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Twinkly Tweets @LilKIM! Yo Aint So #LilKim No MORE! U @WendyWilliams Chew Some Beef How U Doin? #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 13, 2013

Wemdy lil kim

Lil Kim?  What’s your beef?  You can’t blame Wendy Williams for your plasticky look or that puffy face?  Girl.. We always liked your work.. or maybe followed your eh hem incarceration into the maximization of being locked up?  It aint no secret?  Just sit back and don’t front your real life.  Wendy calls it like she see’s it.  It’s plain and simple.  You look many a procedures different and it what it is.   OWN IT!!

P.S.  To say that Wendy is giving oral favors to make her own name is ridic.  She already did that.  Years ago.. I KID I KID!!  Wendy is living a normal life with her husband and child in the burbs of New Jersey.  No need to make shit up.  Makes you look even more fake.  UGH.

Lil kim

Ok Lil Kim.. You got to OWN yourself and be proud and loud… or is that loud and proud? Regardless how you look. HEY! IMAJUSTSAYING!!!



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