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Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 3, 2011


Countess LuAnn de Lesseps (l. March, r. Tuesday) underwent a major makeover this week.    Well folks, Money can buy you some new hair and LuAnn has done just that!  I have been looking at the polls and the majority of the pollsters are not digging LuAnn’s new look.  Well a girl can always try right?  Lets try a few polls to see how you all think about some of LuAnn’s latest endeavors..   




Kim Zolciak Shows off  baby boy!

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak gives Life & Style an exclusive first look at her new son! “It’s unimaginable — I’m so blessed, so lucky,” the star gushes to Life & Style about her first son, Kroy Jagger, or K.J., as the family affectionately call him. “I’m just so crazy in love with K.J. – I’m always kissing his big old lips.”

Kim and her partner, Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann, welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on May 31. “The actual delivery itself was very private, very personal,” Kim reveals to Life & Style. “To be in such a happy place with Kroy there, it was definitely very emotional. It couldn’t have been more perfect.”

 Melissa Gorga dabbled in the lady Pond?  Well a woman gives interview to the Enquirer.

A woman has come forward to allege that Gorga was in­volved in a steamy lesbian romance for more than a year when she was a teenager, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

A Florida woman claims that the reality show’s newest member once had a sizzling love affair with her and led a hell-raising life nothing like her squeaky-clean motherly image.

“Melissa had one of the most insatiable sexual appetites I’d ever found in a woman,” declared her alleged former girlfriend JAMIE BAUER in an exclu­sive ENQUIRER interview.

“This domesticated family woman that fans see on ‘Bravo’ is definitely NOT the same wild child I used to share a bed with when we were younger.”

My thoughts are this.. So What?   If Melissa experimented or had a relationship with a woman, how is this salacious?  When is experimenting with same sex partners in todays day and age salacious?   Who knows?  We just passed gay marriage in a few states and I call that progress!   Also, the claim that Melissa is portrayed on the Bravo show as not wanting as much sex as her husband, could be for a few reasons.. Like her children?  Not all young mommies have all the get up and go after bathtime and bedtime.  Hey.. I’m just saying..

 Noodler Dan Brewer, his trademark "Bite Me" tattoo showing beneath his sleeve, shows off one of his catches prior to weigh-in at the 2009 Okie Noodling Tournament in Pauls Valley.  KELLY BOSTIAN/Tulsa World

 Oklahoma noodling fishing tournaments get primetime TV exposure

 Oklahoma Noodlers are hitting prime-time cable television, but only time will tell if they will become as popular as Louisiana’s Swamp People.

Renowned cigar-chewing noodler Lee McFarlin recently wrestled a 92-pound Wels catfish in Spain on National Geographic’s “Hooked.” Jeremy Wade, star of Animal Planet’s “River Monsters” stopped by Last Chance Baptist Church in Okemah for a local noodling tournament a couple weeks ago. Last Chance locals say the monster hunter told them footage from the experience should air next spring.

  But Bradley Beesley, the man who put Okie noodling on the map with his first documentary on the subject and gave rise to the annual Okie Noodling Tournament in Pauls Valley more than 10 years ago, has something even bigger in the works. And Tulsa-area residents can get in on the fun with events planned Sunday in Mannford and Wednesday in Pawhuska.   (clink the link above to read more)


 Joe Rogan to Return as Fear Factor Host

 Joe Rogan has officially signed on to return as the host of NBC’s Fear Factor revival. Rogan, who hosted the show’s original run from 2001 to 2006, will be on hand when production begins at the end of July.

“It doesn’t seem real,” Rogan tells TV Guide Magazine. “It seems like some sort of bizarro dream world. But I’m looking forward to it. The idea of sitting at home and watching someone else host it would have driven me crazy.”

NBC has ordered eight episodes of the reborn Fear Factor, which producers say could be ready to air as soon as September. Fear Factor executive producer Matt Kunitz says he always planned to bring Rogan back. “We wouldn’t want to do this show without Joe,” Kunitz says. “This makes me 100 percent relieved. Part of the nostalgia of the show coming back is Joe Rogan. Joe is a guy’s guy, but women like him as well.”

Rogan has kept busy in the years since Fear Factor ended by continuing his stand-up career, hosting a popular podcast, and becoming a color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship league. He’s also featured in the upcoming Kevin James film Zookeeper.

“What I brought to Fear Factor the first time I hope to bring to it again — a background in competitive athletics along with being a standup comedian,” he says. “This show is tailor-made for me.”

Do Reality TV Shows Portray Black Women In A Worse Light Than Other Races?

 Shaunie O’Neal breaks down how her views on reality TV and what she wants to change.

I’ll be honest, I love reality TV.

Actually it’s one of my guilty pleasure past times. Even before “Basketball Wives” I had my favorites, and I watched them faithfully. There is something appealing about seeing people deal with real life drama as you’re watching. Now, as executive producer of “Basketball Wives,” I know that’s not exactly how it happens, but it’s still fun to watch.

What isn’t so fun to watch, however, is this new generation of reality TV. It seems to be more about the drama and less about the storyline. That concerns me, especially now that I’m producing a reality show.

I have gotten both good and bad responses from viewers about “Basketball Wives,” and I certainly understand the opinion that the shows portrayal of black women is beginning to look somewhat negative.

As you see on the show, I’m not a big supporter of the bickering, drink throwing and fighting, but when you put a group of strong, independent and vocal women who are going through or just came out of a bad relationship together, there’s bound to be a little drama.

Let’s face it, we all know women like the ones on “Basketball Wives” and countless other reality shows: Women who are vocal if you cross them.

The problem for me is when black women are portrayed as only being that way and labeled different than their non-black counterparts for the same type of behavior. That’s when it becomes negative and damaging to our image.


Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’: Comedian Jay Mohr to guest host for Andy Cohen

Yup, the host of Bravo’s well-performing late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen, is taking a break — albeit, for one night only.

On Sunday, July 10, comedian, Saturday Night Live alum, and Real Housewives enthusiast (he blogs about the show for!) Jay Mohr will fill in as guest host on Watch What Happens Live. Mohr has appeared on the show previously, but as a guest.

This marks the first time that Cohen — who will be on vacation out of the country that evening — will not appear on the gabfest. “I know the clubhouse will be in great hands with Jay sitting in my chair,” Cohen tells EW. “I’m tickled that he’s blogging for us — and it’s hilarious — and now am even more excited to see what he’s going to do on our air.”

Mohr couldn’t be more excited about the gig himself. “Watch What Happens Live is like when you build a fort in the woods with your friends as kid,” Mohr says. “Except now there are adults and cocktails.” The episode, shot live from the Bravo Clubhouse in New York City, will feature Kathy and Rich Walkie from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Watch What Happens Live — which averages a healthy 1.6 million viewers — airs at 11 p.m.

I wonder if Kathy or Rich will confront Jay on he possibly  being on Teresa’s payroll?

Nene Leakes Somehow Has Anderson Cooper’s Cell Phone Number?  NeNe Drunk Dialing Anderson Cooper!  Check out the Video below!


10 Responses to “News, Rumors and Just Plain Ol Gossip”

  1. cali said

    First things first:
    What is noodling? (blushing-I have no clue about anything related to fishing).
    LuMann’s appearance change may would come across more likable, would she not be so an overbearing, no-nothing biatch.
    Melissa, really don’t care what her sexual preferences are.
    Kim’s pic with baby is very charming, and cute.
    Basketball wives: Stop with the ‘victim mentality’; they are who they are, just like Theresa is who she is, or Jill, LuMann for that matter.
    We all behave bad at one time or another; reality TV seems to show them as they are, and has nothing to do whether you black, white, yellow, green or even purple (LOL).

  2. Dani said

    Wait a minute. Does Luann’s blonde hair mean she is defecting to gasp “the other side?”

    Cali, agree about Melissa. I could care less so it is a non-story in my book.

    I agree with you also about Basketball wives. On one hand, these fights are put out there for sensation and to draw in viewers which works but then to call foul about how black women are portrayed. Bogus and you can’t have it both ways.

  3. Cali – Noodling is catching cat fish with your bare hands.. the catfish are so big that a pole and line would break unless you have the sturdy stuff they use to fish for sharks of that size.. I have some video’s for your holy chit viewing pleasure..

    Dani great point about LuMann defecting to the blonde side! She would be rejected at the next meeting thou.. lmaooo

  4. G-sus said

    @ Cali Noodling is where grown men stick their hands down catfish holes and pull out monster fish. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know who came up with that idea? LOL.

    Nice article about Kim, but I probably could have done without the double mammary shot. Makes you wonder what it would be like if you looked at your baby pics and all you noticed was your mom’s cleavage.

    I don’t watch Basketball wives because along with shows like Mob Wives, they seem to only be centered around over the top ladies fighting. But it seems to me that if you are a producer for a show and it disturbs you how woman are being portrayed on reality tv, you are in a perfect position to change it.

  5. @tweatcyn said

    I can’t wait to see jay mohr host with kathy and rich as guests. that should be a riot with rich and jay playing off each other’s humor. luann’s video (poll) was horrendous and the three of them come off as fools, especially Jill. luann is not singing. she’s trying to remake a petshop boys song. i do like the background music though. too bad it was wasted on that talent free twat.

    • Cyn. I am wondering what Kathy and Rich thinks about Jays comments in his blog. His view is totally slanted. I hope to recap last weeks show since there are repeats tonight.. I have a few thoughts I am dying to type up..

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Kim and the baby look really nice. I wish Kim & her family the best.

    NeNe drunk dialing AC. LOL!!!! One classy woman.

    Jay will be the host. Hmmmm. I’ve only read his blog a few times. I know he’s a comedian, but I haven’t watched him much at all. Just the little I’ve read of his blogs, it seems like he can’t stand Melissa & Joe. He never makes fun of Teresa & Joe like he does M & J. I’m really surprised he doesn’t pick apart Teresa & Joe since there is so much material to work with. Forget everything prior to Catskills. LOL! He could spend a whole comedy routine on Teresa & the c-ring/sex/down & dirty talk alone. I hope Teresa’s children never see that episode. That episode was the most graphic of any of the HW shows so far. I like Kathy & Rich, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

  7. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, I’ve only read a few of Jay’s blogs & they seemed slanted to me. I was thinking he’d dish it out to Teresa and Joe every bit as much as he did to Melissa & Joe. Seems only fair. LOL. I have some friends…one really close friend in particular…. that watch the shows all the time, and they were all blown away by the Catskills episode. They were never happy with Joe & Teresa because of BK/fraud/DUI/fake license, but they were totally grossed out after that. I was, too. LOL.

  8. G-sus said

    I actually like Kathy and Rich and their kids. I think Kathy’s interjection in Teresa and Melissa’s fight was totally blown out of proportion. Even though she probably shouldn’t have said it, Teresa did leave her kid’s unattended while she and Joe were going at it with the Gorga’s. The minute there were fists thrown, I would have grabbed my kids and left. Kathy did take Teresa’s kids aside, which was the right thing to do. Teresa just blew up IMO because she knew deep-down what Kathy said was true.

    Jay’s stint on WWHL should be good. I doubt Kathy and Rich will care about Jay’s preference towards Teresa.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @9 G-sus…I like Kathy, Rich, & their kids, too. Agree that Teresa got upset with Kathy because she knew Kathy was right.

    Have a Happy July 4th!

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