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Real Housewives of New York Preview – “The Mask Has Two Faces”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 12, 2011

Tonight we get to see another display of Sonja Morgans butt cheeks sticking in our faces trying to be relevent at her masquerade ball hosted in her home. 

Jill joins Cindy on a trip to the dentist.. yeah.. that’s what it says.. riveting stuff!  What are they going to talk about?  Um Ramona anyone? 

Ramona host a party for the launch of her wine and lets see if LuAnn will show up and pretend to know that she wasn’t aware that Ramona was stomping her own grapes (of wrath).

In other pecking order news…     DBK1 has a great investigate write-up on Sonja Morgan and her Pickin Peckin ways of lecturing on class while showing her ass as some kind of philanthropic event..

Did Sonja claim Ramona is top dawg on RHONYC due to Ramona and Sonja being long time friends?

Sonja Morgan:

‘This tea is not to embarrass Cindy in any way. This was my motherly instinct coming out, I have years of experience in the worlds of society. And I’ve seen girls like Cindy come and go.’

 Also on “Watch What Happens Live” tonight is Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop.  I suggest everyone drinks heavily tonight because I predict a real snooze fest.  I see a lot of ums, likes and because.. or my favorite.. I won’t talk about that. 

Previews below and just warning you.. they are a total snoozefest.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


14 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – “The Mask Has Two Faces””

  1. KurlyHairedB said

    Ramona has completely lost her mind. I’m not a huge fan of Jill, but Ramona is out there somewhere completely lost with only a gallon of pinot to keep her company.

  2. cali said

    Sonja = behaves like a slut, her as* has cellulite issues, and is outright offensive. What will her daughter say, seeing her mother moon the audience? No wonder, her husband told her to fly a kite!

    Ramona = her own worst enemy, likes to dish it out, but can’t take it. Her endeavors appear be to short lived, and silly! Let’s hope her eyeballs remain in the socket tonight!

  3. G-sus said

    Is it me or have these women turned into cartoon characters? I can’t even get my panties in a bunch about them anymore, they are so lame. Between Sonja’s ass and Luann’s third degree about the wine, the whole thing turned comical.
    I literally LOL’d when Jill gave Luann that stupid knickknack in the limo to give to Ramona. She’s done, I tell you, done. If she ever followed through on that, she would run out of people to talk to in NY. Gave me a little incite on Bawby as well. He evidently caters to his wife’s drama.
    Though I will say this, Ramona needs to lay off the pinot and substitute it with a nice Prozac lollipop.

  4. KurlyHairedB said

    Didn’t understand Sonjas party either. She declared bankruptcy, yet hires out Ciprianis for a small intimate get-together masquerade party where she forgets her underroos. Looks like it was done just simply for the sake of showing how “fabulous” she is, but what it showed is how awful it really was.

  5. G-sus said

    I agree KHB. Nothing new about Sonja. She’s like the others, lives beyond her means. My guess is that Bravo footed the bill for Ciprianis.

    Also, I think I have finally figured Kelly out. She is a pre-teen trapped in a 42 year old’s body. Scary Island was just like the slumber parties we used to go to when we were young. There was always one strange girl that got spooked and wanted her Mommy to come pick her up.

  6. Coffee FIRST said

    Chris March was the highlight (for me) of this episode.
    I adore me some Ramona, and Jill, once again, was caught with her hand in the cookie jar!! Oh dear Jill..shit stirring again??…(Truly shocked and ‘clutching pearls’ heart…I SCREAM!!…lol

    On WWHL, What a joke! Cindy was there to monitor Kelly’s ridiculous statements and that was a Big Fail. tee-hee Cindy came off horrible and Kelly looked worse!! LMAO!

  7. You guys are killin me with all your devise opinions!! I still love Sonja and Romona and where would be without them! Jill totally played the victim card. blah blah.. LuMan totally did her thing and just back stabbed as usual.. Ramona was a bit off the rails but I think something hit home with her. I dont know.. but the bride comming forward to tell her story cant be poopooed. there is something real and truth to that..

  8. Coffee FIRST said

    I believe that what happened is exactly as Ramona said. I truly believe what the bride said and not Jill’s version of her wanting to be on the show.

    As I recall, though, the bride is the same person that was @premier Ramona’s(season4?) party with J&B…OMG.the same person who said ‘how hurt Jill was” to Bethenny…and in the talking head B said what? do I know you? ….Anyone?

  9. denise montanino said

    Where in the world does Kelly think all of Bethany’s achiements comefrom Bravo. Bethaney achieved her statist. From hard work. Kelly needs to pull her head out of her A**. She is so jealous. They need to get rid of her she’s a fruit cake who needs major. Meds.

  10. Hellur Denise!! We need more voice of reason!! yep Betheny’s achievements are due to Bravo and not hard work.. Parlaying hard work with reality is truly a Bravo win win!! lol

  11. Designdiva said

    Well HOWDY HI gals…..been lurking and reading LOL…..
    Just a few quick observations about KOOKOO…last nite on the dandy andy clubhouse show , I noticed that KOOKOO kept making eye contact with someone to her right in the audience ?? maybe her show handler ?? or then again maybe her hand puppet ???She’s a simmering volcano and she’s getting ready to spew any day now..WATCH AND SEE…….
    Also…go back and watch the scene when KOOKOO and HAIR.ON.BARSOAP meet up with Gingers mistress in the park..Watch when mistress is heading to the garbage container to throw away the BLUE BAG ( G SHIT ) and KOOKOO asks if it’s chocolate and the mistress says YEA DARK CHOCOLATE…..I about busted a gut on that one….
    I just honestly refuse to believe that this SHOW is not scripted !! For such a ” fab ” circle of of of I dare use that word…they sure do seem to lack the very essence of what constitutes being a friend is all about…I do believe that Ramona will break this season and this will be her last appearance…..I honestly think that both Mario and Avery will deliver 2 choices to her…US OR THEM…and she will choose FAMILY FIRST…at least I hope so…..
    See ya all on the flip side…..:>)
    Hugs and Peace as ALWAYS

  12. Heya Diva!! I have missed ya arse! I think your right about Ramona.. we are going to have a pinot style going away party for Ramona..

    How are you feeling?

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