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Bravo “Pregnant In Heels” Premiere’s Tonight – Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 5, 2011

Tonight premiere’s a new Bravo series “Pregnant In Heels”.  You may remember Rosie Pope in the first season of “Bethenny Getting Married” as the pregnancy guru who schooled Bethenny for motherhood. 

Rosie Pope, described as a maternity concierge, fashion designer and pregnancy guru, guides expectant mothers through the pleasures and pitfalls of getting ready to have a baby. Each week Pope and her team (based on Manhattan’s Upper East Side) take on two new clients, who are among the richest and most hormonal  in New York.

I can only imagine we will be witnessing over indulgent couples touting out their wealth while expecting and am not sure how desirable this new show will be, but I will watch and reserve my judgement until then.  I still can’t out of my mind at how pretentious it is to require a focus group to help name your new baby.   Do we anticipate the new messiah being born?   Hair and makeup after you deliver for a photo-op?  I am not so sure how this show would be relatable to couples expecting and am eager to see the ratings and reviews.

Lastley, I know Rosie was born in England and moved here at 18, but what the hell kind of accent is that?  Sounds like a valley girl with a lisp..

Below is a video of the season preview and a few more previews for the first episode as well as Bio’s.

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Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope

London-born entrepreneur Rosie Pope is the creator and designer of the renowned fashion line, Rosie Pope Maternity. She is also the creator and teacher of MomPrep, which helps expecting and new moms figure out solutions to the challenges of motherhood. From how to find the best nanny, to selecting the right fitness class and everything in between, Pope’s maternity concierge service has helped countless women when they needed it the most.

Young Pope excelled as a ballet dancer with The London Contemporary School of Dance. She moved to New York City at the age of 18 to embark on a modeling career that lead her to grace the pages of Italian Vogue and pose for photographer Steven Miesel. She then turned her sights to academics and enrolled in Columbia University on a Presidential Scholarship to study neuroscience.

In 2008, Pope birthed the idea for Rosie Pope Maternity after simply finding nowhere she could shop for fashionable clothing during her own pregnancy. Her philosophy is for women everywhere to celebrate this time in their lives with fashions that are worthy of photographing and remembering for years to come. In 2010, having already established herself as the trusted guru for stylish mothers everywhere—including Hollywood elite—the idea to offer classes through MomPrep was “born.” Today, she is regularly sought after by the media for her advice on style for moms, and lives happily in New York City with her all-American husband, Daron, and her two sons, J.R. and Wells.

Lawrence "LT" Thompson

Lawrence “LT” Thompson

Lawrence “LT” Thompson is Rosie Pope’s fashionista assistant who is not afraid to tell it like it is. LT spent his childhood as the fifth in a line of six children, and experienced childcare first-hand by helping take care of his nieces and nephews before he was a teenager.

Originally from Virginia, LT’s big break came when he had the opportunity to tour Europe as part of the cast of an off-Broadway show, which lead to a gig around Japan as a singer and performer. Shortly after, LT moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he studied marketing and advertising. His love for fashion prevailed, and after college he did public relations for fashion companies and magazines.

LT met Rosie when she was pregnant with her first child, J.R., and he helped Rosie open her first store. LT says, “Rosie Pope Maternity was the perfect challenge for me, as it was a way to use my fashion skills in a very tough market.” LT’s musical career continues, performing in underground NYC clubs with his group, the Kiki Twins.

Hannah Hurwitz

Hannah Hurwitz

Rosie Pope’s right hand girl for the last two years, Hannah Hurwitz assists Rosie with all aspects of her business. She lives in New York City with two of her younger sisters and around the corner from her younger brother. After getting her Bachelors Degree at Trinity College, she attended the New York School for Interior Design. After grad school, Hannah worked in advertising but soon left to pursue her love of fashion. “After meeting Rosie I realized how complex the maternity fashion business was, and since I already have so much experience growing up surrounded by babies, it was a perfect fit!”

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 Responses to “Bravo “Pregnant In Heels” Premiere’s Tonight – Preview”

  1. Mikki12 said

    I have absolutely no desire to watch this show.

  2. Mikki me either. I don’t know anyone who can relate to this crap..

  3. Jason said

    FAKEST accent I’ve ever heard. Anyone from the UK will tell you she’s making it up as she goes along.

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