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Real Housewife Tamra Barneys Says She Will Marry Boy Toy and Adopt!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on March 23, 2011

Not Having An Affair.. But Getting Engaged


Radar Online is “Exclusively” Reporting that Tamra Barney is talking about marriage with Eddie Judge and have even discussed adopting a child together!

“It’s an insane amount of love; I have never said term ‘soul mate’ before, but we are!

“We finish each other’s sentences… I’m not the easiest person in the world and he gets me, nor does he judge. He simply says, ‘that’s my girl.’”

Tamra insisted Eddie, 37, was never friends with Simon, as her ex had claimed.

“He put that out there when Eddie and I started dating,” Tamra said of Simon, who has also moved on with a new girlfriend.

“We had gone to holiday parties about two years ago where Simon and Eddie briefly met, but they never had a friendship and no numbers were exchanged.

“So the extent of their relationship amounted only to meeting socially maybe three times.

“Simon has even admitted to me that he was sorry and at the time he was p*ssed off.”

Tamra said she has slowly started to introduce her children — Ryan, Sidney, Spencer and Sophia — to new beau Eddie, in anticipation of walking down the aisle together.

“Within the next year we’ll be married,”  Tamra told, in an exclusive interview.

“It’s all about timing right now and the kids play a huge part.

“If it weren’t for the kids, we’d be married right now… but we’re happy as can be; it’s happily ever after!”

“Eddie is one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life; he’s understanding, he’s caring and he just really has a big heart.”

She said Eddie reveals on an upcoming episode he’d also like to add one more child to Tamra’s brood.

“Eddie is adopted and said he’d even like to adopt,” she said.

“If I could, I’d do it again. I have four… I’ve been a mother since 18 and I love being a mom. It’s the only thing I really know.”

Um, Tamra has stated many times that she and her ex Simon do not speak and communicate through email or texts and we know how much Simon hates Tamra so I don’t believe for one minute that Simon apologized for anything.   Tamra already has shown us what a liar she is so this is not surprising. 

I am pretty sure the divorce is not even finalized yet and if you are just now introducing the children to your boyfriend, why would you publicly announce planning a marriage?  Again, its Tamra Barneys mindset that her children won’t find out since “they don’t watch the show” which is what her statement was in regards to stripping naked in front of camera’s and slipping into a hot tub to have sex. 

Wouldn’t it be better to tell your children first if you hadn’t already?  She speaks of timing but I would think timing would be better served if her kids were fully on board and fully introduced before making such announcements for her children to learn from neighbors.

UGH!!  Stupid is as Stupid does.


31 Responses to “Real Housewife Tamra Barneys Says She Will Marry Boy Toy and Adopt!”

  1. If she plans on applying to adopt a child, maybe she should refrain from filming soft porn scenes for Bravo?

  2. ROH!!! GOOD POINT!!!! I cant believe your post on that dinner party.. man I wish I was there.. sounds AWESOME!! delishious and salicious!!! check out this post peeps..

  3. dy said

    I don’t know what TamTam has lied about, certainly nothing she ever said about Gerty, that was all true,and proven.
    As far as her and boy toy ‘Alvin” big deal so what marry him, adopt, what do I care, TamTam..Pffft!

  4. G-sus said

    As always, it’s all about what Tamra wants. I’m sorry, no kids, no matter how bad their parents’ marriage was, would be okay with their mom marrying someone else right after divorcing their dad.
    How about giving your kids time to adjust to your divorce you dipshidiot!

  5. Bryan said

    @3 Dy, its easier to tell the truth about someone after you go digging into their life. This was done out of jealously because you never had the kind of life she has or your also pushing 40 something and the new kid is upstaging you. Listen I don’t care for Gertie one iota but Barnyard has made it her purpose to wreck this tart, and for what? Has exposing Gertie improved the quality of her life, NO, has it helped make ours better did we benefit from it?, If we did I missed it. So in all honesty if Getie wants to hold a grudge fine by me, it’s her life also its cost her some bucks for lying about that Jay dude, which may have never come up if Barnyard had kept her yap shut.

    Now on to Gay Eddie, please bitch has probably sucked some dick and like the others just wants some TV time in hopes he will be the next real estate agent on a possibly OC Million Dollar Listing. I know very very few men who want to marry women of her age with a brood of kids, an angry EX, plus the real prize the Jail-bird son, sure he is an “adult” and out of the house but who wants that fuck up around, thats trouble with a capital LOOSER. Unless they cross the border and buy a baby in TJ, no adoption agency in their right mind would give this Ho and this closet case a baby.

    She says in the opening credits “divorce makes her hotter” If she feeling hot it pre-menopausal. All its giving her license to do is to finally act like the WHORE in public she has probably been secretly most of her life. even before the divorce this bitch is one bitter angry sad piece of inland empire white trash. I’ve known a few Barnyards in my life, all crying for their daddies who left their mommies one minute and blowing any dude with cash the next.

