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Real Housewives of New York Preview – ‘Misfortune Teller’, An Interview with Alex and Twinkly Tweets!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 26, 2011

I Am An Animal Lover! I Also Love My Shoes, Belts and Handbags!

LuAnn hosts the ladies in Morocco, where she nabs Sonja and Ramona trying to secretly leave the property shortly after they arrive.   Later, Jill runs into an old friend while shopping, (Brad anyone?)  and he invites the women to his birthday party, which features a fortune teller and a snake charmer.

The next three episodes surely create the division from the brunettes and blonde’s.   I think the women are really going to play up the drama for our viewing pleasure because women can’t be that rude and obnoxious right?

In the video below we have snake charmers and some how I think “Snakes in the Sand”  is going to be my catch phrase for my recap. 

 On “Watch What Happens Live” tonight, the guest’s are Ramona and MSNBC’s Willie Geist.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

This next preview looks absolutely rediculous as Cindy is claiming that someone stole her hangers.   The blondes try to help her request hangers from the hotel and Cindy just wants to  figure out who entered her ‘private space’.  Well since Cindy violates ‘private spaces’ every day with wax and lasers, I don’t understand her outrage.   Ramona suggests that Cindy should stick a hanger up her ass.   lol

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Some Twinkly Tweets in regards to hangers.. 8)


“Make sure you have some extra clothes hangers when you watch! @CindyBarshop RT @Alayne_Plummer: Is it Thursday yet??? I am so excited about RHONY Morocco episodes! #RHONY @ramonasinger @mccordalex @SonjatMorgan @BravoAndy. #teamblonde ”

On The Real Housewives of New York City, Alex McCord has morphed from wallflower to rabble-rouser. She gossips with Nicole LaPorte about her transformation.

Article - Laporte McCord 

<—  Does anyone think that Cindy looks like she is going to crap her pants?

But how, exactly, did she do it?

“I got fed up, is probably the most easy way of saying it,” Alex recently told The Daily Beast, speaking on the telephone during a drive to Manhattan from Brooklyn, where she and Simon (who, of course, was in the car) had just dropped off their two sons at karate.

“Look, there are only so many times you can bite your tongue and not say things,” she continued. “Yes, I grew up with Southern parents, who taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything, but that doesn’t really work on reality TV.

“What winds up happening is that people get an impression of what they think you’re thinking that is completely wrong. People also mistake it for weakness, and as anyone in my non-televised life can attest, I am not a doormat.”


39 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – ‘Misfortune Teller’, An Interview with Alex and Twinkly Tweets!”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Cindy that upset over coat hangers? One of the ladies stole her coat hangers? Really? I hope her curling iron and make-up don’t disappear. The blonds will have hell to pay if they do. Poor Cindy. I know how upset I am when my coat hangers go missing on a trip. Such an awful tragedy. 😉

  2. G-sus said

    @ MHJ LOL, I hope Cindy hung on to her toilet paper as well.

    IJS, please tell me that Jill doesn’t “accidently” run into Brad while shopping. Are they just going to recreate Sex and the City scene by scene? Running into a man from your past while shopping, check. Someone running around in a burqa, check. Riding through the desert on a camel, check.
    If Simon comes racing through the sand on a jeep, I may have to remove sharp objects from my house.

  3. @tweatcyn said

    Here’s my take on the trip. New post:

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 G-sus…LMAO!! Have you ever watched “Million Dollar Listing”? Remember Chad? Yes, the one who was…hmmmm…anal. He would pack his suitcase more neatly than Felix of Odd Couple. Lawdy, he would place everything…including TP…in plastic zip lock baggies. Actually, not a bad idea for shampoo or cologne/perfume, but………….Cynthia reminded me of Chad in that moment. Oh, and the part where she went back upstairs to confront the women because she knew they were talking about her. Yes, reminded me of Chad again. I know Ramona doesn’t have the best filter. NO JOKE. But I did have to LOL when she said what she did about Cynthia. Of course we’re talking about you…………Priceless.

  5. G-sus said

    MHJ Chad with the freaky hair, yep I remember him. OCD to the max.

    There is something fishy about the Hangergate. I will be watching closely for any Bravo shenanigans. There was something in the preview that made me think that it was something set up by production. Nothing like a staged tiff to get things started. And if they try to make it out as if Jill runs into Brad by surprise, nothing should be taken seriously about this trip.

