do in my life? No. Do I laugh at them because of the ridiculous things that they do? Yes. Do I laugh at them because of the ridiculous things that they say? Yes.

    I may not have everything that I want in life, but I have everything that I need. There is a huge difference.

  3. Designdiva said

    Oh yea ..forgot to add…

    Jills fabulous circle of friends ??!!!! Someone needs to remind her that a HULAHOOP does not qualify as the circle…


  4. Oy Vey said

    @2 good job.

    My daughter and I watch these shows so we can feel better about our lives. We may not be able to afford much right now, but I pay my bills and we all love each other, and I have friends I can go to and have fun!

    These woman are all nuts. Kelly plays both side of psyco street, Jill is just mean, Luann is nosey, Romona has no filter, Sonja is needy, Alex and Simon are looking for something, and Cindy is usless.

  5. Youarepatheticwithtoomuchtimeonyourhands said

    You have WAAAAAAY too much time on your hands and clearly a lot of pent up resentment towards Jill. Ummmm,get a life and stop obsessing over someone you don’t even know. You are pathetic.

  6. Designdiva said

    # Five…just curious….why would you come to site that you KNOW is HWS related and leave a comment like that….Who has too much time on whose hands… !!! ?????

    RESENTMENT….do you even know the meaning of the word ….

    I just love how these people climb out of their cabinets just long enough to hurl shit and leave….LOL LOL


    • Hello Ms Diva! Nice to see you back commenting! Yep.. cant figure out some peeps.. I really havent posted many articles in weeks and now I have too much time on my hands.. lmfaoo oh well.. cant please everyone all the time! P.S. I hope your feeling better.

  7. @tweatcyn said

    Great post Ima. as far as I know, and I’ve been reading IHJZ a long time, all WSL did was host that chicago party, attend a birthday party, and take an outside photo of Jill’s condo building and zarin fabrics. No more intrusive than what is shown on the show. this would not count as stalking in any normal person’s perception. Jill is crazy and overstating her paranoia and self importance.

    • Cyn I agree. Jill invites people to come to the store all over her social media. Thats not stalking or harassing. Jill will stretch anything to suit her current agenda. What a turd.

      Rhetorica – Welcome to the blog and thanks!

      MHJ – Well said!

      Oy Vey and KHB.. so true

  8. @tweatcyn said

    I meant Lynn and WSL.

  9. Rhetorica said

    Well said! Unfortunatly, I don’t think she will ever have her comeuppance. That’s the thing that infuriates me most!

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Great blog IJS. I could never be friends with someone like Jill. I’ve known women like her my entire life, & Jill is a carbon copy of my mil. For years & years I put up with crap, & then I finally decided enough was enough. Jill is a narcissist who plays damsel in distress when something doesn’t go her way. Fake & phony narcissist to the core. Great at playing the victim when she feels she needs to. A master at manipulation, and ALWAYS has to be in control. Loves to control everyone & everything around her. She did it with Bethenny and she’s done it with Simon. Jill can certainly dish it out, but she can’t take it. I’ve seen her get onto women and men. Mario let her know right off the bat he wasn’t going to take her crap. She dished it out to him, and he dished it right back. Just like he did with LuAnn. I don’t think he was being mean, but just giving them a dose of their own medicine. The only people Jill doesn’t get on to are the ones who suck up to her and brown nose her. Jill has to be the center of attention at all times, and as long as she gets her way, then she’s happy. If she doesn’t get her way or feels like she needs help, she’ll yell damsel in distress to Bobby. BAAAAWBY! I’m being mistreated! Hurry, help me!!!! They’re being so mean to me. You should have heard what they just said. (Meanwhile, Jill forgot to mention all the insults she just dished out.) She can’t have any real loving or truly loving relationships because she is very selfish. I think she took after her mother Gloria. Always complaining and always has to be in control. Jill, the world does not revolve around you. Bobby does love you, but he is co-dependent and will do whatever to make you happy. Even if it means risking his own happiness. Love can be very blind.

    Bethenny is not perfect, but she tried very hard…made several attempts…to make up with Jill. Jill wanted no part. It was awful the way Jill let others listen in on what should have been, or what Bethenny thought was a private phone conversation. I really do think Bethenny wanted to make up with Jill, but knew Jill wouldn’t change for the better. It was so wrong of Jill to play that message only so far. Again, one who can manipulate anything. She has to come out always smelling like the rose.

