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Cindy Barshop Gives Page 6 Info on Edited Out Scenes of Ramona.. Cindy Desperate to Be Salicious.. lol

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 13, 2011

I need to stay relevant.. I took a chapter out of Jill Zarin's book and is now stalking page 6!

Cindy Barshop is tired of being known as the ‘Hanger Gate’ creator and needed to find something that would quickly try to secure her next season casting regardless that the rumors are flying that Bravo is looking to replace the whole cast amidst concerns that ratings would not fare well without Bethenny Frankel in tow.   Actually, ratings are doing well and maybe Bravo will stop looking for richer and KLAHSSIER gals to improve the ratings?   I for one are for a new cast.  As each episode airs, it’s just the same old issues where Jill Zarin is still living in last season and still reeling from the Bethenny fight where Bethenny came out smelling like a rose, richer and having her own show. 

If you think about it, Bethenny doesn’t have to take expensive trips to far away destinations at the cost of Bravo (and not from LuMann’s checkbook if you believe her).  Bethenny is a one woman housewife show with a sweet baby face Bryn and an adoring husband who grounds her, is made on a simple budget with decent ratings.  It’s a no brainer that she was renewed for another season so quickly.

Cindy is trying so hard to be relevant and took a page out of Jill Zarins book ‘Secrets of A Blab and Run”.  Cindy gave an interview to Page 6 outing Ramona’s snafu of wearing a burqa while drinking wine.  Yes folks.. she was wearing a burqa and drinking wine which apparently is a huge no-no.  I am sure Ramona did not have ill will in doing so and didn’t understand the mocking to a culture.   Wearing a burqa is not offensive but since Ramona is always drinking wine on tv, it was a bad combination.   It appears that Bravo had captured the event on film and at Ramona’s urging, they edited out the scene all exposed by the ‘watching paint dry’ Cindy Barshop! 

It has been no secret that in the last few weeks, Jill Zarin and LuAnn de Lesseps have been on a twitter campaign to shmear Ramona and Alex.  I guess Cindy thought she should join the gals to be salacious?

Now this is interesting..  11 days ago Cindy tweeted Andy wanting to call into “Watch What Happens Live” and never responded..  so I guess Cindy took matters into her own hands and went to page 6 to be heard? 

Also here is Cindy twitter response’s to the allegations that she fired a staff member over racist issue’s.

Well I guess Cindy’s plan worked! She got a whole post out of me dedicated to her bone headedness!

From the Post:

Ramona Singer managed to “offend an entire country in five seconds,” fellow housewife Cindy Barshop told Page Six. While filming “The Real Housewives of New York City” in Morocco late last year, a jolly Singer stepped out in a full burqa, then danced while necking glasses of Pinot Grigio. In a display of sensitivity rarely seen on the series, the other housewives barked at Singer for offending the Muslim staff. Stunned by their response, Singer later successfully begged Bravo execs to cut the scene in the episode that aired last night.


5 Responses to “Cindy Barshop Gives Page 6 Info on Edited Out Scenes of Ramona.. Cindy Desperate to Be Salicious.. lol”

  1. Dy said

    Holy cannoli.. I can not wait for this reunion..

  2. cali56 said

    Sure, Ramona was wrong in this case; however I do not believe it was done with malicous intent, but rather in ignorance. Bravo knew that it was insensitive, and should have let Ramona know that this should not be done. They didn’t, and I believe that Bravo is also responsible for this snafu.
    Cindy, the he-horse needs to STFU! I can’t stand this weirdo-something is off balance with that woman.

  3. G-sus said

    Honestly, why are they so intent on making Ramona look like the villian this season? Ramona frequently puts her foot right in the poo, but she also makes us laugh, therefore, we give her a break when she makes mistakes. She also owns it when she does something wrong and sincerely apologizes. When Cindy, Luann and Jill go after Ramona, they just look mean, mostly because it is the only personality trait they seem to have.
    Ramona drinking in a burqa, so what? Did she purposely try to offend? Nope, just didn’t know the tradition. Big whoopin’ deal. That is probably why Bravo isn’t airing it. Mountain, meet molehill. If Bravo did air it, not many who watched it would even catch the offense if it weren’t for the etiquette police.

    That vacation quickly turned into a charm school torture chamber once the blondes arrived.

  4. @tweatcyn said

    I’m a brunette and I DETEST the brunettes on RHNY. They are such malicious, arrogant, vile biotches. They need to end this franchise.

  5. sophie said

    Could you imagine being a child of Luann or Kelly? My god, these women are MEAN to the core, and there’s no way their kids haven’t been on the receiving end and I bet they hold little respect for their mothers.

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