  6. G-sus said

    Lordy, I am only 5 minutes in to the show and I am already nauseaus from all the Dahhhhliinnngs. Good thing I am not playing Andy’s drinking game.

  7. G-sus said

    I wonder if Jill gave Brad a script to follow in Morocco or if she just gave him bullet points like:
    1. Pretend you don’t know the other ladies and Bravo cameras are coming along. Ignore the fact that you obviously were miked for the shopping scene cause all my friends are miked whenever I meet them in foreign countries.
    2. Make sure you take a dig at Ramona.
    3. Throw a party and surprise us like we don’t know about it.

    I floved the hypocrisy that Kelly’s big beef on Scary Island was that the women were (shudder) gossiping. It seemed the brunettes had a table designated just for that reason and Kelly was the head of THAT table.

    If anyone hasn’t watched WWHL yet, you have to watch it only for the 30 secs that Ramona talks about the Countess and her cheating ways. YIKES. That’s gonna leave a bruise.

  8. Leigh said

    These women suck! But I guess I wouldn’t watch if they were kind and considerate of other cultures and one another.

  9. Coffee FIRST said

    I’m despising this season! I love me some Ramona but even she’s deserving of a slap this episode, South Park style! (I’m going to slap, slap, slap you!) I hope someone understands this reference. 8).

  10. Oy Vey said

    WTH is up with Sonja and the no underwear thing? That’s just nasty. Who the hell wants to sit in a chair after her and commando va-jay-jay? I wouldn’t. Or maybe she’s just better prepared in case a little somethin’ somethin’ happens. I guess you never really know how long Viagra will last so no panties saves some time. Sorry, she’s annoying me this season. So is Ramona and Alex. It’s kind of sad when Jill is the mostly normal one, and Kelly isn’t playing on both sides of psycho street so far.

  11. Amy said

    NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!! But seriously, couldn’t Cindy use the metal from her retainer to make a few extra hangers in a pinch?

  12. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! 8) Can’t stop laughing at all the hysterical comments.

    Where to start? Was LuLu the one who coordinated the Morocco trip all by herself? Did she have a little help from Bravo? Probably a good thing, as it worked out, that the brunettes (Brunette myself & don’t care to claim any) and blonds took separate plane trips.

    Yes, if I heard Lulu go on & on & ON with the language lessons…among other lessons from her arrogant/narcissistic-self……Well, daaaaaahling, I was going to get sick.

    I felt sorry for Alex in that taxi ride from airport/to the place they were staying. Sonja & Ramona on either side, Alex in the middle, saying inappropriate things in front of the taxi driver. I know Sonja & Ramona travel, but please…get a filter. Sonja & Ramona can be nice, but they need to think sometimes before speaking. Some folks wonder why others don’t like Americans in other countries….I don’t think it helps to have Americans making comments like that for the natives to hear. Hubby & I have traveled to a lot of countries, but we’d NEVER say anything like that. We may give each other a look, but that’s it. LOL.

    I’m not a big Cynthia fan. (I felt bad for her when Sonja mentioned that pecking order business, but no more.) First, she complained & complained…accused the blonds of taking HER hangers. Maybe the maid took them to help Ramona with her unpacking or 5,000 items. Who knows. What a mystery. What a crime. Just tragic. Can’t believe Ramona asked the poor maid to help her with her unpacking…enough for a 2wk cruise anyway, but then again that’s Ramona. The other thing about Cynthia is that every time I see her practically she’s bashing one of the women. Not to say Jill, LuAnn, and Kelly don’t either. Was that The Gossip Table, or what?! Those brunettes were doing nothing but bashing. Yes Jill, Ramona is the only one who is mean. Keep on believing that/saying that. Right. It is amazing Jill to find people around the world, wherever one may travel, and find someone like (your buddy) Brad to say how bad/mean Ramona is. WOW! I have a sneaky suspicion, there are a lot of people that know or have met you walking away with a bad feeling in the pit of their stomach. You talk about how someone is so mean & cruel and is always bashing, but yet you turn around within a split second and moan/complain or throw out insults. SMH.