    My mil use to talk to me any way she felt. She picked the best times when no one was around. Sometimes, she’d say things that weren’t nice, but in front of people she knew wouldn’t say anything or correct her. She was use to being the Queen Bee. Interesting how she never said any mean things to me in front of my husband, her son. I put up with crap. I finally started “hinting” around to her what I thought. Finally I just had enough & told her how mean/hateful I thought she was. What a great day! She can still dish it out to people, and will try to do it when she has no witnesses. She use to talk to me in private, and put me down. Then, she’d turn around and write letters flowing with fake kindness. I saw through her crapola, but there were others who didn’t for the longest time. When you’re around people like my mil or Jill, you feel like you need a hidden microphone to make sure you get everything they say down. Proof. LOL! Their image that they so carefully try to protect would be tarnished in no time. I’m not surprised a lot of viewers are upset with Jill. She has been caught in so many lies. Most people are on to her ways.

    Simon may be weird, and not dress like my husband or sons ever would. LOL. Who cares is he’s a little weird or dresses differently? He seems like a nice man who does not lie. He’s not a control freak or a manipulator. The main thing is he’s a nice man overall. Jill dished it out to him, but she couldn’t take it. While I admit Simon should not have said “watch out”, I get tired of watching Jill dish it out repeatedly, but not being able to ever take it. She acts like she’s the victim of bullying. If she never dished it out, then I’d feel sorry for her. But I don’t feel sorry for her. How can I feel sorry for anyone…and I don’t care if she is the fairer sex…WTH cares?!…she IS dishing it out.

    Sad thing is, narcissists never learn. In their eyes they are always right. They may say they’re “sorry”, but that only lasts about a few seconds. They’re back to their bad ways in no time. They can never admit to anyone, or themselves, that they ever did wrong. Their world would crumble if they did. That’s why it’s so important for people like Jill to have a Bobby around. They help feed the delusion. It’s the “normal” people who break away from the toxicity. It really is best not to have anything to do with these people. You can be civil, but you can’t be close.

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Thanks IJS. I agree that Jill will doing anything to “suit her current agenda”. Love the artwork…talking out of both sides. LOL!!!!

  12. Sonya said

    Thanks for the great read…I am afraid she will not get called out on the reunion. I wish her reckoning day would happen soon.

  13. Oy Vey said

    I think Alex will try to call her out at the reunion, but she doesn’t have the verbal fighting skills she needs to handle Jill. Now if they put Simon on and let him go off on her, that would be interesting.
    Oh wait they already filmed the reunion! Could this be planned by Bravo so that all this crap came out after filming and no one could bash her for it?
    Things that make you go hhhhhmmmmmm!

  14. Designdiva said

    Alex will never have the verbal skills to put down these chicks..her brain is not hard wired to be mean thus the reason for the hives…for the most part when she does try to speak ..not these chicks her brain does not compute…much really like Kelly,..sorry to say that….i do understand what kelly means about “white noise “ blocking out a crying baby….or a bitching nagging ass woman..LOL ..

    .and ms kelly spends her evenings in front of the mirror practicing her verbal skills in order to appear sane this season…she just quite can’t get it right and does appear insane once again… you gotta feel sorry for her in some aspects…can you imagine living your life like an injured bird… well enough to exist, but damaged enough to not know how to make it thru life w/o a supporting cast..she must have been a real piece of work while she pregos…. YIKES….and twice to boot…..double YIKES SNAGGLE PUSS….

    All I can say is..but for the grace of God and myself…..and others…
    hugs and Peace
    Off to grocery shop….UGH..what a chore I hate to do……

  15. G-sus said

    IJS, you’re in my head again girl. I posted a comment on Jill’s Bravo blog the other day noting the hypocrisy of stating that Simon should have called her instead when she took a couple airplanes and a boat to plot a sneak attack on Bethenny in St. John when she could have just taken a 20 minute cab ride instead. I am sure my comment will be posted any moment….LOL!

    Jill learned her lesson from last year in one and only one way. Instead of doing all the confronting herself, she now enlists tools like Kelly and Luann to do it for her.

    Last year at the reunion Alex put it perfectly when she said Jill fights dirty and Jill continues to prove her point.

