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What In Tomfoolery Is Going On Here? Depends On Who Is Posting The Pic? #RHONJ #TVTIME101 #TWINKLYTWEETS

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 24, 2013

Jaqueline out with Teresa

UPDATE******  I have just learned through Elvira’s twitter that there was NO filming last night.  So now I have to ask again…   WHY was Jacqueline there if not for camera’s?  Could the reconciliation be real?  ELIZABETH!  IT’S THE BIG ONE!!!!


Just as I was getting ready to call it a night, a twitter post popped up from Jennifer Dalton who is newly casted on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” giving a shout out to Jacqueline Laurita, Elvira Grau and Teresa Giudice including a picture of all four of them dining and I imagine filming for the new season.  Now I cant be sure that Jacqueline was actually sitting at the table but there is a water-glass in front of her and it had me scratching my head as to WHY???????????????????

Didn’t Jacqueline swear off Teresa last season on her last blog post for Bravo?   All this flip-flopping is making me dizzy and anticipating a highly scripted season.

Jacqueline Laurita – Teresa is Out of My Life – Jacqueline is relieved to finally put Season 4 and her feud with Teresa to rest. – Oct 25, 2012

Has Jacqueline NOT learned her lesson to avoid crawling into the lion’s den because seriously, some of the plastic surgery here truly looks like a lion was the inspiration.

Now it appears Jennifer seems like a gal who appeared to embrace a foe of Teresa’s and made a point to include her in the tweet to her followers which would only help support the building blocks of old friendships that tanked seriously hard which resulted in one of the most disgusted reunion shows in the history of Bravo.  I would say Ka-dooooze to Jennifer!

Jaqueline out with Teresa2

So I had to go look at the other’s who were tagged in the tweet to see if they had anything to add and I found this.  Elvira posting the nearly SAME picture with the same exact drinks and same exact food on the table but with no Jacqueline or tweet tagging!   It appears Elvira may have purposely cropped out Jacqueline from the picture since it appears she wants Teresa to herself..  LOL  Good luck with that one Elvira!  This mission will come with a lot of azz kissing and ear bleeding every morning for an hour on the telephone!

Now I am pretty sure based on Elvira’s earlier tweets, this event happened at Elvira’s place of business Space Odyssey USA in Englewood, NJ where not only can your kids play video games, the adults can dance the night away dining on a variety of food and sipping libations.  Sounds like a great friendship between Teresa and Elvira since I am pretty sure a lot of the Giudice children’s birthday parties have taken place at this venue which I am pretty sure it has been comped by Elvira for Bravo advertising which I am pretty sure is why Bravo casted the owner of this local venue so they can use for free?  Sounds like a win win for everyone!

Elvira told Radaronline:

“We have been friends because we’re both comfortable with each other as we are, not jealous or insecure,” the party planner said about her relationship with Teresa.

Elvira has been filming for season five of RHONJ and she says she’s going to be squarely in Teresa’s camp if any of the other women want to cause trouble with her friend.

“I would absolutely defend Teresa against the other woman,” Elvira told Fox News Correspondent Tom Murro.

In the last season of the show Teresa battled with Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and even Caroline Manzo, so her friendships on the show are dwindling, but Eliva says she won’t turn her back on Teresa.

“I have zero loyalty to anyone on the show except Teresa because I simply don’t know them,” New Correspondent Tom Murro tells us she revealed to him.

She explained why she is such good friends with Teresa, saying: “We both have families that we love and that’s priority over anything else.”

While the other women accuse Teresa of backstabbing, spreading rumors about them, and not supporting them, Elvira says she has never had a problem with her.

“She’s been a great supporter of my business Space Odyssey and I’ve hosted all her girl’s parties!”

I believe I rest my case.



2 Responses to “What In Tomfoolery Is Going On Here? Depends On Who Is Posting The Pic? #RHONJ #TVTIME101 #TWINKLYTWEETS”

  1. lol…not sure if I can stomach another season of these much hatred and wasted emotions over…WHAT ?????

    • Hey DD! I don’t think I can stomach another season myself with all that we know now. Twitter seems to dictate story lines for this franchise and how they “act” in their scenes is all about how they are being viewed. No real rawness like the first season. This season will be a snooze.

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