  6. dy said

    @5 Bryan…
    She didn’t dig into her life,and she is not jealous. Gertie involved TamTam and Simon in her messy business with her boyfriend Jay..It’s all out there,and proven, Gerty just didn’t like that TamTam didn’t keep her mouth shut about the whole thing, and brought it out at the reunion the first season Gertie was on.I do not like TamTam ,I think she is messy, but she is not a liar..I could go on about Gertie and how messy she is, the messiest of the bunch( goes way beyond her cheating on her dying fiancee) in OC, but I have said it all before. We disagree about these 2 so I guess there is no use discussing them.

  7. Bryan said

    @6 Dy, Thats what I mean, she brought it out in the reunion I figured there was some digging too., but she is very jealous of her especially in the beginning you could see it, you could taste it,, Baryard was calling herself the “hottest” housewife, and them BAM here comes someone younger with better hair, no kids tying her down. That suddenly tossed Tamra with the rest of the mommies, she didnt like that. Remember that stupid dinner where she wanted to get her “naked wasted” ( what a stupid white trash term), WHO does nonsense like that especially at their age, and then had son drooling over her left and right like some lech, at the same dinner.

    We will never really know what went on there But once that Jay dude stuff came out, if Gertie would have said yeah I dated him, there would be nothing left to say but she was stupid and now look where it got her. Gertie major flaw was trusting her, But of couse we can disagree about this, and this is all history now, this new crap with this “Eddie” I wonder if he knows they are suppose to get married

    • Bryan I agree with you. From the first day Gretchin arrived on the scene Tamra was PIIISSSSED! She kept giving Gretchin a hard time and realized how she looked and needed to find some dirty whether true or not to substantiate her bad behavior. What was the nekkid wasted chit sicking her son on drunk Tamra? In the end Tamra did go home unscathed by either Tamra or her creepy son. Tamra was plainly jealous of a much younger, single care free woman who had no kids or a controlling husband.

  8. Bryan said

    @8 IJS, Exactly,Gertie had the kind of life as a young woman , college etc and all the fun that goes with that, That Barnyard would have loved to have had that, but she was to busy making kids. Now at her age she is still looking for a man to take care of her, or a “daddy” wasn’t it recently she tweeted something that Eddie bought her a new car, why not buy your own car? If they break up he may take that car back, Now am I wrong doesn’t barnyard pretend to sell real estate? or is that just a facade?

    I remember that first reunion with Getie and Barnyard was so hostile, like angry hostile, you could smell the jealousy fuming off of her. Deputy Dog was another one not happy with Gertie, another blond but cute and young and looked good in bikini, old Vick does not want to be upstaged by anyone, but she wasn’t as bothered but her as Barnyard was.

    • Bryan it was clear that a newer and younger blonde OC gal definitely got Tamra and Vicky crazy! Vicky wants her toes licked and Tamra?? well maybe Simon wasnt lickin nuttin!

      next week we get to see 40 something Tamra do body shots like a 20 something kid.. she is proving your point!

  9. dy said

    @ Bryan and IJS.. The only thing I agree with both of you about is the naked wasted comment( and Ive said it a million and one times) that TamTam said ( ridicules stupid comment, wtf, who says that but a messy person, and I already said that I do not like Tam Tam, and I think she is messy)

    AS far as the other stuff, I disagree with you both, Gerty is / was grown ass woman that got herself naked wasted and flirted with yucky Ryan as much as he flirted with her.

    I don’t care Gerty is one messy person messier than TamTam..That is my opinion, it’s not changing

  10. Bryan said

    @10 IJS, she’s making of lost spring break ho-ing, I wonder what Eddie is going to say about that, no dude especially straight dude wants to see his girlfriend doing crap like that especially at her age, 1, because then he has to deal with family and friends saying, “uh dude, what up with your uh…girlfriend” and secondly , usually when your seeing someone why would you be doing that with anyone other then the person you are supposedly in love with. Even Vick looks like she is trying to get her to settle down in the clip I saw.

    All that talk about Vick and her love tank!? just the thought of that, I dont want to envision it being filled, NO!

    • Bryan!! lmaoo!! its a horrible visual forgettabout audio!! I hear woohooo’s while pumpin the tank! lol

      I don’t think Eddie will give Tamra a hard time bout the body shots.. didnt she just up in the posting that Eddie lets her be her? That means strippin, tubbin, body shottin and hoing it up!! Now everyone a big Vicky.. WOOOHOOOO!!!

  11. Bryan said

    Dy you right, Gertie should have not gotten herself so boozed up, its her responsibility to take care of herself she put the drinks in her mouth. Its that whole Idea that was the purpose for that ridiculous dinner and I hope that chef who had to watch that fiasco charged them up the ying yang, I would have. I don’t think anyone wants to change your opinion and after last weeks show with the way she was treating Slade, calling him names and nagging like an old woman on that car ride, He needs to strap some on, dump her ass and get his life back in order starting with taking care of his kids, first and formost, being her slave is not helping him one bit.

  12. humbruh said

    1.) Tampax is a hoe bag who is jealous of Gertie. Plain & simple. I hope Simon uses the footage of her fucking for handbags in court.