    And lastly @5 Pathetic… You better start saving up all the money Jill pays you to defend her because you are going to have one nasty case of carpal tunnel from having to type 24/7. And if you aren’t on Jill’s payroll, then, well, that really is truly sad.

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @18 G-sus…The comment you left for Jill…LOL!!!!!! She enlists LuAnn, Kelly, and Bobby. Alex, like most, know what Jill is all about. She does fight dirty. Too bad she’ll never learn.

  17. G-sus said

    Hi MHJ. I don’t know why I even try but ya never know!

    Oh, and ever wonder how Jill got 160K plus followers on twitter? Here is the logical answer.

  18. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi G-sus! She still doesn’t get it with all the negative comments. What a surprise. LOL! Followers on twitter…logical answer…I can see that. LOL!!!!!!

  19. Designdiva said

    The first 1/2 of Jills life has already passed her by..she intends on living the second 1/2 as a reincarnated P.I .T.A.T.E.
    It’s her payback to all those who ever treated her with disdain. She is hellbent on making sure everyone knows who she is and hell be damned if they interfere with the process..
    She’s that chick when she wakes up in the morning and her feet hit the ground the Devil says “” SHIT..IT’S UP ”
    She will never change and why should she….?? All press to Jill is good’s when people QUIT talking about her is when she worries..and there is the problem..One would think that with her financial means and exposure she would love to see something worth while on her headstone at the end…instead it will only have her name and DOB and DOD…..

  20. Youarepatheticwithtoomuchtimeonyourhands said

    I’m back out of the cabinet lol……the truth is coming out. Even on blogs that hate Jill zarin! There is documented proof and maybe it is just getting started. Simon tried getting Lynn to meet Jill? Simon and Alex deserve to be fired if all of this is true, can’t imagine bravo promoting people like this……oh wait, they aren’t lol

    • Hey Pathetic.. documented proof that Simon tried to get Lynn to meet Jill? Oh the horror!! If those claims are true.. what would you think the intention would be? For Jill and Lynn to have it out and fight to the death of Lynn’s blog? What would be the goal in this? Who would benefit? Now who has too much time on their hands..

  21. G-sus said

    @23 Would that be similar to trying to get people fired from their jobs by alluding to naked pictures in a hotel? Or threatening to release private emails about Ramona? Or threatening to release information on how Simon left his last employer?
    These are things I have witnessed from Jill herself. Guess you’re too far up Jill’s pooper shooter to notice the hypocrisy.

    As to Simon trying to get Lynn to interview Jill, my thought on that is “who cares”. No matter how much Jill tries to paint Lynn as the boogie man, simply put, Lynn is simply a blogger who writes unflattering articles about a person who does unflattering things on National TV. If Jill continues to want to make her living be a total biatch on TV, she shouldn’t be surprised that people are going to write unflattering things about her.

    My suggestion to Jill is to try injecting restyline to her entire body, maybe that will thicken up her way too thin skin.

  22. G-sus said

    Oh and btw, if Lynn and others were actually pro Jill and anti Silex, no doubt they would no longer be stalkers, they would be gingerettes.

  23. G-sus said

    Sorry, @ pathetic. I just read you’re so called proof. Basically it said Simon tried to arrange an interview with Jill so Lynn would possibly remove the IHJZ blog name.
    What kind of upside down world do you live in that you are able to interpret that as something devious?

    Jill accepts tweets, gifts, emails and has had meet and greets with her so called Gingerettes. I am sure if anyone did a little investigating would show them saying unflattering things about Silex. But of course that is different, right?

  24. G-sus said

    IJS I wonder if the poor little cyber assistants for Jill get paid time and a half for the holiday weekend? Also, do you think they get paid by the hour or by every pro-Jill comment. They would make a fortune if it were by every mean comment they had to delete.

    There is no way I would be pro-Jill just for the simple fact that I wouldn’t be able to be referred to as a gingerette.

    And what is this you say about a new fangled solar clothes dryer?

    • Did you read the post above? 😉

      Jill Zarins Exclusive blog for people who believe her chit smells like roses. Let me know who they are so I can sell them my newly invented solar clothes dryer for $19.99. pssst.. don’t tell them its an outdoor clothing line including clothing pins…

  25. G-sus said

    IJS, I was trying to be like your shopping channel sidekick. I need to find a way to get my sarcasm across in print, lol.