    WOW! What a surprise to see Brad in Morocco. What are the odds with the timing and all, and what are the odds that he bashes Ramona? Hmmmmm. I didn’t think that was very nice of him to say his floor had just been done…let the other women know…but not Ramona. She may end up hurting herself. Brad is a little devil like his buddy Ms. Jill.

    Lulu drive me crazy. Ms. Social Etiquette couldn’t play tennis with her buddy Jill and talk tennis, Morocco, jewelry, boyfriend, or whatever. No, she had to bounce that tennis ball & bash Ramona. Why invite someone on a trip, bash them from the start, complain that they don’t do what you want, and then bash some more?!

    Interesting that Sonja & Ramona left the brunettes to get out. Ramona said they had a great time. I think Ramona & Sonja wanted to get out, & have fun…not sit around and r-e-l-a-x. No, those girls have lots of energy & want to explore/check out different things. Hey, they are on vacation & should have fun with their idea of relaxing. 😉

    Cynthia has a nanny or aupair? Does she have just 2 children? I have known a lot of women (like neighbors) through the years who have nannies & aupairs and are “stay-at-home” moms. To each her/his own, but I still don’t understand. I have seen so many cases where the nanny(ies) or aupairs have really raised the child/children. I guess I don’t get it because the mother doesn’t have an outside job/career. I can see having a nanny to take care of your children if you go on a trip…say as in Morocco…but not day-in & day-out. I guess because I never had any help with my children and I was a stay-at-home mother, I don’t get it.

    @11 Amy…Hi! I was thinking the exact same thing. LOL!!!!

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    All of the women…except Alex imo…need to get a filter. (Sonja needs to get some panties, too…that fit…or just panties period.) I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I will go ahead & give LuAnn credit for something. Something I thought was nice. Whenever, esp at The Gossip Table…but also around Brad…when she thought the gossip about Ramona was going over the line & being too mean…yes, even too mean for her…she wanted people to tone it down. She even made a dig at Brad about his shirt to get him to be quiet I think. LuAnn can get on my nerves to be sure, but I was glad someone finally spoke up about the non-stop bashing. Jill is suppose to be Ramona’s long-time friend, but Jill sure does have her dirty hand in the relentless bashing. Ramona isn’t perfect, but she seems better imo about saying what is on her mind to Jill and others she has an issue with. Jill acts like she is Ms. Innocent most of the time, but I don’t think she is.

    Missed the last 15min of NY & have to re-watch. Also, couldn’t stay up for WWHL but will catch later.

  14. Dani said

    So much bad behavior by almost all last night. Alex was the most gracious and behaved.

    Sonja and Ramona were the cliche “bad Americans.”

    The brunettes were catty little snips. Talking behind everyones back and trying to stir the pot. And is it just me, or is Cindy just totally devoid of any personality? The lady just seems to take no joy in life. Always looks like a sourpuss and is beyond whiny. I would be looking to accidentally on purpose lose her if I had to spend any length of time with her. I am pretty sure her middle name is Wetblanket.

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @G-sus…Hi sweetie! Agree with your NY takes…all the brunettes gossiping, Kelly gossiping non-stop when she acts like she never does, etc. (Chad was/is OCD alright.) “Hangergate”…LMAO!!

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @14 Dani…Hi! 🙂 Totally agree. Also, I think you hit the nail on the head about Cynthia. I think that is what has bothered me about her from the start. I know Sonja shouldn’t have said some of the things she did to her…pecking order for sure…but Cynthia constantly complains about this & that. Doe she ever smile, or have anything really nice to say? I couldn’t stand to be around her. “Sourpuss…Beyond whiny…Wetblanket”…LMAO! Yes, a real uplifting & fun person. First thing she does is accuse the blondes of taking her precious coathangers. I know Ramona & Sonja can be characters for sure, but I much rather hang out with them. I’d be afraid I was next on Cynthia’s list of Who Stole My Coathangers. I have the shivers now. Alex handled herself with grace, & she doesn’t get caught up in all the gossip. (I said something earlier that I didn’t think it was nice/appropriate for Jill to make a comment about putting Ramona on a leash, etc. I re-watch that episode, & I was glad to hear Alex say she didn’t think that was nice either. Alex doesn’t have to spout off she’s classy like Jill. No, she walks the walk.)

  17. Dani said

    Morning MHJ.

