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HOLY Tardy For The Lawsuit! @Kandi Sues @KimZolciak For Royalties 3 YEARS LATER! #RHOA #TVTIME101

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 13, 2013

Kim and Kandi White Party

Well folks!  I have never seen Kandi from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” so tardy for ANYTHING like this lawsuit she just filed against her cast mate Kim Zolciak!  There have been many a discussion over whether Kim OWES Kandi some royalties for “Tardy For The Party” and it appeared that Kandi just washed her hands of the whole thing based on past Bravo blogs and reunion episodes.  Now mind you, no written contract was ever  documented and it appears the verbal agreement is up who says what and we thought this was all put to bed when Kandi decided to help Kim promote her song during an episode aired on 10/18/2010 “White Hot.  I am not so sure if the agreement was thought to be in place at the time of this “White Party” Kim was to headline.  But Kandi’s Bravo blogs may be her downfall where she concede’s to let it go and not making the best business decisions with friends and allowing Bravo to license the song free for promotion.

I am pretty sure Kandi used this song as well to highlight her talent as a music producer etc, but why now?  I only hear “Watch What Happens Live” play this song anymore and the only time I hear the title of the song is when Kim has a new spin-off series name.  I am pretty sure the cost of court filings, fee’s etc will be more than what she thinks she is entitled too.  Kandi did put in place an agreement for producing “The Ring Dont Mean A Thing” which is why it was never released.  Kim didn’t want to pay the upfront fee’s and that ended that.

I have never thought Kandi would take it this level, but I have my suspicions below.

Here is Kandi explaining what she felt she was entitled to below which goes WAY back to season 3 reunion part 2 aired February 20, 2011.  I guess Kandi is no longer crying tears but spitting mad! From TVGuide below back in 2/20/2011:

Kandi received only $3,000-4,000 for her producing “Tardy for the Party.” Kandi estimated that the song has “at least” earned Kim a (may we say shocking) $80,000 to $100,000. But what really got to Kandi was that Kim hadn’t done anything to correct the situation despite their friendship. It’s one of the only ones on Atlanta that appears genuine, too; earlier in the hour, Kandi explained that she and Kim bonded over being single moms, a side to their relationship viewers don’t see on the show.

“I don’t like to argue about money with friends, but what irritated me was… you know good and well you didn’t put up no money, you didn’t put up anything” for “Tardy for the Party” in the beginning, Kandi said through tears. When pressed by Andy for a reaction, Kim said, “Kandi, you could have taken all the money… I will be forever grateful to you for letting me live my dream… I don’t want to see her look like this… Yes, I owe her money. To me, it’s not about money. You can’t put a price on friendship with Kandi. She can have all the money.” (On the Watch What Happens: Live after-show, Kandi said that Kim reached out to her after the reunion was filmed, but no money has yet been exchanged. Their second collaboration, “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing” has still not been released.)

Kandi has decided to dredge up the past citing… (excerpt from AccessAtlanta below)

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Georgia, Burruss and co-writer Rodney Richards are seeking “damages for copyright infringement due to Defendants’ unauthorized and unlawful licensing, distribution and sale of Plaintiffs’ creative works, namely a sound recording embodying a performance of a musical composition entitled ‘Tardy for the Party. ‘ “

The song, in which Zolciak’s daughter Brielle gets songwriting credit, sold 102,000 copies, the lawsuit said.

This issue was a major plot point on the show season three, which aired in 2010 and 2011. On the show, Burruss complained that Zolciak hadn’t paid her what she was due for her work producing and co-writing the song. The conflict was addressed yet again last year during the season four reunion show though it appeared Burruss was ready to put it behind her.

“That was a learning experience, but I feel like good things have come out of me working with her,” Burruss told Bravo executive and reunion host Andy Cohen.

In past news stories, Burruss said she had been paid only a one-time $4,000 fee. According to a Hollywood Reporter story in 2011, Burruss “didn’t have an agreement in place concerning royalties but also because she handed over rights to Bravo.”

She added at the time: “I know Kim  was new to the music industry so I don’t feel like she was  purposely trying to wrong me. I just think she was misinformed.”

In October, 2010, Burruss explained the situation on a Bravo blog.

It appears that Phaedra Parks (another cast mate) is representing Kandi which will make for a great media circus.

So the question is.. why now?  Does this have to do with Kim’s supposedly stealing Kandi’s future baby boy name “Kash”?  It has to be!  Or is it?

Kash LLC

Kim Zolciak denies stealing the name while taking a tour of Kandi’s home when Kim was VERY pregnant (7 months) and also provided documentation where she had filed a LLC for the name “Kash Kade” while she was in her first trimester.    Kim delivered Kash on 8/14/2012 and filed the LLC on 4/14/2012.  I am pretty sure Kandi did not even have this home purchased by this filing date where she had people tour her home and name one room the “Kash” room.   I am not sure exactly when the footage was filmed, but it was obvious that Kim was in her last trimester while filming the tour.  This is a silly bone of contention with Kandi.

Dont Be Tardy Premiere

Or was it due to Kim getting a SECOND spin-off  both with the title of the infamous song being sued for?    Kandi is on her second spin-off as well so that can’t be it.

Kim bottle signing2

Or was it due to Kim’s new wine release?  Can’t be.  Kandi is sporting some serious toys for seriously horny people who will need her toys after drinking such wine.  No.. That can’t be it either.

Kims iron work

 Or was the icing on the cake with the new iron work in Kim’s newly redone home maybe purchased by selling 100k copies of “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party?   Nah.. Kandi would not worry about utilizing safe railings to protect children from danger?  It’s not Kim’s fault Kandi refused to replace her railings when suggesting by Kim at the house tour..

Kims real hair

Or was it when Kim was sporting real hair when once told to us that she lost it due to cancer?  Or a cancer scare?  Or fretting from maybe having cancer or losing her hair brush?  Girl has some “Good” hair to be sporting some wigs.  I imagine it takes as much time to style a wig as your real hair so I dont get it.

Or maybe it’s Kim beating Kandi on Ryan Seacrest’s Poll?  How can one who lies about Cancer or wears wigs beat Kandi on a popularity poll?

What ever made Kandi go and file this lawsuit with Phaedra as her representation may certainly be a ploy for Reunion antics (which is filming this week) to direct the spotlight off themselves and onto Kim who hardly filmed with them this season.  This whole debacle with royalties have already been played out in previous seasons episodes and reunions and I am not so sure the viewers care to rehash this as much as they are forced to rehash “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” story lines of family feuds.

So what do you think set Kandi off to enter the court system for royalties?


5 Responses to “HOLY Tardy For The Lawsuit! @Kandi Sues @KimZolciak For Royalties 3 YEARS LATER! #RHOA #TVTIME101”

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  2. Miss Fabubulous said

    It’s me, can’t remember my damm password.
    Like i said before, Kandi and business don’t mix. So far she has had fall outs with xscape, Kim. lawerance and the two runner UPS on Kandi.factory. u need to update this gem of a post. Usually we are so far off when it comes to bravo in who we think on who is right or wrong. My phone is acting upp so I’m gonna give u this link. instead of trying to copy and post. Kandi would of never had a story line.

  3. Miss Fabubulous said

    Good research by the way. Ppl don’t realize it takes time to look this stuff up.

  4. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable knowledge regarding unpredicted feelings.

  5. my input said

    They will usually host workshops and guest speakers, many of which can be open for the public. I had taught my students how you can combine sentences and eliminate unnecessary adverbs from their writing.

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