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Real Housewives of New York Gossip: Carly Hall Radio 6/30 & LuMann’s New Video

Posted by ImaJustSaying on July 1, 2011

Clink Me to listen!

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Follow Carly on twitter to get updates for the call in number and location.  You can view her profile here as she post’s upcoming live podcast’s for Thursday late nights after WWHL airs.

Ok now that all done,  Carly has a Thursday night show after “Watch What Happens Live” and its a Radio call in show and tonight it was once again hosted by Lynn Hudson because Carly loves her blog 

The discussion was the crazy chit Jill Zarin created and got the other girls to go along with to establish Simon as a creepy cyber bully.  We certainly know Jill has ‘mean tweeted’ but tries really hard to convince everyone last night that she is so hurt by Simon’s allegations and Kelly jumps on the bandwagon.  Funny how Jill nor Kelly can provide one example of a ‘mean tweet’ that they are both so damaged by.   One would think you have atleast one screen capture your paid assistants could provide in a pinch right? 

Who is the bully now Jill and Kelly?  Trying to convince Alex that her husband is not who she thinks he is and now in Kelly’s blog, she also claims Alex is now a cyber bully.  How does Bravo let them get away with this?  Why would Bravo help to perpetuate the lies?  OH THE HUMANITY!!!!


In other news, The Countless LuMann is sporting a new doo while promoting her new video/song.   Kelly actually does a good job strutting around the video but Jill can’t look sexy to save her life..  remember the pictures where Jill is trying her best to look sassy and come hither and all?  FAIL!!!!!

This is how I turn Bawbie on!! I suck on lollipops!! Get it?? lillipops!!! Get it??

Jill looks quite rediculous and could of used more backup with Jazz Hands to distract the goofy looks on Jill face.  LuAnn does not actually sing.  She talks with that authoritative voice right before she claps her hands three times loud to get everyone’s attention like a school marm.

The video was shot at The Borgota hotel and casino in Atlantic City where LuAnn, Jill and Kelly run around having way too much fun. “What a fabulous hotel,” LuAnn tells a news outlet, “and in Jersey … who would have known! It’s beautiful.”   LuAnn is as stupid as she looks.  If you fly into Newark, no people, all of New Jersey does not look like Newark and if all people think the Jersey Shore resides only in Seaside, no people that is not true either.  Jersey IS called the Garden State for a reason.. ugh..

Vodpod videos no longer available.


19 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Gossip: Carly Hall Radio 6/30 & LuMann’s New Video”

  1. cali said

    Watching this shitvideo is a waste of my time! This tranny can’t sing, nor can she move!

    • Cali I cant agree more!! This video is just a step away from closing down MTV or VH1 for all videos period.. I would assume there would be no after hours late night showing of this crappola.. Me ears are now deaf and I need to get me some hearing aids to fix this chit.. I AM DEAF!!!!!

  2. Save a Wretch Like Me aka Olive said

    First ,,thank you so much IJS for posting the Carly Hall show with Lynn ( you are my heroes)…..

    I so agree with Lynn,,I saw it as she did,,Jill was ok to meet with Simon until Kelly swayed her..UN-freaking-believable!!!! Love you guys ,,and thank you all for all your hard work,,,

    Yay to national un-follow Jill Zarin, Day,,in Lynn’s words “what a piece of work this woman is”. I have said it so many times before,,and either Carly or Lynn validated me,,,,Alex was bred correctly..that is why she doesn’t attack and fight well..she gets them in her blogs though,,,Alex is so smart,,,she can take these trashy women down,,but she has manners (real manners Countless) not no book learnin’ you googled and wrote about. Alex is a class act..and according to Kelly has no money,,so therefore money can’t buy you friend. lol I would like the show to keep Ramona, Sonya and Alex and build around it,,,

    Bawby is p-whipped,,,but he has got to be really really tired of this already…..c’mon..grow a pair Bawby…

    I really was not partial to Simon or Alex at first,,but ya’ know,,,I’ll take them over some pretentious Z listed nobodies….Ramona seems to know the true meaning of friend,,give up on Jill, Ramona,,she will never ever get it..and look out Sonja,,u are in their cross hairs by being too close to Ramona and Alex,,they fight dirty (the brunettes).