    Jill and LuAnn are really gunning for Ramona this season and I have a feeling it is about to come to a head on this trip. I think and I am only speculating that LuAnn is ticked that Ramona has called her out on her mothering skills and reputation w/men. LuAnn was taking pleasure out of the fortune tellers “read” to Ramona last night. She was practically salivating. On the other hand, Ramona just sort of blew it off on WWHL last night.

    Sonja and Ramona were little turds last night but at least they were fun turds. LuAnn did have some pretty good quips about Ramona. I have to admit I laughed at the “girls gone wild” talking head segment.

    Cindy I just don’t get. For being the hipster of the group, she needs to just take a chill pill and lighten up.

  18. G-Sus said

    I call BS on the fortune teller. Talks glowingly about Jill and Kelly and then digs at Ramona. Smells like a Jill/Brad setup. Not to mention the fact that Jill and Lulu are all over twitter talking about how spot on she was about ALL of the HWs.
    Now I know why Bravo had to delay the season, they had to edit it to try to cover up all the staged BS.

  19. Dani said

    GSus, I agree about the fortune teller. It was way too convenient. I think it is some payback for Ramona. What was it that she said about Jill? Something about her being such a caring or generous person? Right there, it all seemed contrived and phony.

  20. Abigal said

    For the latest on the Housewives of NY check out Jill Zarins newsletter on her facebook page…follow Jill on facebook

    • TV Time peeps – Abigal’s back with more linkbait for Jill Zarin. Teh Housewifeys, they be amongst us. Shhhh……

      Abigal, does Jill pay you hourly or is it per comment you post? In the future, would you please at least try to entertain us instead of copy/pasting the same blurb over and over. We want to laugh at you, really we do. Just give us a teeny bit of material to work with and we’ll be yucking it up in no time. Also, what’s Jill think about the Charity, Schmarity post? I’m really curious.

  21. BobLHead said

    I see jill has finally found some friends on her level! (snakes)

  22. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    G-sus & Dani…I wanted to go to bed before repeat of NJ. Getting old. LOL. However, I stayed up to watch NJ again, & stayed up an extra 45min for NY. I fell asleep w/ 15min to go, so I missed the whole fortune teller scene. Thank goodness for reruns. I can believe that was staged…Bravo staging anything?!?!

    @17 Dani…I have never really had a problem with Ramona. Ramonacoaster as some would say. She could work on a filter at times to be sure. LOL. I may think a whole lot of things, and agree with Ramona on various points, but I’d never say them. Having said that, I believe her heart is in the right place…went it comes down to it. However, Jill & LuAnn don’t have filters either. They can bash people behind their backs AND to their faces constantly. Get a life. It does seem that Jill & LuAnn are “really gunning for Ramona this season”. I feel like it’s 2 against 1. Plus, Jill is suppose to be Ramona’s friend, but she seems to never let up. Ramona seems to vent her frustrations, or what have you, but then she seems to let go. Jill & LuAnn…esp Jill…seems to hold onto the anger. Very toxic imo.

  23. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @21 BobLHead…ROTF!!!!

  24. BobLHead said

    Sheesh, really Abi? I tried to follow Jill Zarin, but the bitch BLOCKED ME! And all I did was send her a link to a blog about her…..I’ll follow Jill when hell freezes over.

    But welcome to TV Time! LOL

  25. BobLHead said

    Oh and nice to see that Cindy can bring the drama….over….coat hangers?

    (rolling my sparkly eyes)

  26. Dani said

    MHJ, agree about Ramona. Not that she doesn’t frequently stick her foot in her mouth but she has been known to apologize for her gaffes. Much better than thinking someone is a friend only to find out later, they have been talking smack behind your back and then they deny it when you confront them. If you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar, just admit you wanted a cookie. Instead it is like, well you don’t believe that lie, well how about this lie?

    How many blogs are there out in cyber space about the housewives? Must be a full time job to keep track of them all.

    LOL @26. BobL, you crack me up.

  27. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @26 BobLHead…What? Jill blocked you. I’m so sorry. I know you were devastated.

  28. BobLHead said

    Yep, I’m still heart broken….(snicker)

  29. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @27 Dani…So true. That’s why I will give Ramona a pass & not Jill. Between Jill’s & Cynthia’s whining, moaning, and bitchin’ I need to take a few migraine pills. With Jill, how many lies & twists/turns can she spin on a story? Damn. Where are my migraine pills?!