    • lmaooo G-Sus!!! Ok lets start over..

      G-Sus says….

      And what is this you say about a new fangled solar clothes dryer?

      Well G-Sus.. glad you asked!! For just $19.99!!!! you get a solar device that dries your clothes so fast that it will be dry before sun sets!!! But wait! Theres more!!! New fangled pins are included to tag the clothing to the appropriate place to ensure the clothes will remain wrinkle free!! I know you are asking yourself…. ONLY $19.99!?!?!?!? If you call in now.. we will DOUBLE your offer if you pay the seperate charge for shipping!!!! ITS THAT EASY!!!! You just have to set it and FORGET IT!!!!


  26. G-sus said

    So, let me get this straight IJS. You have a device that dries my clothes with only the heat of the sun? Where is this product been my whole life. And you are only going to charge me 19.99 for this? You can’t be serious. You must be taking a loss on this product.

    I’ll take ten, sounds like they would be perfect Christmas presents.

    • Yes G-Sus!! You are correct!!! The magnificent part of the whole deal is that this device uses much much less energy than your traditional home clothing dryer and now your mom’s clothing dryer will be a blast from the past once you get a load dried in my UNIT!! That right!! Use my unit to dry ur wet stuff!!! It even has a conductive source to eliminate cling!! The sun energizes the device with heat and renewal resources that is a gift that KEEPS ON GIVING!! If you take advantage of this deal today.. you will not only get… BUT 2 devices you can share with a friend or family member!! You will be the newest person anyone knows with the technology patented with!! All your neighbors will want one and mostly.. be you!! JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT!!

  27. G-sus said

    On a side note, I am watching the Ryan and Tatum Oneal show on OWN. I knew Ryan was a trainwreck, but OMG!

  28. @tweatcyn said

    @24 G-Sus: thank you for the perfect lead-in to my latest blog post. LMAO

  29. G-sus said

    I only caught the last part of it so I’m not sure if it was the first episode or not, plus I was going back and forth to my Dr. Drew. I will have to DVR it as well, so I can watch the whole thing.

    Speaking of Dr. Make me Drewl, anyone heard if they edited out Michaela from the entire season. I just think that would be so priceless if they did. There wasn’t any sign of her in the season previews.
    Don’t mess with Dr. Drew, he’ll cut a biatch out, lol.

  30. @tweatcyn said

    IJS and g-sus, Sorry to tell you but your solar clothes drier was invented long ago. tis called a clothesline.

  31. G-sus said

    IJS, say it ain’t so, tell me tweatcyn is fibbing. I think she is just jellybelly.

    • G-Sus.. Cyn is just trying to steal me thunder.. She has no idea the research, development and mostly testing by Real Housewives that went into this venture of mine. Cyn is TOTALLY Jelly belly.. maybe a little bit.. or a shmidgen..

  32. G-sus said

    @37 tweatcyn LOL, I think you should do a expose of the effects of restalyne on the brain. Evidently elevates the biatch factor.

    IJS, I think Dr. Drew should be required to wear jeans and a tight tshirt in every episode.

  33. G-sus said

    Hate to bring up the Salami’s, but did you catch her live performance of her “song”? OMG, I laughed so hard. Towards the end, her ass was so tired she was panting the words. I thought someone was going to have to give her oxygen. She also pulled a Bachmann and sang to the wrong camera almost the entire time. I have to say, it’s even worse than Thugann’s atrocity.

  34. G-Sus.. I didnt have the where with all to actually view. I just couldnt do it. Sorry.. but I am tired of bleaching my eyes and brain..

  35. G-sus said

    IJS… Just have a couple drinks and enjoy. It’s not as much cringe-worthy as it is purely entertaining to watch how low they have sunk in being even slightly relative.

  36. KurlyHairedB said

    Can’t sleep so I am watching my new favorite reality show – Finding Bigfoot. This is reality TV gold here peeps. Any show that has a character on it named “Bobo” commands your attention. To tie in all of our obsessions, I think that we should put some of the housewives out in the woods and see if they find Bigfoot.

  37. Oy Vey said

    @46 our local morning show had that on the other day and compared it to Lumann (she actually performed it on their show) and all anchors groaned right before the viedo started. It was funny as hell!

  38. Dani said

    KHB, I have been watching big foot show too. It is a hoot.