    WWHL,,is getting on my last nerve,,do u hear that Andy,,grow a pair as well..and hold these people accountable,,,,put down the whiskey,,ok,,,,I think I’m done …for

    • Save a wentch or a wretch or maybe Olive? You can post as anyone u like. You always tell me who you are and you can get a kick out of any moniker you like.. I like ur wench or wretch? Its all good woman.. I love it all. make ur self wench like.. I like you with two fisted with 2 mugs of spirits serving up the peeps.. its all good!!! shmooches!!

  3. Designdiva said

    I would rather watch a sock puppet suck a pickle than EVER EVER EVER have to watch that again…After seeing Jills ” Sexy ” it’s no wonder her and BALLSBEE never had kids…..with those moves she would need a heavy duty jack to help him get it up….!!!!

    These past few episodes just keeping getting more and more AMUSING….I am so glad to be part of the lowers rungs of the ladders that these woman keep trying to climb…….It’s so much cooler on the bottom as we all know HOT AIR RISES TO THE TOP !!! wink wink

    BTW..a note about the Plumber… the woman partner in my husbands plumbing company…..He always dresses as a professional that he is and NEVER showed his ass…..HOWEVER if he went on a call and came home w/o $$$ for that call…he’d better have a better excuse than …Oh the Lady fixed it while I was there…She would still be charged for the TRIP….. and there is NO WAY ms Sonja had snaked the water closet….she would have hit the phone on the first try…… Wonder if the ” plumber ” is married ???????
    Kelly ???? SBJ !!!! I would have picked up her PANCAKE and shoved it in her face…..there is no way on God’s green earth that this chicklet has full custody of her girls…I think she has limited visitations ONLY..
    Gotta LOVE these bravo shows…they just keep giving and giving and giving us food for fodder….LOL LOL..I say KEEP THEM ALL…LOL
    Happy Fourth to All… Enjoy what it’s suppose to be about…!!!!!!
    Hugs and Peace

    • Designdiva: SO GLAD TO SEE UR BIG OL ARSE!!! Hell I have no reason to know if u got a big one at all.. but it sounded good.. SO GLAD TO SEE U!! Ok did I make myself plain?? shmooches..

  4. Oy Vey said

    I saw this crazy viedo the other day on the morning news, they were making fun of it. It was very amusing. They started with the nutjob from DC, the blond one that faked having MS and her music viedo. The joke was the backup dancers cashed their checks before they danced, and then they showed when Luman was on sing the other song, then showed this viedo. Crazy, I tell you, these people are crazy!

  5. Oy Vey said

    I have a question ****raising hand and waving hoping to catch someones attention****
    Seeing I have only been kind of lurking around, depending on how I felt, I was wondering what happened to Tinsel Kitty? Please tell me the dog catcher didn’t get her.

  6. Save a Wretch Like Me aka Olive said

    Oy..I was wondering too…lol..yes ,,I agree,,I hope the dogcatcher didn’t catch…u r too funny.

    • Sorry folks.. AND G-Sus.. I have no more info on TInsel.. I hope she is well and will try and reach out.. I hope she is well and will come back to us.. COME BACK!! COME BACK!!! (Christmas Story and the kid who had tongue glued to pole)

  7. Save a Wretch Like Me aka Olive said

    Oy..I was wondering too…lol..yes ,,I agree,,I hope the dogcatcher didn’t catch…u r too funny.

  8. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    oops IJS,,,*red faced,,I AM A WENCH!!!!!! I knew it didn’t look correct…..

    ~Olive,,hahaha I’m such a ditz,,but a cute

  9. Designdiva said

    IJS…. I know Mr Ford would love for me to have a little more padding to my ASS….I have lost a bunch of weight with this colon crap I have been battling sooooooo………

    I showed Mr Ford Lugmans video..he said he would rather shave his nuts and listen to the barney song than ever have to listen to that again…HAHAHAHAHA…..and god knows we hate the barney song…LOL LOL LOL….I love love me…….wink wink…

    So now that I know he HATES the song , I will use it aginst him for punishment…get on my bad side,,you MUST LISTEN TO LUGMAN,,and watch it……sinsiter move in Diva’s part , wringing her hands in delight !!!!!!!!!…..maybe the prison system could use it as a tool for maintaining order…….