  30. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @29 BobLHead…Hey, I can tell how choked up you are. I’m choked up for you, too.

  31. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Have a great Memorial Day holiday everyone! 🙂

  32. Oy Vey said

    Hi everyone! Just have to laugh at the comments! Clicked on the link and I’m curious as to who photoshopped Jill’s facebook picture?

  33. zando said

    where do I begin?? With the exception of Alex who did nothing, nothing at all last night. All the ladies were just in rare meow form. Oh Brother!

    1) Jill claiming that because Salam is the greeting in Arabic and not “Shalom” means they must have heard it wrong proves once and for all why this woman’s book tanked before it was even release. Not only could she not write, she has no tact, is borderline racist and clearly has never read a printed page that was not labled “Page six” in her whole life. Lots of languages have similarities and Arabic and Hebrew are very related so no one heard it wrong, it’s two versions of the same thing you dumb bitch. Stop giving other Jews a bad name.

    2) Sonja and Ramona’s rude comments about Morocco on the drive from the airport. Grow up ladies, the entire world doesn’t exist between 59th and 96th street on the East side of an Island in America.

    3) Cindy should just be happy to have actually ended up on the show and not on the cutting room floor of the Real Housewives like other ladies of past seasons. You will be one of those one season ninnies.

    4) Brad. Yet to Heal fight club session or bad eye job??

    I will hate myself for this but Luanne was not that bad last night. She sucks 90% pf the time but compared to the rest of the shinnanigans, she was alright.

  34. G-sus said

    Nooo OH VEY! Don’t clink on the link, every time anyone does Jill’s ego goes up a notch, lol.
    I was curious as to why someone like Abigail would post a link on an blog filled with people who don’t like Jill, but then I remembered that in order to post anything her facebook wall, positive or negative, you have to hit the “like” button. Not even I dislike her enough to do that.

    Zando, good points, glad you could get past all the daahhhlings that were flying last night. Within 5 minutes of that I wanted to put my head in the oven.

    I wonder if there has been any backlash from Ramona talking about LuLu cheating last night on WWHL?

  35. zando said

    Listen, I hate a good Dahling as much as anyone but there are moment when even Loonanne Dela-shit-stirrsups does appear sane by comparison. Now that only works in rare instances cuz as far as I’m concerned when it comes to LuLu all money can buy you…is acting like an ass. But like many of the housewives the US over, she too has multiple personality disorders

    Side bar: Anyone notice that at their most dressed up, the NY housewives wear about half the make up the California ones wear to go to the gym or grocery shopping?…And in a way, despite the rumors swirling around Bravo wanting a more glamorous NYHW’s, I find them a tad ever so slight bit more…AHEM…real??? Yes shoot me now I know. But really, could you imagine the four brunettes wearing anything less than a whole makeup counter on the car ride over to Lexington or the flight to Morocco if instead, you had Tamra, Vicki, Peggy (AKA Ewwwwwie) and Alexis not couture on either trip?

    I say that and then I watch Ramona unpack the entire HSN stock of ragtag jewellery (Stands included) from the 9 suitcases she brought with her to Morocco and even I can’t make these two observations work together. Un-united States of the Bravo Housewives I guess.

  36. Dani said

    Zando, I kind of think Ramona is one of those people who packs their whole closet for a trip. She alluded to the fact she didn’t know exactly what to pack so she brought it all. Maybe she should have googled the climate, customs, so forth to narrow down her choices but I suspect it wouldn’t have mattered. She strikes me as a little OCD and probably would have still overpacked.

    You are spot on about the make-up. OC is much more overprocessed in their beauty routine. Personally, even though Luann can be such a stinker, I think she dresses well. She usually looks pretty put together. I also like Lisa V.’s style from BH show.

  37. G-sus said

    LOL Zando. Yep the NY ladies are more um, natural? I did chuckle when Jill was talking about all of Ramona’s plastic surgery, who is she kidding?
    Ramona, gotta love her, but she is in full-on schlepping mode. She’s hauling around her jewelry, swigging her Pinot, heck, she even threw her tru renewal at Andy last night.

    I am starting to think that Andy and Bravo may really be thinking about letting these ladies go. If they aren’t selling their goods or staging their storylines, they are threatening to sic their lawyers on Bravo when the polls don’t go their way on WWHL.

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