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“The View” Watch Recap: Donald Trump, Clinton Kelly

Posted by stacee1 on March 23, 2011

On Today’s Show: Donald Trump, Clinton Kelly

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth and Barbara

The first topic today was Elizabeth Taylor’s passing today. She was 79 years old. Whoopi said Elizabeth inspired her to start collecting thing. Barbara said she was like the last of the movie stars and really lived a life. Hasslebeck read from her blue card that contributed to a list of causes Elizabeth was involved in, most notably AIDS Research. Joy remembers Elizabeth’s movies and said she grew up with her. She also said women related to her.

Next topic was Chris Brown and how ABC executives want to cancel his performance on Dancing With the Stars. Despite a window being broke at the studio yesterday, ABC is not pressing charges against him. Joy asked why, since he broke it. Whoopi quickly said we don’t know that. She also posed the question of why shouldn’t Chris be allowed to perform on DWtS. Joy said she would still see a Roman Polanski film despite what he did years ago.

They moved on to talking about a dog that was saved from drowning by it’s owner. Sherri wondered if the woman had any children and said when you don’t pets are like your babies. She said before she had Jeffrey she might have done the same but now she does not know how to swim (so she would not risk her life). Barbara started talking about Cha-Cha and showed a picture of him (holding her damn book).

The first guest to appear was Donald Trump. He was asked whether he’d run for president and whether his divorces will affect his candidacy. Donald answered that the country is doing so badly that they want someone to help it. He then talked about the Arab League and asking why they are not paying us to intervene (in the Middle East). He also said France is our leader, even they they were leading but we never saw them again(???) Donald said he’s still thinking about running and will make his decision sometime around June. He has not thought about a running mate. Hasselbeck asked Donald if he would “fire” President Obama (it was really dumb) and he said he did not want to trivialize it.
Donald was also asked about his recent birther comment where he questioned President Obama’s birth certificate. Donald said he went to good schools is really smart and wonders why Obama has not shown it. He also inaccurately claims no one knows Obama from childhood. Donald then started blathering how he’s seen fraud from being in Wall Street and can’t rely on newpaper that they show. He also said he wants to see President Obama’s birth certificate and said there is something on there that Obama does not want to be seen. Whoopi then called that the biggest pile of dog mess that she’s heard in all ages. She also pointed out that no other president has been asked this and that when you become the president of the U.S., you know that he is an American.
Donald stayed for a second segment. He was briefly asked if he could beat President Obama and he said yes.
They then talked about Celebrity Apprentice and the members of the cast. He called Gary Busey a genius but said he is nuts. Donald also talked about Meatloaf, whom he said cries too much (like John Boehner). He also mentioned that Star Jones gets beat up badly and that Nene Leakes is very intimidating.
Donald Trump was also roasted on Comedy Central recently. He said it was brutal but he did it because they gave him a lot of money and he gave it to charity.

Clinton Kelly appeared next . Clinton is an American fashion consultant and media personality best known for his role as co-host on What Not to Wear, a reality program that features fashion makeovers. (Source: Wiki) He was at The View to discuss the Top Five Spring trends. They are:

1.Whites: he said you can make them modern by mixing in neutrals and a pop of color in the shoe.
2. Brights and prints: Clinton said blues are a big color. He said if you find a dress that works with your silhouette, the brighter the better ths season
3. Florals: he said pair them with something masculine so it does not look too girly.
4. Menswear: jackets, trousers, vests and pair them with feminine pieces
5. Shorts: Clinton says short shorts are very in but should be age apopropriate. He said find shorts that work for you.
That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!

IMA Comment – Stacee is recapping again and I couldn’t be happier!  Please click the heading or this link to view other comments and views on today’s show!    WELCOME BACK STACEE!!


6 Responses to ““The View” Watch Recap: Donald Trump, Clinton Kelly”

  1. dy said

    Stacee so glad you’re back, I’ve thought about you and your family often, I hope all is well.

    Love you recaps, missed them, I swear, I do not need to watch the show..You’re Great!!

  2. Bryan said

    That picture of trump is hysterical.

  3. Jelly...Peanut butter and Jelly....Jelly bean...whatever! said

    Where are the fab five when you need them?

  4. PBJ.. he needs a fat suit and to mow his head!

    Dy I am so glad Stacee is back too!! I’ve missed her recaps.

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