    Hope everyone has a loverly 4th…….
    Be back soon
    Hugs and Peace

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    HI IJS and everyone! Happy July 4th holiday! Back from volunteer work.

    Countless Lulu looks so much better as a brunette. She looks like Danielle’s sister with that new ‘do. Bad hair & bad singing. My eyes are stinging & my ears are bleeding. Are Jill & Kelly the only two friends you could get to be in your video? Don'[t you have some friends of royalty? Noticed your Initials “CL”. Where’s the Duke & Duchess? You know, William & Kate? LOVED AC’s ridiculist & his take on your video. LOL!!!!

    @11 Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive (Like your new name.) ….Thanks for that video. LMAO!!!!

    TK, hope you’re doing well.

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, thanks for the pics of Jill. Forgot about those. LMAO!!!!

  12. Save a Wench Like Me aka Olive said

    Thank MHJ,,how are you,,,,I agree,,I thought Countless “lived the life” as she said to Cat,,the night before the Royal Wedding,,,heck,,,her co-stars didn’t want any part of the video,,ok,,I have a something to pose to all of you,,if Simon is so crazy about being in the spotlite,,wouldn’t you think he’d jump at the chance to be in her video?…things that make u go hmmmmmm……I said the same as u did,,she couldn’t get her royal friends (yeah Countess we believe u rubbed elbows with the real royals) ,,she had to have that broke down producer in it to add a little more D listed quality to her video,,AC was so funny,,,I know Countless is not mother of the year,,but her poor kids ,,,she better be more vigilante that they are not being bullied because of her antics,,not a grown ass woman like Jill who cries wolf,,cuz ,,BAWBY,,they don’t like me…..

    OK,,going for the weekend,,,,everyone have fun and stay safe,,
    Tinsel,,,if you can read this meow two times….My hand to ceiling cat,,I’ll come save you,,for I am SUPER WENCH..*hands on hip with cape and SW on my chest……


  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @16 Save A Wench Like Me Aka Olive…Hi! I’m doing very well. Think I’m done with volunteer work for a while. Having family over later, & then going to a party for 4th. How are you? Have a fun & safe holiday. I agree about LuAnn’s video. Her producer was in it, and Jill & Kelly, but no royals. What?! No blue bloods. What’s so funny is that LuAnn is not a blue blood, but married a Count. The way she acts, you’d think she had nothing but blue blood running through her veins. LOL. I feel sorry for her kids. She doesn’t seem to spend much time with them. Hasn’t Victoria been in all kinds of trouble, too? Wasn’t she expelled or kicked out of her school? Jill really does work my last nerve. She acts like she’s being bullied, but she dishes it out to everyone. Well, except to Bobby. I take that back. She even complains to Bobby. Remember the Mercedes incident, & it wasn’t perfect enough. LOL. You are right. Jill always dishes it out to everyone…not just Simon…but to everyone…and then cries wolf. If she can dish it out, then she better be able to take it.

  14. G-sus said

    Hi everyone! So glad to see some of you back posting!

    I watched a preview for next week on Bravo when Jill and Thugann were in the studio previewing the song. The look on Jill’s face was priceless. Even she couldn’t contain herself from laughing. Of course she had to ruin it for me at the end by telling Luann how fabulous it was.

    I do have a question though. Luann pays for them to produce the song right? Or maybe Bravo or Life and Style (since they did an article on it)? Because I can’t imaging that anyone would pay for her to sing. That is the thing that boggles my mind.

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @18 G-sus…Hi sweetie! Thugann. LMAO!!!! I’m still laughing thinking about LuAnn performing for Jill’s birthday party. LOL! Was she trying to look like a Vegas showgirl? Looked more like a drag queen, even before she opened her mouth to sing. I thought one of the funniest parts was that she wrote that song, & thought it was the greatest. Jillousy & Thugann deserve each other. Happy July 4th!

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