    2.) Glad I’m not the only person who’s gaydar went off when Eddie showed up on the screen. Who else caught the way Tampax’s business partner was looking at him during the dinner scene? That boy likes peen & is using Tampax & this show as a way of launching his “acting” career.

  13. G-sus said

    I agree about Tamra, Bryan. I guess the major reason I have more disdain for Tamra then I have for Gretchen is that Tamra has young children and she is acting like A) they won’t be affected by her actions or B) she can just sit them down and explain it to them. She needs to grow up, concentrate on her kids and the rough time they must be going through and stop acting like a 20 year old girl pledging a sorority and more like a 42 year old with 4 kids.
    And I do think she lies, she just doesn’t tell big whoppers, just little white ones. Like the bathtub scene. First it’s that she instantly regretted the bathtub scene. Highly unlikely, more likely because she got negative comments about it. But the lying comes in when she says she forgot their were cameras in the room. Really? Then why go on to say that Eddie was shy because there were 5 camera guys in the room. She’s also expanded on the whole Eddie/Simon thing. First it was that he met him once, now she says they saw each other socially a few times.
    Like I said, not a big deal in the grand scheme of lying, just shows how she changes her story depending on the way the wind blows.
    Gretchen is someone who obviously can’t hold her liquor, can’t be demure to save her life, and only she knows what happened when she was engaged to Jeff. But she only has herself to live with whatever she does. Unfortunately, it’s not just Tamra that has to live with her actions, but her kids also.

  14. Bryan said

    RT just posted this exact story ( always late to the dance as usual) but she posted those NOH8 photos of her, also there is one of her with the Roach , those piss me off everytime I see them!!

  15. G-sus said

    I saw that too Bryan. Looks like she is probably trying to do some damage control after her look-at-me bathtub scene bombed.

  16. Stacee said

    Tamra is so gross. 😡

  17. Bryan said

    @18 G, she actually did that NOH8 photo mess awhile ago, but yeah I bet she is trying to do some serious damage control, the thing she forgets is mostly women watch these shows and the last thing most of them want to see is her in some tub, now if this show was on SPIKE, hell, she’d be real popular

  18. Rosie said

    Tamra is a mess, no doubt, but I think she will try the hardest to turn herself around this year. The bathtub incident was a moron move, but at least Tamra knows it, and admits it. She gets points for that from me.

    Gerty never ever admits anything.. And she has a huge list of shady dealings:
    The boyfriend on the side, Jay.
    The fake charity in Jeff’s name.
    The money laundering for Slade, so he could avoid child support.
    The fake makeup line.
    The many lawsuits with Jay.. That Gerty keeps losing.

    I know I missed a couple, but that’s a good start.. Gerty has never admitted any of this, but most of it is in court records. I just wondered how Tamra is worse?

  19. Bryan said

    Rosie, the only thing that Barnyard can turn around is herself sitting on a dildo suctioned to the floor or some random penis The Best thing to happen to barnyard is that the next time she and the beard are in the jacuzzi tub, a some kind of electric appliance falls in with them.

    The NOH8 campaign means alot to alot of people I know and when I see worthless pieces of flotsam like Barnyard exploiting it for her own cheap publicity knowing full well she doesn’t give a fuck about the campaign, just ticks me off more, just as much as it ticks me of that Adam Bouska the asstwat photographer should know better, he also stuck Kyle Richards in there too, its just as bad but at least she kept her clothes on. He’s turned the whole thing into some big joke.

  20. dy said

    @22 Rosie.. I totally agree.Gerty hasn’t owned one thing she ever did, blamed everyone but herself, big whinner, big baby..Gerty is the messiest of the OC Bunch, for everything you listed and more..No one has even come close in my opinion..

    @23..Strega ,and Gerty( and why do you think they did it) did it 2 and they are far worse than TamTam. The campaign menas alot to me, for very personal reason, I do not like to see it muddied up by anyone messy..

  21. Bryan said

    @23 Dy, I haven’t seen those two, but if Bouska shot them also, it just reinforces what I already said, he’s turned this into a joke,

  22. dy said

    Yes Bryan,..they both posed, Kim Z also posed topless. with duct tape over nipple.. I understand the need for exposure for this campaign, and am behind it) I just don’t like it muddied up by people I feel are using it for their own gains( ie: self publicity) Just my opinion.

  23. Rosie said

    I agree with you on NOH8 issue. I get that, totally.
    But didn’t Gerty and Slime do it too? I think they did that PR stunt together..

  24. Bryan said

    The real culprit is Adam Bouska, the reality asshole sucking queen Photo-HOG doing the photos, These people have absolutely nothing to do with anything related to NOH8, them abuse the whole concept of marriage yet they can do it over and over again.

  25. Rosie said

    You’re right! I do agree with that. Talk about taking a worthy issue, and watering it down with nonsense…

  26. Bryan said

    Bouska is suppose to be one of the co-founder’s of the NOH8 campaign, he is kid to begin with he’s 26

  27. dy said

    Totally agree with both of you @28Bryan and @29Rosie..

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