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Twinkly Tweets With The Real Housewives of New York City!!!! And a guest Cat Ommanney!!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on June 17, 2011

Ok my favorites tweets are from Cat..  she is the most genuine.. gotta love her.. sorry peeps.. you have to hit more to read her highlarious tweets from Cat.  She even DM’ed ME!!!!  she is a great gal!!


Well Jill didn’t do the tweet thing tonight.. I think her PR people told her to SHTOPP!!! 😉

And My favorite rhetoric.. the cold woman who could not conceive a child unless doctors intervenend with NO MAN!!!

So weird.. everytime I copy a post.. I speak to myself in a low man voice..

I’m an Alien!!!! lord have mercy.. I dont know how to feed an alien.. what would the contess do?

Now a Word From our Cat!!!


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