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Twinkly Tweets By Real Housewifes Of New York City!! Drink Up Peeps!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 20, 2011 Follow us.. its like taking candy from children..


7 Responses to “Twinkly Tweets By Real Housewifes Of New York City!! Drink Up Peeps!”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Ramona may like her wine, but I don’t think she’s an alcoholic.

    She may also not have a filter, HOWEVER, I don’t think Jill and LuAnn do either. Sonja doesn’t always have a filter either. The latter three seem to think they are better…above…most. Sorry, but they’re not. They just think they are. I don’t think Ramona’s words…for the most part…come from a mean place like Jill or LuAnn. Could Ramona word things better, or pick or a better time/place? Sure. But deep down I don’t think it comes from an evil place with an intent to be cruel. She seems to just want to speak the TRUTH and set the record straight.

    I thought it was interesting on WWHL that Gayle (I don’t watch her show or Oprah’s show.) said that she thought LuAnn was instigating problems with her talk to Ramona. Well, I agree 100%.

    LuAnn believes she’s an expert in all areas. I was surprised at an anti-bullying fundraiser she was bullying Ramona. Ramona was definitely drinking that wine of hers, but she may have been more so after LuAnn’s relentless tirade against her.

    I cried when Jill’s stepdaughter gave her speech. Very, very sad. Would I have worded it differently to Jill what Romona said about Jill’s stepdaughter. Yes. Again, I think Ramona meant well. It came from a good place. Jill didn’t like it, but I think Jill would have worded it the same way to another person. Jill has never been the best at wording things, even if it’s a “compliment”. I still think most of what Jill says and does comes from sheer meaness. She’s just one mean girl in my book.

    • MHJ. I agree with you that Ramona does not have a filter. I think she meant well for somethings but comes off wrong with her choice of words. She does have issues.. but I love my Ramona

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Alex barely said a word. LuAnn was non-stop relentless at badgering Ramona. First at the lunch, and then at the anti-bullying fundraiser. How ironic…anti-bullying. SMH. I don’t think Alex gets involved nearly as much as Jill, LuAnn, or Sonja. Those women have their noses in EVERYONE’s business. Alex just got tired, as did I, of seeing/hearing LuAnn rip on Ramona constantly. I thought it was hysterical when LuAnn backed up, & said she couldn’t understand Jill then acting like she was ok with Ramona. Ramona & Jill had worked things out to a point, but NO…LuAnn just wanted to keep at it. She’s so nosy, & wants to control (That narcissist thing again.) people/situations around her. Like I said before, LuAnn and Jill are 2 peas on a pod. Nothing but narcissistic control-freaks.

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    If I were Teresa (Thank goodness I’m not.), I wouldn’t be worried what Simon may or may not have said. No. She has enough of her own family members, and apparently former friends, saying enough negative things about her.

  4. AllSmiles said

    “No one should assume anyone on the show is alcoholic. Some might drink to much on occasion but that is far diff than having deadly disease.”

    I thought that was nice of Jill to say. And it’s probably true.

  5. G-sus said

    Both Luann and Jill have been making comments about Ramona’s drinking all season. They seem to be trying to sway people’s opinion of Ramona. Too bad it’s not working. Listen, Ramona likes her Pinot, maybe she should medicate herself with a little pill instead, but whatever works for her. She obviously has some anxiety issues and maybe even some personality issues. She may not think it through before she speaks, but at least she is straightforward.

    Jill and Luann are very calculating when they speak and they do it to be mean and hurtful. A good example was the both of them at the event. It was almost as they were playing tag-team to try and get Ramona upset. Jill bringing up the fight and Luann bringing up everything but the kitchen sink. And when it didn’t work they went after the wine. Those two are so transparent.

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