    IJS, I was wondering the same thing about Salami. No sign of her on CR. It must have been really bad for her to get the total edit out. I am waiting for M. Lohan to bring the crazy. You know it is just smoldering below the surface. Poor Lindsey. I know she has many self-induced problems but the girl got the short stick in regards to her parents.

    Off to work. Everyone have a great July 4th.

  39. Designdiva said

    here’s a link to the story about Ryan I AM A SHIT BAG O Neal stole Andy Warhols painting of Farrah valued at 30 million……
    This shit bag has it hanging over his bed and they filmed it for the show..SO BUSTED….
    As Rich Amons would say….WHAT AN ASSHAT…..

    HAPPY 4th to All…


  40. Designdiva said

    OKAY..not enough java yet….DER..forgot the link


  41. Designdiva said

    ¸¯`°º·¤.¸¯`°º·¤.¸ ♥ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º° ¸.¤·º° ¤ ¸.¤·º°
    ¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ♥♥~GOD Bless You~♥♥¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ¸ ¤ ¯`°º·¤. ¸
    ¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ¸.¤·º°´¯ ♥ ¯`°º·¤. ¸¯`°º·¤. ¸¯`° ¯`°º·¤.


    • Diva I flove your July 4th message!! Happy 4th everyone! I am off to get ready to hit the boardwalk early with Mr Man and GBaby and spent the day and enter the eve with fireworks.. HAPPY JULY 4TH ALL!

  42. JudyLou said

    I don’t even have respect for Bawby anymore after his talk with Simon. Whatever happened to free speech, especially when it involves an ego-inflated old crone who’s jealous of just about everyone. The Countless is also so obnoxious this season that I have to tape the show and use the “fast forward” button when she’s in a scene. I’m so thankful for your recap/update (and of course I’m a big Lynn fan) so that I can stay aware even when the show makes me crazy!

    • JudyLou Welcome to the blog! I cant agree with you more. I havent been recapping much lately due to other obligations but when I read that blog post from Jill that inspired me! 😉 The countless is beyond over the top this season. She has a way of deflecting that is so annoying. She will get her due some day.. 😉

  43. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    I HATE JILL ZARIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK,,BRavo,,get rid of her…I’m sick of the feeling I get when I read about this no moral,,no character bitch who keeps getting more and more press,,let het crawl under the rock from where she came,,,I’ve had enough of her vicious lies. Time for her to go,,lol wouldn’t that be funny,,,Countless and Kelly wouldn’t know how to act,,or what to do,,,

    Happy 4 th everyone,,,,IJS I bought one of your solar clothes dryer’s, works wonderfully,,may I be your spokes gal? lol smooches

  44. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    G-SuS you are spot on ,,,,everything you write,,I’m like “HELL YEAH!!!”..I mean …
    “AMEN”..yeah yeah..that’s it….xoxoxo

  45. G-sus said

    Awww, thanks Olive, very sweet.

    Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

  46. BobLHead said

    HEY IJS, great letter, I’m sure Jill will read it and mend her rotten ways…..

    Or perhaps not.

  47. BStar said

    I think it’s important to remember that it’s a REALITY SHOW and that’s it. We don’t know these people in real life, so to dislike someone so much seems a little misdirected to me.

  48. BobLHead said

    Wait, it’s a reality show???? Really?

  49. maggie_01bklyn said

    I am new here, and I thank Lynn for leading me to this blog site. I am catching up, and enjoying afternoon. Jill does have a real problem, she is a prissy prim a donna who has everything she needs to be truly happy. A supportive loving husband, a beautiful daughter, plus her husbands children from a previous marriage. She has money, she never has to worry about her phone or electric being turned off, or having to heat water on the stove to bath her children. She does not have to worry about medical and dental care for herself or family. With all of her loving blessings she is still the VICTIM. Dr Drew make space on your couch. Jill needs to climb out of LuMan’s butt. In the in seasons 1 & 2 she was tolerable. The branding episode with Bethanny was unreal. The real Jill flared up was like Linda Blair’s pea soup scene. She started to change her look, ber body her hair, she was turning into LuMan before our eyes.I applaud Bethanny for taking the high road and being able to see that Jill was toxic to her happiness.

    What I don’t get is with all that Jillzilla has, why is she such a miserable, mean unhappy witch.

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